Would You Cash In On Suarez?

Date: 18th November 2012 at 7:30 pm
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MUCH of the media reporting last week that were looking to bid for ’s , who is currently the joint top scorer in the Premier League with 8 goals so far; something that was instantly rubbished by both sides.

Suarez has just signed an extension to his existing contract and does not have any desire to leave the Merseyside club.

He seems rather committed to the cause of bringing Liverpool back in the contention of Champions League spot, which Liverpool have missed for past three seasons now.

Rodgers, for his part, reiterated Liverpool’s hard-line stance last weekend. “At this moment in time I’m safe in the knowledge that Luis had the chance to go in the summer,” he said. “There was probably no better time for him to do that with a new manager coming in.

“He could have had an excuse to go, but having spoken to him at length he committed to staying here. He gave us that opportunity to see how it was going to work. It’s up to us as a club to add players that can help support him and move us on.”

Though Suarez has committed himself to Liverpool and the management also understand the importance of keeping him, they are in a position to put a hefty price on their talisman.

Liverpool fans all over the world, including me would be saddened if the Uruguayan left the club for and of their Premier League rivals…but…

In my opinion, and I’m going to get a lot of sticks for it, I think it’d be wise to sell him for around £40-£50 million – especially if it were to include somebody like City’s Dzeko in the deal as well.

Before anyone jumps into any conclusions, let me put in a scenario for you. We all hoped that we would sign this summer. however thought his £8 million price tag was too high. This January there is no denying that we need to buy a striker and a winger, but how much Rodgers will be given this time, no one knows.

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If FSG do not hand Rodgers a huge transfer kitty, it looks unlikely that we will acquire any player who can compete with the players clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea have. If that happens, then this season will surely be one of the worst in the recent history of Liverpool. In that, case keeping Suarez would not make any difference as it’s been the story this season that slowly, Liverpool are evolving into a one man show, much like Arsenal last season.

If we could sell Suarez for £40-£50m plus someone like Dzeko, then it would mean that the striker problem would be solved and all the money can be spent on bringing new players. With that kind of money in hand we can probably bid for players like from Real Madrid, who hasn’t made many starts this season himself. That however would have its drawbacks as they would need time to settle down in a new team and under new coach.

Just as much I love Suarez, I however understand that he cannot help Liverpool to a top four finish alone, and to do that, Liverpool need to strengthen their squad. Currently the squad does not have the depth to compete with the top clubs in any way. If FSG is willing to part with the cash to bring in the new players – quality players however much they may cost – then keeping Suarez is what the club need to do. However if FSG is not willing to part with the cash then it’d be a wise move for Rodgers and Liverpool to part ways with Suarez and use the money to strengthen other areas in the squad.

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0 thoughts on “Would You Cash In On Suarez?

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  • Deaththekid
    4 years ago

    Who the heck wrote such a stupid article? Must be a 8 year old or a mentally retarded for sure, there is no other explanation.
    The fact is you cant sell your best player! Suarez is one of the best player in the premier league and he is really on form this season…He has improved his finish which is becoming more and more clinical…Selling him for any money would be madness! What if we get 100 million from him? Do you have any guarantee that the players we will buy would improve the squad, uh? Remember King kenny and damien commolli!? They bought a 100 million worth of flops…
    Anyway think before you write or if you dont have any better things to do then pray that suarez do not get injured and keep his form till the end of this season because he is the only chance we have right now of getting back into top 4, you muppet!

    • bob
      4 years ago

      well said !

  • Matt IOM
    4 years ago

    Did we ever hear the words “Torres won’t go??
    Money talks!
    We are no longer a club, we are a business and this lot want to see a return on their money!

    • fotheringham
      4 years ago

      totally true

      getting rid of FSG should be our main priority

  • steveO
    4 years ago

    If we dont get better real quick > Suarez wont want to stay

  • Santa
    3 years ago

    Dzeko is better striker then Suarez, he is also much more successful. However, I would love to see these two brought together, as a strike duo…

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