January: The Window of Success for LFC

Date: 25th January 2013 at 3:50 pm
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Luis Suarez & Daniel Sturridge of LIverpool FCJANUARY is not the best time to invest, so sayeth Sir Alex Ferguson who never hesitates to declare that there is no value for money during the winter transfer period, whilst also never hesitating to contradict his own opinion when it suits his need (Zaha, anyone?)

It is the desperate time where teams looking for a quick fix spend their money lavishly and often ludicrously in an attempt to haul themselves higher up the table and all too often they end up short changed.

But that is not so for . Now, many will point at the giant Geordie with a big grin and say that he is living proof that buying in January is a bad idea. However, Liverpool’s record signing should be viewed as the anomaly in the results of Liverpool’s winter business.

In fact, while there are a couple of deals that ultimately didn’t work out, only Andy Carroll and could be viewed as outright bad moves. There is also the possibility, albeit minute, that Carroll could be a successful signing; he is still a Liverpool employee after all.

Morientes lasted 18 months at Liverpool, as a big name signing on 13 January 2005 it was hoped that he would help fire Liverpool to greater things in the Premier League. After a total of 60 games and only 12 goals at a price of £525,000.00 per goal, Morientes is probably best remembered for celebrating Liverpool’s Champions League win in emphatic style despite only being able to look on as a cup-tied spectator.

Andy Carroll’s mega deal at £35m continues to look like the most embarrassing deal in Liverpool’s history, which is fairly spectacular when one considers that , and El Hadji Diouf have competed valiantly for that accolade. With 58 games under his belt and 11 goals in a red shirt his £3.181m per goal, Carroll’s would be a hard act to best.

Now, it is never nice to dwell on deals that have offered hope but delivered despair but it is necessary to point out the isolated failures so that the frequent successes can be seen with greater clarity.

Liverpool picked up God on a free as well as for £5.8m in the 2005-2006 window. Agger has proved a fantastic January addition and while he has suffered with injuries, there is no doubt about his quality as a classy, ball playing centre-half. He is likely to notch up more than a decade of service at the club which is a milestone that only the worthy few reach.

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However, it was Robbie Fowler’s return to Anfield that truly captured the imagination that year. The signing was of such emotional significance that it was impossible to be a failure. His return to the Kop had an air of divine intervention, bringing many a Red to tears. The prospect of this Anfield son being rightfully restored had been consigned as vain hope long ago. His creditable record of 12 goals in 39 appearances as a back-up striker was the punctuation marks on an already brilliant script.

Those two merely scratch the surface of LFC’s excellent work in the presumed inferior transfer interlude. Javier Mascherano (although signed in February) was an exemplary footballer in the centre of the park; he added steel to the midfield and formed a formidable partnership with which saw their complementary skills and styles power Liverpool to the Champions League final that year. also arrived and at £2.64m was actually one of Rafael Benitez’s best signings; a brilliant fullback whose first task was to mark out of the game against Barcelona. After carrying out that duty manfully, Arbeloa consistently delivered on the pitch for the remainder of his stay with LFC.

The theme continues with the entrance of Martin Skrtel in January 2008. Although he endured a shaky start to his career suffering an alarming examination by , the £6.5m man has gone on to be a mainstay in the centre of defence for Liverpool racking up 200 appearances and bullying some of the Premier Leagues best strikers into anonymity.

Another success came in the form of Maxi Rodriguez, a free transfer that proved a shrewd decision by Rafa Benitez. Maxi was a good professional for Liverpool and as a valued squad member he provided two and a half seasons of good service and 17 goals to boot.

However, the best winter deal has to go to £23m sharpshooter who has been an absolute revelation. A truly world-class player and worth every penny paid. Every moment Suarez plays in a red shirt should be savoured by Kopites because talent like that is the reason people fall in love with the beautiful game. The turn against Norwich on the goal line was simply sublime and the almost wilful nutmegs are unlikely to be seen again for a long, long time.

It should therefore come as no surprise that our new no.15 Daniel Sturridge has taken to life at Liverpool so easily thus far. Of course, it is far too early to sign the striker off as a good transaction but all the indications are that he could well be a very smart Winter window signing.

So do not fear the summer’s much derided little brother for transfers. He has done pretty well by Liverpool FC and long may he continue to do so.

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0 thoughts on “January: The Window of Success for LFC

  • NJRedsFan
    3 years ago

    See Fergie is up to his FA antics with Hazard/Chelsea/Rafa. Using his FA league fixing tool the same way he did with Luis. And this after he very openly rips an official for which I’m sure he will receive absolutely no reprimand. Unbelievable.

  • TaintlessRed
    3 years ago

    Well reasoned Brendan, January hasn’t been bad to us the Carroll signing was an exception. The time you sign a player shouldn’t and doesn’t have a bearing on whether they will be a success or not. What matters is whether they are a sufficient quality or not.
    The only key differences with Jan and The Summer is that often there is less opportunity to sign a player in Jan (so less choice) and a new player has no preseason in which to settle into a new city and get to know his team mates and how to play.

  • simon
    3 years ago

    Sorry but this transfer window has once again been a epic fail for FSG and Liverpool . After the debacle of the summer transfer window , we expected to have their players lined up and ready , but no.

    FSG look like missing out on two of their targets – Ince and Coutinho for once AGAIN failing to pay the required price

    Shame on FSG again for letting Liverpool down again , its clear they are not interested in success – only money

    • simon
      3 years ago

      …. and dont forget back in september when FSG left the team short , all the FSG excuse makers said – lets wait and see what happens in january , lets see if they make up for it

      Well they have not ….. but i suppose the fools will just make up even more excuses

  • Colm
    3 years ago

    FSG let us down again , outbid by southampton again . They really r turning us into mid table club . We needed 2 or 3 top players and all we signed was one fairly good one . Fook off FSG , american w@nkers

  • bob
    3 years ago

    this january was certainly not a successful window , thanks again FSG

  • red
    3 years ago

    FSG out, BR out !!!!


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