Meireles explains his change in hairstyle

Date: 11th March 2011 at 2:32 pm
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midfielder has revealed why he shaved off all his hair after making the move from to Liverpool back in August. He told the Liverpool Daily Post:

“This is the English style!I did not have too much hair before. My first game, against Birmingham, I saw a photo in the newspaper, and I was doing a cross and in the picture it looked like I did not have hair. So I cut it off. My daughter shaved it off. She is six. It is a little dangerous, but I trust her. I am happy with the job she did. It was not because everyone looks tough. I did not like that photo. The weather here, with the wind and the rain, it is not good for your hair. I am better this way.”

Meireles has also talked about adapting to English football:

“It is difficult for me to be aggressive, because I am not naturally like that. Every game in England there are lots of tackles. I do not know if you can learn to be aggressive. I think if you are like that when you are young, it is always there. But I do not think I need to be. It is not my style. I have not had to change my style too much (to fit in at Liverpool). I try to do my job, as I did at Porto. I am just me. I’m very happy at Liverpool. I’m living a dream by playing here, they are one of the top clubs in the world. Who wouldn’t be happy playing here? I work every day to be a better player.”


This week it is Liverpool midfielder Albert Aquilani’s former girlfriend Pamela Camassa!


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