Allen on Brink of Anfield Arrival?

Date: 23rd July 2012 at 1:56 pm
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REPORTS this morning claim that is moving ever closer to completing a move from to .

Allen has been linked with a move to ever since ex-Swans’ boss, Brendan Rodgers, left the Liberty for the North-West almost eight weeks ago and, in the last few days, the proposed deal has gathered momentum.

Despite an agreement between Rodgers and Swansea chairman, , which was supposedly to prevent the Northern Irishman from going after the Welsh club’s players for at least a year, new Swansea boss, seems resigned to losing Allen, should he wish to make the move.

“You can’t say yes or no without having spoken to the player,” said the Dane. “If he says, I want to stay, I am so happy here, then he stays.

“But if we get a very big offer and he says I want to leave, then what is there to keep him here? So the most important thing is always the player.”

Swansea have placed a £15m price tag on the young Welshman, however, as reported in the Times, Liverpool are believed to value the player at and are unlikely to be pushed any higher. With Laudrup’s admission that the player’s future rests in his own hands, Swansea may have to accept the offer on the table from the Anfield club.

Allen is away on Olympic duty with Team GB, however, in his absence the two clubs seem to be on the verge of an agreement on the transfer fee and, with Allen’s agent reportedly in Liverpool today for talks with , a deal could be announced by the end of this week.

Allen, 22, had a stellar season for the Swans in their first ever Premier League campaign. In a team which shone, he was undoubtedly one of its brightest stars. With a pass success rate of 91.2 per cent, he was better in that department than the likes of of Barcelona and, former Reds favourite , now of Real Madrid.

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46 thoughts on “Allen on Brink of Anfield Arrival?

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  • gaudence
    2 years ago


    • Dillboy
      2 years ago

      What a load if crap. You really believe that Allen will help close the gap on man u etc. For that to be the case this must mean Allen as our new signing will be better than the signings the top teams are getting if not how are we goner close the gap. I doubt very much that Allen is good enough to help us gain top 5 spot.keep your eye on Allen during the Olympics , I bet he dont do much. It’s funny that no 1 mentioned about Allen being a possible good signing for us before. Only since rogers has decided he wants him .if Allen was that good how come no 1 was talking about him before last season. Swansea had 1 good season and it was still 10 th spot which was the same points Norwich finished on too with lambert in charge. Why are wR not saying lambert is amazing too ?

  • Andy
    2 years ago

    Whats the point of an article like this? No sources, just ‘reports’? Reports from where exactly? just tosh.

  • drknyt
    2 years ago

    look guys don’t know what all the fuss is about,anyone with a football brain will tell you just get rid of adam downing and spearing partner lucas with allen and aqualani and play gerrard borini and suarez in attack.hendo jonjo suso and sterling on the bench simple

    • Brendan Rodgers
      2 years ago

      okay, i fully understand. and shall contemplate this. you must obviously know more about football than me.

  • lawrich
    2 years ago

    We nid a possession holder,a gud ball passer,a ball jogger n some dat hv eye on goal.pls BR we nid ALLEN

  • Dennis
    2 years ago

    The owners need to give B Rodgers between £80-£90M to bring in these 8 players. But before he does that : The players at club who should be shown door are:

    1: J Cole AM/RW/LW
    2: J Spearing DM/CM
    3: J Flanagan RB
    4: J Carragher CB
    5:C Adams CM/DM
    J Carragher has been great class loyal srvant for club for many years but he is three years past his best and should join the coaching side of club.

    The other players at club are simply not good enough for our club and would all struggle to get into these clubs first 11 Aston Villa, Norwich, Qpr,Stoke, Sunderland, West Brom and Wigan.

    So do not know how they are still at our club.

    B Rodgers need to be brave,honest, hard but fair and clear the dead wood at club for now and future of club.

    Then these 8 Players should be brought in:

    Two Defensive Players:

    1: S Kjaer Of Wolfsburg should be brought for £8-£11M to compete and cover Agger, Coates and Skrtel. CB

    2: A Cissokho Of Lyon should be brought for £3-£8M to compete with Enrique. LB

    6 Attacking Creative players:

    3: J Allen Of Swansea should be brought for £8-£10M to compete with Gerrard and Henderson. CM

    4: I Munian Of A Bilbao should be brought for £15-£18M to compete with Aquilani. AM

    5: T Walcott Of Arsenal should be brought for £10-£15m to play on right wing. RW/ RWF

    6: S Sinclair Of Swansea should be brought for £3-£7M to compete with Downing. LW / LWF

    7: J Hoillet Of Blackburn should be brought for £3-£6M to compete for right wing position.
    RW / RWF

    8: C Dempsey should be swapped with C Adams and £2M to come and compete for attacking role at club.

    Then with these players we could have two good sides:

    First youthful team 1st team: 4 3 3


    Johnson Skrtel Agger Enrique

    Allen Lucas


    Walcott Suarez Sinclair

    2nd team: More experienced side: 4 3 3

    Kelly Coates Kjaer Cissokho

    Gerrard Henderson
    Hoillet Borini Dempsey

    With those 8 players club could/would have good healthy quality squad with good competition for places and two sides capable of doing well in the 4 competitions this season.

  • Maifo
    2 years ago

    Please i want you to work more on your tiki taka play style with the accademy starlets

  • Jim
    2 years ago

    Rubbish journalism. No facts anywhere. Doubt he would join Liverpool, if he wants a big club they don’t fit the bill!

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