Time To Wake Up & Smell The Coffee Before It’s Too Late

Date: 1st November 2012 at 5:30 pm
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LET’S face it; the current Liverpool side is not good enough. Never mind top 4, Europa League qualification for next season seems distant at best. And the main problem isn’t lack of quality or investment. The problem is that Liverpool seem to have forgotten that they are a big club.

Big clubs have big ambitions by default. Look at Real Madrid; they used to sack managers for not winning the , despite winning La Liga! Now that’s a big club for you.

There were two big clubs in England. Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City, Spurs are good clubs with their own unique history and traditions, but not great ones. But even have won more European Cups than all these clubs combined! But and , who won three times between them, have failed to keep up to the pace and fell behind hopelessly.

That means that the two left are and . I hate to admit that, but Man Utd are so far ahead of LFC that there isn’t a slight hope of catching them at the moment because they remember what it means to be a part of a truly great club. It’s an ability to behave and perform.

I mean, look at their squad! Take Rooney and RVP out of it and they are so much worse than the Reds. But they finished in the top two, nine times in the last ten seasons – never mind winning Championships year in year out.

Look at the present situation at Liverpool. Four managers in three years, one League Cup in seven, and constant moaning about referees. In every interview keeps complaining about the decisions that “cost us the game”.

He may be right on many occasions, but Liverpool used to be bigger than moaners. Remember what was said about them in the past? “The championship winning machine”, “best team in the world”, “best players in the world”. What are they saying now? “Moaners”, “Unlucky”, “Best player is a racist and a diver”, and the worst of it: “Twelfth in the league”. A win used to be a default, winning with style was normal. Now we seem to accept losing with style and cursing bad luck. Something’s got to be wrong.

So maybe the manager and players should be bigger? Should remember what a great club they are part of? And be unhappy and disgusted with the results and not referees? Because otherwise LFC may end up where Villa and Forest are. Somewhere, not on top.

“If you are first, you are first. If you are second, you are nothing” – Bill Shankly.

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38 thoughts on “Time To Wake Up & Smell The Coffee Before It’s Too Late

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  • Marvel
    2 years ago

    This article barely puts into writing the state of mind of most Liverpool fans, but like ‘Jack the Lad’ has said, Nothing has bn said about the way forward.
    We have got it wrong so badly over the two decades that we have to be really careful now. FSG has outlined a very sensible plan which theoretically makes sense. It does not exclude spending money, but preaches spending wisely. I agree that actions rather than words is what we need but I would not judge FSG’s sincerity until the end of next summer transfer window. We all want to see great players coming in but the sad truth is that for more transfer windows than I care to rmbr, we’ve bn under more pressure to sell than to buy. We’ve had an average squad for years and only our ego n pride have bn pushing us on. Now the show is over. teams no longer fear us (and rightly so). We need to buy beta quality players but b4 then, we MUST throw out poor/average players who dont deserve their wages and dont plug any gap in the squad. Carroll, Joe Cole, Doni, n Downing come to mind.
    The bitter truth is we can’t compete financially toe for toe with the ManUs n Chelseas of this world. At least not right nw; but we can compete on the pitch by :
    1) spending wisely in transfer window.
    2) Be very prudent in managing wage bill. (Enough of good wages to average players) .
    3)steadily higher standards in quality of acquisitions. Its the only way we can improve on the pitch.
    4) Blood players from academy.
    5) Better PR. I thought bringing in Jen Chang will change our media perception but it obviously hasn’t.
    6) More discipline within club. We need to toughen up and stop being too damn romantic n defensive about everything. We know there’s a media witchhunt against us, BUT we need to start being the bigger man and do things better for the world to see especially nw that all our actions are under severe scrutiny from the media.
    Whether or not FSG are the real deal will be clear for all to see over the next year (as per transfer funds and stadium).
    Until then, we should support, criticize n DEMAND for higher standards and actions from Owners, manager n players collectively.
    Lest I forget, stop blaming everything on luck n poor officiation. I know the latter is painful but constantly complaining does more harm than good on the long run.

    • LFCkeano
      2 years ago

      well i agree with you on two things
      – demanding higher standards
      – stop making excuses

      however ,i already know though that FSG are in it for the cash , and we cant compete until they go . your first 4 points are absolutely fine for any other team in mid table or lower , but not for us . we are one of the biggest clubs in world football .

      what your advocating is just wasting years , while the top teams get further ahead . why wait and see 2 or 3 years , when the answer will be what i already know now – that FSG must go for us to compete

  • Martin Badger
    2 years ago

    I despaired of hearing any common sense from LFC fans so this article and the comments are a real breath of fresh air. Thank God there are still some fans who have a brain and don’t just repeat the nonsense spouted by the ‘everything is going smoothly’ brigade.

    • LFCkeano
      2 years ago

      i too am heartened by this article and some of the comments . i was beginning to think most liverpool fans were naive , blind , unknowledgeable sheep

  • Hopper
    2 years ago

    i used to be proud of liverpool fans – more knowing than most fans , quick witted , loyal .

    but recently on this site and others , all i have heard is a dumb unintelligent belief , that everything will be fine ( because they want it to be ) , and a real talent for making excuses , which liverpool fans never used to

    when i see the excuses churned out on tv by managers or staff , or by fans on sites like this – i cringe and im embarrassed

    liverpool fans used to be better , stand up – demand better standards +stop making excuses

    ps > i agree very much with this article , he must be the only writer on the site not being paid by FSG to write rubbish

  • sleeps with angels
    2 years ago

    We must together get fsg out of our club,i believe
    this with my heart and soul,these are people who love only money,do you really believe they love our club?i bet half of that syndicate dont even know where liverpool is on the world map.

    • tony t
      2 years ago

      spot on mate !

  • stevieG
    2 years ago

    wow ! am i seeing things ? a writer that actually tells the truth on this site ? and whats even better – there are fans here who know something about football . amazing !

    i was beginning to think most liverpool fans were gibbering idiots , judging by other articles and the comments

  • kirbyking
    2 years ago

    all true im afraid . FSG must be got rid

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