Secretly Wanted By Every Team In The Land?

Date: 30th October 2012 at 5:30 pm
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LIVERPOOL’S has recently become somewhat of a disliked figure in English football, as it seems as though every set of fans have found themselves a number of reasons to detest the Uruguayan and his erratic behaviour on the football field.

Despite the fact Suarez continues to perform well for his club, his over-exaggerated tumbles coupled with his agitated personality has meant that his performances and goals (eight goals in thirteen matches) have been overlooked by 90% of English football fans. Most people will put their animosity towards the 25-year old down to his style of play, off the ball, but many Liverpool fans have their own opinion that it is his style of play on the ball that has given so many supporters this Suarez-related bee in their bonnet.

On his day, Suarez is unplayable. When he is on song, not one defender in the world can handle his guile, movement and mesmerising skill. Despite being one of the most frustrating players to ever pull on a Liverpool shirt, he is quite comfortably one of the most talented footballers to ever wear the famous red jersey. It is this talent that has assisted in so many managers choosing the Uruguayan to aim their pre-match gripe at shortly before facing Liverpool.

Recently, chose his pre-match Merseyside Derby press conferences to accuse Luis Suarez of lowering the tone of the game by consistently diving and spending too much time on the deck. The Scot claimed that it was the likes of Suarez’s behaviour that would drive people away from football and force them into abandoning going to games. An overreaction to say the least however, we have a question for the manager of our dearest neighbours – would you turn down the chance of being able to pick Suarez week in week out? Don’t worry yourself Davey boy, we already know the answer. Ask that question to any manager in world football and you will get the same answer. The truth is simple – Luis Suarez would walk into any team in world football.

It has become almost laughable the amount of decisions that fail to go the way of Suarez and some would blame the man himself for creating a reputation that referees struggle to ignore. However, having said that, this should not be the case as each referee has a duty to take charge of each match and treat every player with the same level of discipline no matter what name they have on the back of their shirt. It will soon become the duty of to confront the head of the referees union to seriously discuss the behaviour being dished out to Liverpool’s number seven, should referees continue failing to judge Suarez fairly.

Liverpool fans may find themselves frustrated by Suarez, but they will never tire of adoring the forward as he has become somewhat of a darling of the Kop with his passion finally being rewarded with the goals he has struggled to score on a regular basis. The supporters of Liverpool Football Club have complete faith in Brendan Rodgers and, although our manager continues to publically defend Suarez, we believe that behind the scenes Rodgers has the right tools in his vocabulary to advise the Uruguayan in the way in which he should aspire to behave in future, and eventually, the world of football will move on from this witch hunt directed at Suarez and we can all get on with enjoying the wonderful wizardry of a master at work.

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0 thoughts on “Secretly Wanted By Every Team In The Land?

  • Jack The Lad
    3 years ago

    Excellent article! Golem is just bitter and that’s natural as he is a blue with an inferiority complex……(there’s a factual reason for that too). Their only answer to a player like Suarez is to call him a cheat, when you hear that you know you’ve won. They could only dream of attracting a player like him. Indeed, if you ask them, their only answer is that fuzzball from Belgium and Peinaar who tried to run out of the place only he wasn’t good enough for anywhere else. The red tide is rising!

    • Chan
      3 years ago

      Yes agreed. Jokers like Moyes and Pulis, if they can sign a player like Suarez, they would do it in a heart beat.

      Typical sour long ball merchants.

  • scott
    3 years ago

    however suarez must turn the attitudes of the officials around . or we will continue to lose out on important decisions and points

  • RoytheRed
    3 years ago

    Luis Suarez is pure class, sure other clubs would love him to play for them, the only way to stop him is to brainwash refs into giving him nothing, and guess what, they don’t! It will take a strong ref to give him a penalty, as i’m beginning to think they’re instructed not to do so.YNWA.

  • Baz down under
    3 years ago

    Well written article. it’s about time we had a player of dispicable repute, I for one am loving it.

    “…You know what you are, Suarez, you know what you are…..)

    Yes, he is a brilliantly talented little player who makes the impossible possible, who torments the opposition, who gets right up managers noses and really pisses off opposing fans. AND HE’S ALL OURS!!!

  • Gerardo Pownall
    3 years ago

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