10 Perfect Stocking Fillers for Brendan Rodgers this January

Date: 13th December 2012 at 5:30 pm
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CHRISTMAS is coming and rumours are rife with the January transfer window following what is a busy schedule for the Reds.

Much has been made of the team’s serious lack of firepower and it is thought FSG will loosen the purse-strings and allow Rodgers to invest in this department. Will they play the role of Santa, or be more Scrooge-like?

Depending on which stance they take, will depend on who the manager can realistically target.

So with that in mind, which players will Brendan Rodgers be hoping he receives all gift-wrapped this winter; providing the perfect stocking filler over the festive period as the team looks to climb the table and launch an assault on Europe?

Click the picture of below, to see the list of 10 potential targets.

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0 thoughts on “10 Perfect Stocking Fillers for Brendan Rodgers this January

  • tony t
    3 years ago

    If reports are true that Rodgers will sell Reina , who hasnt even reached his best years yet , to be replaced by Butland (young inexperienced and error strewn ) then it is a disgrace
    Rodgers wouldn’t be that stupid , would he ?

  • bob..
    3 years ago

    None of those players would change our fortunes..except sanchez and tello which aren’t coming in january..what is rodgers thinking going for ince and sturridge???please take your midtable mentality back to swansea..this players he is buying will flourish there not in liverpool..

  • ozred
    3 years ago

    I like all of those except Ince who is probably the most likely by the sound of it.

    I can’t see the desperate need to drop $6m in January on an unproven guy who is highly unlikely to play much this year.

    The $6m price seems to be purely based on the fact that we own 35% of him. No other club would look at this bloke for 6m.

    If we want him, I’ve got no doubt that he’d be available at the same price at the end of the year at which point we’d have had a chance to see him for a full year at least. A quarter of a season in the championship doesn’t make a $6m player. Wise up.

  • bob
    3 years ago

    sanchez and tello no chance
    if rodgers fancied ba he would have got him in summer
    honda and butland are not good enough
    huntelaar too old for FSG
    diame is injured , he turned rodgers down in the summer anyway

    that leaves 3 , i dont see the point of Ince – we already have 2 inexperienced kids finding their way
    Walcott would be great but – cant see arsenal letting him go til summer

    finally the most likely – Sturridge , please no not sturridge , he is not good enough for chelsea but what is worse is his personality . sturridge has shown 1 thing throughout his career – he loves himself more than anything . he is not a nice character who will sulk if things go wrong , and will leave the first time a better offer comes his way

    • Micah
      3 years ago

      yeah i’d hate to see Sturridge here as well. He’s just not good enough, even with only Torres at chelsea, he barely got playing time. Plus he wouldn’t suit the passing system either, because he rarely passes the damn ball. and i have a feeling BR might try to play him in the wings, which is not where he wants to play either and pretty bad at it.

      But of course since BR has a soft spot for players he’s already worked with, i see another flop coming this way. I think ending top 4 is a realistic target this season. We should just go for a top striker in summer maybe, and try to figure some other target in europe for Jan. Schurrle maybe, he could play anywhere in the front line

  • Bejnay
    3 years ago

    I do like thi idea of plucking players trained at La Masia. If we’re going forward with Rogers, and a possession style of football, where better to find the assets to make it run.

    I Like both Tello and Sanchez, but I don’t think either are realistic. Making a loan move for Isaac Cuenca, and inquiring about Deulofeu, may be a better decision. Cuenca is young, and has shown class at Barca, and Deulofeu is a young starlet waiting to break out.

    I do believe both could be had at fair price/wages, and would fit well with FSG’s policy of buying young, upcoming players, with future re-sale value.

    I’m hoping for smart buys this January, with an eye on building chemistry with this young group. Allowing young players to grow together is the best way to build a team over the long term, as they build solid chemistry, and chemistry between the players on the pitch, to know and anticipate where one another will be, is key to running a possession style system.

  • simon
    3 years ago

    Ba , Walcott and Huntelaar fine , Sanchez dream on , the rest are sub standard

  • Chris
    3 years ago

    Im genuinely scared of what average players Rodgers will bring in January , After the hopeless quartet of Allen ,Borini, Assadi , Sahin plus the very average near misses of Dempsey , Diame and Sigurdsson , i have a feeling there will be no top players coming , just more average ones

  • kirbyking
    3 years ago

    NO to sturridge , NO to butland
    YES to walcott and Huntelaar
    not even bothered about the rest , they are average


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