Xenophobic Tabloids Need Helping Hand

Date: 8th January 2013 at 4:00 pm
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TO put it simply, I despise the tabloid press.

I have nothing but disdain for the agendas that they pedal, follow and create and the lives they are willing to ruin for the sale of “a good story.”

They have found to be “a good story” more or less since the day he arrived at Liverpool, bringing up the World Cup “controversy” when Suarez did what 99.99% of professional footballers would have done in that situation and handled the ball on the line to stop a Ghana goal in the last minute of extra-time.

Followed by controversies over diving, poor tackles, and allegations of racism, Suarez has been a back page regular for the best part of two years.

But the latest incident has just highlighted exactly why the press are bandwagonning against the Uruguayan. Following the very clear handball goal that was given at the tie against , the knives are out again. After a period of relative quiet and goodwill in which Suarez has scored goals a plenty, the parasites in the press have dived in like a Paul Scholes two-footed lunge to capitalise on the latest Suarez saga.

Even the broadsheet press are on the bandwagon, with this gem from a cretin by the name of , as reported on L4L here yesterday:

“He looked sheepish enough not to repeat the claim of his fellow South American Diego Maradona that it was the work of God but you didn’t have to be a supporter of Mansfield to believe that he had come off the bench with diabolical intent.”

Of all the sensationalist nonsense written about Suarez in recent months, this one is probably at the top of my list. “Diabolical intent.” So basically, he is accusing Luis Suarez of coming off the bench to deliberately cause trouble to Mansfield.

This is an accusation that the club should be taking the Independent to task for. I’m not one for the Ferguson approach of banning unfriendly journalists, but for me, this imbecile should be banned from the club. That is an absolutely incredible comment to make.

I’d say that I want to know what the club is going to do about it, but our last Director of Communications was too busy chasing off parody Twitter accounts to deal with comments like this.

How can anyone determine that a player is going to go onto a pitch to cause bother?

Simply put, he can’t.

Lawton goes on with his lunacy though:

“Once again, and after one of the most brilliant phases of his extraordinary career, he showed that for some men, however uncomplicated their gifts, doing the right thing, as opposed to simply gaining any kind of advantage, is the most difficult of challenges.”

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Suarez handballed it, no question. From that range at that speed, it’s just a natural reaction. Suarez knew it was handball and booted the ball into the net in frustration.

As the Mansfield manager said:

“For me to come out and say something like that I think would be quite cheap. If it had gone in the other end and one of our players had done it I think we’d have accepted it. This is the FA Cup, this is the beauty of it, sometimes it goes for you, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a beautiful game and for me he’s a fabulous talent and for this country we’re lucky to have him here. I don’t think we should call him for doing something that I think 99 out of 100 players would do.”

If the press acted with the class and dignity that Paul Cox did then I wouldn’t be sat here venting my spleen.

This has turned into yet another massive witch hunt and it’s gone beyond a joke now. What this Lawton buffoon is asking is for Suarez to disallow his own goal. The referee is the one who needs to take the blame and additionally he is the only one who can disallow the goal, not Suarez.

I eagerly await the next time a blatantly offside goal is given for the guilty party to sprint to the linesman and demand he stick his flag up. The next time you speed in a 30mph zone with no speed cameras or police around, I hope you’re going to turn yourself in at the local nick for your three points and fine.

Gordon Strachan said it best:

“If you park on a double-yellow line and get away with it, you don’t phone up the council and say you owe £85”

But no, we live in an era where only Luis Suarez does anything wrong. The press have dived on this with glee and I genuinely believe that the club need to do something to stop these parasites from writing their bile. How many hacks have called Suarez out for kissing his wrist when THAT IS HIS CELEBRATION?!

Suarez has often spoken that booing motivates him to do well. The merciless and downright xenophobic approach of the newspapers is rallying me even further behind Luis than I ever have been.

But make sure you tune in next time to hear/read , James Lawton et al for the next environmental disaster, political outrage or financial irresponsibility. Because it is, apparently, all Suarez’s fault.

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0 thoughts on “Xenophobic Tabloids Need Helping Hand

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  • ozred
    3 years ago

    The main concern is the potential this all has for the great man to turn his back on England…

    Let’s look at it:

    Racist comments – The man is quarter black himself. No context and a kangaroo court followed.

    Handshake – Evra clearly held his hand down expecting Suarez to go for him, in the split second that followed Suarez thinks well i’m not going out of my way to shake the hand of a guy that’s wrongly labelled me a racist so move on.

    Diving – Wake up you idiots… This happens all over the field in every game of every week… And how many penalties has he received after going down in the box?

    Handball – non issue. By the way he kicked it into the back of the net, he wasn’t expecting it to be paid. He kisses his wrists because that’s what he does for his daughter…. Get over it.

    Hypocritical parasites that may drive out if not the best, one of the best 3 players in the country.

    • simon
      3 years ago

      You are right about all except the diving . We all love Suarez but there is no need to be untruthful , its makes you look biased . Suarez was diving ,and diving quite a bit before , its not nice and shouldn’t be excused .

      We are asking for fairness for Suarez ,and rightfully so . We must be fair about the diving too

  • Bill
    3 years ago

    Another Independent hacker by the name of Mark Steele has taken up the gauntlet from Mr Know it all Lawton and is also attackink Suarez and Liverpool fans.

  • Matt
    3 years ago

    When people call Saurez a racist, to they have no idea what they are talking about. The word ‘negrito’ is nickname for black people in Uruguay if not most of South America and has no racist meaning what so ever. Obviously living in a western society it sounds racist and with ‘cry baby Evra’ making false accusations at the hearing the FA banned him, wrongfully. I’ve always believed he is innocent and always will, if the FA took both sides and Saurez was not banned then I think the tabloids wouldn’t pick on him as much and it would just be like a Bale or Ronaldo situation.
    I feel for Saurez, he’s been trying so hard to change his image and just get on playing football but he does say critism spurs him on and what better way to get back at the biggest the critics of them all, Manure fans.
    Come on Saurez YNWA.

    • Dave
      3 years ago

      Lets be honest here . Did you read the whole report ?
      We know Suarez is not a racist , everyone admitted that . but he was trying to wind Evra up by using the color of his skin . Thats not being racist in my opinion ,but it was naughty in this country .

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