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Mis-quotes and Spanish lessons? Liverpool’s Daniel Agger


Once again a Liverpool player is quoted in his native country with comments which appear to put his Liverpool future in doubt. Once again, following previous instances involving messrs Babel, Kuyt, Torres, Riera (who?) amongst others, a rebuttal of those comments has been hastily issued.

Without getting into a debate of who actually said what, I believe that the vast majority of Liverpool’s support would be alarmed at any prospect of losing Agger, even taking into consideration that the club is well endowed with young centre-back prospects coming through the ranks in Daniel Ayala, Danny Wilson and Chris Mavinga.  (Of course Mavinga himself was the subject of another of these interviews published in France on the eve of the season).

My particular take on these supposed mis-quotings is that although the press are clearly capable of mis-chief making, in many cases there is no smoke without fire.

For what it is worth I can reveal  that Daniel Agger is one of at least two current Liverpool players that I know of who are presently taking a course of private Spanish lessons. (The other is a current England international)

This may, of course, be a desire on the part of eager young men to expand their knowledge generally but on the other hand…

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  • G says:

    The other player learning Spanish is Stevie G!!! To be honest though i cant see either of them leaving at the moment we’re 5 games into the season a whole load of things could happen before they feel they’ve had enough!!

  • Mike76 says:

    Roy needs to sort out the tactics and work ethic pretty quickly or players will be on the move.

    Rafa’s pressing game has gone, we now sit back getting deeper and deeper. Zonal marking has gone, to be replaced by utterly shambolic man to man marking. We’ve regressed so far back, that we were dominated in midfield by the mighty west brom.

    I can only see one person taking the blame for these issues and I really, really hope I am wrong and he sorts it out or by Christmas we could be in the bottom three.

  • steve mcauley says:

    there’s a report on another site tonight saying that inter want agger and an offer of 9m euros should secure him! if hodgson lets daniel agger leave liverpool for 9m euros then he will lose the support of this fan, that’s for sure!

  • Brian Durand says:

    Sorry, not Steven Gerrard. Glen Johnson is the other player that I know of.

  • Miguel says:

    How do you know they’re taking spanish lessons?

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