Come On FSG – Are Fans More Bothered About Wages Or Winning?

Date: 17th January 2013 at 4:00 pm
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Holland's Sneijder and van PersieNUMEROUS media outlets have reported in recent days that Liverpool have a strong interest in Inter Milan’s Dutch midfielder .

Once seen as one of the best players in European football, Sneijder has become somewhat of an outcast at Inter following his refusal to take a pay cut from his lucrative £200,000 a week contract. His manager, Andrea Stramaccioni, remains adamant it is in fact a tactical decision regarding Sneijder’s absence from the team.

Reports have emerged from Sky Sports indicating that Managing Director suggested that the club has no interest in Sneijder – citing the ‘long-term interests’ of the club as the main reason why the Dutchman would not be considered as a potential signing. His astronomical wages would also be an issue for the Reds owners, despite Ayre claiming that Liverpool are in a strong financial position to compete.

This sort of attitude portrays a general feeling that our owners are more interested in cutting the wage or, at the very least, keeping it as low as possible rather than seriously targeting silverware.

The addition of Sneijder to Liverpool would significantly increase the quality of the squad, a squad which distinctly lacks players of immense talent.

Liverpool have not scored enough goals this season – it is as simple as that. For me, Sneijder, available for about £8 million, would go some way to improving that as the link between midfield and attack. The Dutch international isn’t a stranger to scoring a number of goals himself, either.

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For those that say Sneijder is ‘too old’ or ‘past it’ need to check the facts – he is 28 and, by my calculations, should just be reaching the peak for him career should he be given the platform to do so. There are not many better platforms than Liverpool in world football regardless of our current position in the . If Liverpool were to hand Sneijder a four-year deal then even at the end of that contract he would still only be the same age that our captain Steven Gerrard is now – think of it that way.

My question to the fans – do you genuinely care about what wages a player is on if he is playing well, setting up goals, scoring goals and winning matches for our club? Personally, I am not. Look at Manchester United – they have just paid £24 million for a 29-year old injury-prone forward. That forward will win them the Premier League almost on his lonesome.

These big players, in today’s game, can make all the difference.

If the men that run our club continue to favour lowering the wage budget as opposed to signing quality players when they become available, then the fans will have to accept the consistent arrival of average players for many years to come as we face an uphill challenge to return to the upper echelons of not just European but English football.

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0 thoughts on “Come On FSG – Are Fans More Bothered About Wages Or Winning?

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  • segun
    3 years ago

    Racist or no reacist,fSG and ayre and rodgers shld knw dat the inclusion of sneijder to the team can really get us a ucl spot dis season unless dey don’t won’t us there dat when dey won’t get sneijder.am nt even sure mayb rodgers FSg ayre and mr w henry are even listenin and reading any of these article @ all.look @ the way we fans are fighting and raising abusive words @ each other just for the progress of the team as a whole. FSG pls go get WESLEY SNEIJDER

  • Steven
    3 years ago

    Rodgerz and ayre are clowns,they tink they have some brains in there skulls,i want rodgers and his backroom staff off!!..did i 4got abt our scouting system? not even sure if we have any.

  • Phil
    3 years ago

    Rodgers has got to go , he is making liverpool a laughing stock

  • The King
    3 years ago

    Lets b honest here – until mouthy Brendan gets his marching orders – there wont be any winning at anfield

    Now he has criticised our star in public . How low can this imbecile go ? Not fit to be called Liverpool manager the way he keeps spouting bullsit , at least he has results to fall back on ….. oh no wait , he doesnt .

    Somebody pleeeese end Rodgers reign of terror

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