Inglethorpe: The new man behind LFC’s starlets

Date: 28th February 2013 at 7:45 pm
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LFC reserves coachI wanted to take this opportunity to write a short piece about one of the latest back-room additions at , the chap we brought in from Spurs to look after our U21’s.

I met him after the U21’s game against Manchester United at Langtree Park on Monday night and was very impressed with him.

When speaking about the game it was obvious to see he was gutted with the defeat, and the manner it came, but he gave off this sense of pride in his players. He spoke glowingly about all of lads in red, noting how pleased he was with the attitudes of the first team lads, and was particularly pleased with the display following the sending-off, highlighting the 70-85 minute mark where we were on top and an Adam Morgan first-time strike away from leading.

He talked glowingly about and the saves he made, stressed the importance of adapting to new roles and learning from his experiences there; praised Jonjo Shelvey for putting in a ‘senior pro’ performance particularly when having to play at full-back, and the delight he had at working with someone like Joao Teixeira.

He stated his full belief in the talent Teixeira has and how hard the club is working with him as there are high hopes for our Portuguese starlet.

Aside from the obvious footballing knowledge that Alex displayed, was a genuine care for those he coaches. He was asked about Marc Pelosi and the pain in his response at losing such a talented player was on par with his pain in such a horrible thing happen to such a lovely lad. Whilst talking about Pelosi, he mentioned both Brad Smith and Samed Yesil and the long term injuries they have suffered in recent weeks bemoaning their luck.

I asked about the effect the red card had on (being an ex centre-back myself) and Alex spoke at length about the character of Sama and the humility he had displayed following the final whistle. He praised the interview Sama gave to LFCtv at a trying time for him and talked about the lessons to be learned.

The conclusion that I drew from my limited time with Alex (could have spent a lot longer in his company chatting on the game as a whole) was that LFC have a man in place that appreciates the importance of, on and off, the pitch aspects of the game. At this level, and crazy as it sounds, winning the match isn’t key, preferable but not key.

At this level it is about readying the young players for the first team. They will make mistakes, they will make costly mistakes, but these are all part of the learning curve and it is their reaction to said mistakes that is crucial.

Personally I think LFC have the right man in charge of the U21’s and that in the coming years we will realise the potential of these young stars as a result.

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0 thoughts on “Inglethorpe: The new man behind LFC’s starlets

  • Gabriel Darshan
    3 years ago

    Playing Man U is always going to be difficult, and the lads, for the most part, made a good account of themselves. Suso wasn’t with it, not sure if he really had the appetite for the game, was disappointed in him.

    The one that worries me most is Adam Morgan. He knows where the goal is, and has good technique on his left peg, but he doesn’t seem to have developed his all round game enough (Hold up play, understanding of space, getting his head up, timing of passes) as he should have done. The kid loves LFC and has real talent but I think he’s not progressing. The coaches at LFC are trying to help him learn by playing him wide left or right. He may not like this but I think it’s a good idea to improve his general play. Did Alex Inglethorpe say anything to you about Morgan?

    • Tim Williams
      3 years ago

      No, Morgan wasn’t really mentioned specifically, but his efforts as with all the players was praised.

      In discussion with a few of the other chaps there, the conclusion drawn was that his confidence has taken a hit, whether the ill dated Rotherham move has had an effect I don’t know. There was a moment second half that needed to be hit first time but Adam decided to take a couple of touches and a good chance was gone, and that would have been 1-0. Can’t help but think pre-Xmas he would have gobbled it up


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