The ‘determined warrior’ perfectly suited for future management

Date: 14th November 2012 at 5:30 pm
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WHEN I saw in the starting XI against I had to pinch myself.

It was his first Premier League start of a season where everything has gone wrong for LFC.

When arrived he seemed to have listened to all the fans’ criticism of certain players and decided to get rid of them (Adam, Carroll, Spearing), or put them in the reserves (Downing and Henderson).

One or two have been voicing their concerns about Carra’s age and form for a few seasons now, so Rodgers placed him on the bench for the new campaign. The resulting defensive mayhem is well-documented; 15 goals were conceded in first ten games, only two clean sheets, and last season’s third best defence in the league has been third worst at one stage.

So, for me, Jamie Carragher starting this game was obvious, but I very much doubted that Rodgers would do it – but he surprised me so fair play to the Ulsterman.

We all know what happened on the day: a spirited performance, bundles of determination, another fight-back under Rodgers – and more importantly, apart from the Man City match at Anfield it was the first performance this season, in my view, really worthy of Liverpool Football Club. What I can’t explain is why it took Rodgers’ Liverpool so long to produce it.

I don’t know whether it was Carra who was the catalyst or something else, but his leadership from the back was there to be seen. Sky Sports gave Jose Enrique the champagne for Man of the Match but for me, it was Carra.

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Some people may say that he’s old – I’d say he’s experienced. Some may say he lacks pace – I’d say he anticipates and reads every attacker’s move. Others would argue he can be outmuscled – I’d say there’s not a more determined warrior.

And more importantly, his virtual presence is great for others. They feel safer, more confident in a way.

So, even at the age of 34 with his contract expiring in the summer I feel that Jamie has a lot to bring to the table for LFC. And after that maybe even more.

He knows the game and the club inside out, remembers what the real Liverpool Way is and has the good old Boot Room spirit. The Club is in his flesh and blood just like King Kenny’s. They aren’t just people who suit Liverpool – they ARE Liverpool!

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0 thoughts on “The ‘determined warrior’ perfectly suited for future management

  • marco
    3 years ago

    legend , hero , great guy , great player .

    give him the managers job right now . he would have them playing with passion . he would get rid of the wasters . he would defend this club to the media . he would speak with honesty and decency . above all he is a winner and would not accept mediocrity

  • Jack The Lad
    3 years ago

    Hear! Hear!

  • Francis
    3 years ago

    i would have more faith in carra than brenda rodgers


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