Why I haven’t lost faith in the team just yet

Date: 25th October 2011 at 7:00 pm
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After a disappointing 1-1 draw with on Saturday, certain sections of the media have inevitably already begun writing off Liverpool’s top four chances this season. It is easy to react this way in the aftermath of a bad result, but in the grand scheme of things we have to remember that we have a very long season ahead and that all of the top teams will drop points against teams considered inferior opposition. Liverpool’s last two matches have been at Anfield and a two point return out of a possible six admittedly isn’t good enough for a team chasing a position, but upon reflection at the weekend’s games, it’s clear that it is not the end of the world.

Thinking positively, Liverpool have actually gained a point on both and this weekend after their shock defeats. We’re not in the best of league positions but certainly not the worst and we will have plenty of opportunities to turn it around. Things can change ridiculously quick in football, which was illustrated by the fact that are now considered the favourites for the title, which is something you wouldn’t have said two or three weeks ago.

As for Liverpool, I definitely believe we have a squad capable of reaching the Champions League positions. Liverpool’s main problem so far this season has been the amount of players trying to gel into the team in one go. Whereas in previous transfer windows, we would buy one or two top players and then a few squad players, this time it’s been done in reverse. Liverpool currently have six first XI players in the team that weren’t here a year ago, which means that it will take time for them to settle and really understand each other.

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0 thoughts on “Why I haven’t lost faith in the team just yet

  • Yunus
    5 years ago

    I disagree, we have been average even with the new players , we spent close to 210m since January we should up there with the Manchester teams and not 7th , KD has lost the plot, changing the team often same as Rafa , replacing players that play outstanding in one game and replaced in another,his tactics are in question , against ManU we take the lead and wanted to defend the 1 goal, he should have brought on Bellamy / Carol on to replace Downing/ Kuyt, surely we would have won the game.KD will not take us to top for at least 4 /5 years, I hope and pray he proves me wrong.

    • teesomethang
      5 years ago

      its simple.dalglish is a racist.he wants british only players in the team.we shud have bought mata not henderson,aguero not carol,lavezzi not downing.we shud rectify that in january by getting subotic/cahill/loveren/vertoghen for defence,then buy marin/lucas/ramires for midfield and then llorento/lavezzi/damiao for striker.ynwa.wake up kenny

  • Redinmy blood
    5 years ago

    Teesomethang or whatever you call your name,you are a pathetic idiot..We did not buy Mata because he wont come to us since we are not in champion league same goes to aguero(also check his wage for city)..I would advice you jump ship now before it too late..Enough said about players we never bought and support the team…


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