More crucial to Reds future than making a profit

Date: 7th March 2013 at 6:11 pm
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LFC keeper ReinaA lot has been said about lately; ‘maybe it is time for him move on’ as he’s apparently past his best.

For me it is paramount that we keep him beyond the end of the season and for years to come.

If he did leave the club we would not get a keeper of his calibre again.

I’m sorry but Begovic, Al Habsi and now have been linked with the club and that is ridiculous.

They are not top class keepers and their respective clubs are positioned where they are in the table because they are conceding goals very often.

Pepe showed on Saturday night against Wigan how good he actually is. Even though Luis got the hat-trick and rightly so, got the plaudits at the end of the game, praise must be given to Reina for the saves he made. Three crucial acrobatic saves which on another day the players would have scored from and the result may have been different altogether. Plus, people may forget also that Pepe likes to start attacking moves, and his pass to Coutinho set him on his way to set up the first goal for Downing.

praised our number one keeper after the game:

“I said to the players afterwards that it was an outstanding performance from Pepe…he made big saves at crucial moments. Sometimes goals, especially away from home, can change the momentum of games, but Pepe was focused throughout. His pass for the first goal to Philippe Coutinho opened up the pitch really well.

“He was deserving of his clean sheet – our 11th in the league this season.”

I know some people are going to say well he has had a dip for a few seasons. I understand that he has not been playing consistently well for a short period but all players have dips in form and as the saying goes ‘form is temporary, class is permanent’.

The defensive unit as a whole should take responsibility for the goals which have been conceded this season, as sometimes it is not the keepers fault!

Credit must be given to Pepe for the saves he has made throughout the season which has helped the whole team. One example would be the save near the end of the home game versus Swansea – yes the game was won already but it was fundamental in keeping a clean sheet.

Pepe also has a good relationship with manager Brendan Rodgers, as he stated:

“I have a great relationship with him. We have a lot of ideas in common and the way we see football is quite similar. Our understanding about tactics and feeling for football is very similar. I’m very happy with our manager”.

Hopefully this statement, as well as his infinity with the fans, the club and the city, will be enough for both parties to resist offers in the summer. Put it this way: I would rather keep Pepe than make a profit.

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0 thoughts on “More crucial to Reds future than making a profit

  • Mark
    3 years ago

    Totally agree . Reina is top class . But I can see Rodgers cashing in on him to fund moves for more of his ex-swansea pals

  • Omensa
    3 years ago

    What a nonstarter there. Flaws! Reina has been appalling! Dont even annoy me on reopening the pain and suffering he’s cost lfc,teammates and the entire fans. Shut up! U blame the back 4? Imo reina has been poor since 2008/09. Esp the 4-4 at stamford bridge fascilitated my doubt 4 reina and he’s been more than worst and appalling since then. He cost us even last season not 2 clinch the 4th place due 2 his shambolic and pathetic goalkeeping? Please give us a break! U even went on 2 blame the back4? Smh! Even last season our back4 was the best only 2nd 2 mcfc who conceded least goals but still reina drag us 2 7th espcially rvp 2nd goal and countless blanders so cut it out. Is simple reina must be shown the exit period. Those summer targets has been absolute better than reina has done this season. U even made a blatant statement that why are their clubs still below lfc if we see them 2 replace reina. U must simple compare their stats interms of saves 2 shot ontarget ratios. Even reina is now behind the wasteful valdes in the national team. Reina has defile the saying of keepers that is the older you become the better u become. But reina is eitherwise even BenForster has come good in his 30’s same age as reina. Loolool

  • kate
    3 years ago

    omensa just look at this

    reina 23 games played 30 goals conceded
    mignolet 28 games played 38 goals conceded
    begovic 28 games played 33 goals conceded
    al-hasbi 28 games played 55 goals conceded

    think pepe is better end of!

  • fuwee
    3 years ago

    Having Reina is like helping the weak defence now. It’s like having a fifth defender as he has the best pair of legs for a goalkeeper. I say keep him. But Rodgers may just have to, not want to, cash in for a simple fact that we have a very tight n getting worse owner. To save or try improve the squad, Brendon plays Wenger role. It takes a really good n brave coach/manager to take such a job. Wenger is so far the best at it staying up there but telling the fans he refuse to get overpriced players while he really has only so much he’s allowed to use. Taking the bullet for the employer and still keeping them up there which is the key to staying in business n maintaining regular profits from match days n sale of players he grooms but can’t keep. It will not matter for the business owners that the trophy cabinets are empty as long as they stay involved in Europe or as many competition as possible but not at the expense of Europe. We just really badly need a better owners. Passionate ones usually are the Middle Easterns. We can’t have ownners who are used to oval ball n shoulder-pads n adult diaper running with a burden on their heads.

  • Enemakwu
    3 years ago

    Reina is neva a goal keeper pls, throw him away make I knw get heart attack next season joor.

  • liverbaby
    3 years ago

    Reina is class and at 29 he hadn’t even reached his peak yet.

    Sheer sadness if we were to sell him. MADNESS !!!!!

  • redrum
    3 years ago

    When are people going to kop on ? Dont u realise that a goalie doesn’t get to his best until mid-thirties ?

    Reina will get Better and better . He is great now … In 5 years he will be even more accomplished.

    Selling him will be a error of epic proportions .a error which we will regret for years and years.

    Do we want to go back to the days of James, Kirkland, dudek or westerveld ? Scratching around every summer trying to find a top goalie ? … We have one now already.

    ….but I have a feeling rodgers will sell him , if he does shame on rodgers

  • Snake Plissken
    3 years ago

    At least sign another keeper to have options and drop/rest/rotate Reina when out of form. BR however will probably target another skinny midget central midfielder!

  • stevieG
    3 years ago

    Reina is quality . We should keep him for many years

  • Chan
    3 years ago

    Pepe Reina deserves better than this. Reina is pure class and after all the quality and loyalty he had shown to LFC, half a so so season DOES NOT make him an inferiors player.

    Sell him and we would rue this move for years to come just as how we did for Alonso.

    Those calling for him to be sold are not LFC fans.


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