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Chamakh snubs Liverpool for Arsenal


Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh has all but confirmed he will be moving to Arsenal on a Bosman free transfer in the summer. The Moroccan had been linked to a move to Liverpool but the 26 year old has stated his intentions in an interview with French newspaper L’Equipe:

“There were approaches from Liverpool, Tottenham and offers of madness from Russia which were much greater than those from England. But, I was focused on playing in the Premier League. . . I count the days, 11 short days. As time passes, it feels weird. I feel many emotions.”

The admission clearly intimates he will be moving to the Premier League with Arsenal in the summer. Chamakh has scored 10 goals in Ligue One this season.

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  • samuel charles says:

    great yet another money grabbing git who has done next to nothing for years, has had a fairly good year and all of a suddern the world should be really falling over and trying to sign him? just amazing these players today.
    for me he is a good player, but one good year in france and not much else isnt worth the wages or even the newaspaper inches. its just staggering nowadays it really is, think its great, i didnt want him at our great club any way, its as if he is david villa or even forlan who both bang goals in all the time, this guy is so over rated its just crazy, any way good luck to the greedy man and good luck when you playa at arsenal who still will not win a thing and havent for 5 years, and they say rafa is bad.
    yet another greedy footballer, fcuk him

  • dj says:

    this is why rafa just cant compete. we have as a club underpaid our players compared to man u, celsea and arsenal. we must not forget the power that spurs and especially man city have now. rafa’s on a loser.

  • samuel charles says:

    no the club is on a loser, the city the kop the die hards etc, not just rafa everybody that loves lfc knows that rafa isnt perfect but if people take the tinted media driven anti rafa stuff off then they will come to see that rafa is not the major problem at all…………

    liverpool need new owners, not suger daddies but owners who at least play fair and not lie for that sake of it.

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