Football: (Should Be) The Simplest Game Ever

Date: 6th November 2012 at 4:00 pm
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WHEN your PE coach gives you your first instructions on how to play football they are very simple: score more goals than your opponents. The more you play the more new rules you learn, but they are still very simple.

“When you lose the ball – get it back. When you get it back – don’t lose it”. Simples, as the meerkats say.

The game supposed to be simple, enjoyable and easy to play. But what do we do?

We try to complicate it for some reason. We create tactics, philosophies and other fancy terms to turn the beautiful game into something overfilled with loads of useless ideas.

The original idea was nice and simple – go out there and enjoy yourself scoring more than your opponents.

Italian was the worst thing ever. I mean, it’s great for the fans to see their team winning matches, but it was just boring. Well, of course, when you have the lead you should protect it – but not so cynically, please.

People tend to enjoy tiki-taka; they say it’s easy on the eye. But watching Spain or passing the ball in the centre-circle for ten minutes isn’t so entertaining for me. In fact it was torture trying to stay awake!

The Liverpool Way was about basic principals – pass and move. Some fans say that tries to do exactly the same today, but for me, he’s not. Pass and move was the way to reach the opponents’ goal and score. And despite being pretty good on the ball in a couple of games this season LFC weren’t threatening the goal enough with it.

Take Norwich game aside, I mean it’s great to see LFC beating a relegation favourite, but I kind of used to think that Liverpool standards were much higher. Four goals were scored in six games and I don’t think the opponents’ keeper was overworked in any of them!

Although LFC are free-scoring in the . (as a side, guess who has the most assists? Yes, Stewart Downing. And the second is…Jordan Henderson).

But hopefully Stevie G and co will get things right. They have to. Because the worst start in hundred years, 1 league win at Anfield and joke (you know, the one that you can now see Liverpool’s league position on the bigger screen) is just not good enough.

Make it simple. Just score one more than others and enjoy yourself.

“If you’re in the penalty area and don’t know what to do with the ball, put it in the net and we’ll discuss the options later.” – Bob Paisley.

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0 thoughts on “Football: (Should Be) The Simplest Game Ever

  • bob
    4 years ago

    all true , the tippy tappy sideways football bores me too . i want crosses , shots , action in the penalty box , variation in our play . i want excitement !

    what makes it worse is – they aren’t very good at it

    • redrum
      4 years ago

      i like the style of footie , but we dont have the players to play like barca

  • Chan
    4 years ago

    That is what you get when you appoints an inexperience nobody (what has BR won?) as manager of this great club. Even his muc publicized Swansea team was inherited, from Martinez.

    Jagielka sumed out BR’s syle perfectly when he said “At least we do not passed around for half an hour for nothing”.

  • clive halsall
    4 years ago

    i agree , its not entertaining


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