Coutinho, Suarez and the Transfer Window

Date: 4th February 2013 at 5:30 pm
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LFC player Daniel SturridgeTHE anti-climax of the transfer window leaves me feeling that yet again, missed a trick – we only brought in two players.

has settled well and so far, so good. He seems at home and is very going well.

The team is incomplete but the squad has lost a few high earning, low contributors and for that we can all be grateful.

Philippe is a relative unknown to me and I can’t wait to see him in the shirt and make up my own mind. In my opinion we needed a few more players – maybe a centre-back and a defensive midfielder.

Newcastle United spent £1.8 million on Moussa Sissoko who is strong, lightning quick and scores goals; he looks very good two games in. We’ve spent £8.5million on a man half his size but maybe he’ll prove to have more than just physical stature in common with Mr. Messi.

It would be ‘nice’ if the Reds could pick up a bargain for the first team. A player snapped up for less than £2 million, who turns out great. I can’t remember the last that happened, can you? (Bosman/free transfer signings don’t count).

At the same time I am glad we didn’t pay over the odds with any panic buying errors, on the face of it, there are no over the hill wastes of money in this window which makes a very nice change. Philippe Coutinho’s hamstring issues leave me with reservations but I’m hopeful he’ll prove to be a shrewd piece of business for Liverpool.

A note to the innocent (aka gullible)

A man called Toby contacted me to let me know he had just heard said he is so happy at Anfield that even if we don’t get football he’ll be here next season.

I may be a cynic but if Suarez continues to play well and doesn’t get into any more trouble then in my opinion he’ll be gone in the summer (should we not get into the Champions League). Barcelona, Bayern Munich et al will knock on the door and I would not blame him for going.

He wasn’t born a supporting LFC, he didn’t grow up kicking a ball around the streets of Anfield. He’s paid well and plays well and if in the summer an acceptable (£40+ million) offer came in for him and he wanted to go then he would go with my blessings if we can’t offer him what he deserves – the Champions League stage.

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0 thoughts on “Coutinho, Suarez and the Transfer Window

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  • fotheringham
    3 years ago

    Suarez feels he owes Liverpool some loyalty , He will stay one more season then will look to further his career elsewhere .

    And who can blame him , we aint going anywhere with fsg not willing to compete with top clubs financially

  • M.
    3 years ago

    It was definitely a good window – we bought 2 players who ‘ll definitely improve the squad (‘ll start in best XI) & more over had been able to off-load some useless high earners.

    Having said that, we must re-look at our scouting team. Not only Moussa Sissoko, but NUFC had some of the best business from France with real quality players, Spurs & Arsenal also had decent purchase from outside UK, but somehow, I feel we have hardly any contact outside UK.

    Since the Rafa days, all 3 of our British Managers are spending crazy (Rogers for Allen) money for British players, but similar or better quality players were/are available in mainland Europe or Latin America.

  • Eddie
    3 years ago

    Disappointing window . After the disgraceful let down of the summer , we were all expecting 4 or 5 players , we got 1 with a bit of quality , and 1 kid with potential . our squad is sooooo short compared to top 4 clubs

  • shibashis
    3 years ago

    I do not think January is the time when squad overhauls are possible or advisable, is it? Keeping that in mind it was not all bad this window. Although I do think we paid more than we should have for Sturridge, no matter how many goals he has been scoring.
    But it was not a bad window, could have been better though.

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