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An Open Letter to Tom Hicks and George Gillett


Dear Messrs Hicks & Gillett

Words fail me at this very special moment for Liverpool Football Club. It says everything about your tenure, that your exit is the most celebrated moment of your time at the club.

In January 2007, you sat in the famous trophy room at Anfield, and you made promises about what you would achieve at this bastion. You lied, and you continued to lie for close to 4 years.

You said that you understood the heritage of this football club, and that you understood the passion of the supporters. How ironic that you would only feel our passion in our attempts to oust you. You picked an opponent that you could not defeat.

Did you really think that we would sit back and let you rape our club? Did you honestly think that we had no self-respect? Well let me tell you, 18 League Championships, 5 European Cups, and 96 Brothers and Sisters who perished in support of this club – that is history, and history will always prevail against the likes of you.

You drove us into debt, you drove good men out of the club, you made us a laughing stock in front of others who disparage us. However, you never broke our spirit, our commitment and our love for Liverpool Football Club.

In 1892, John Houlding founded Liverpool Football Club. Over 118 years, the likes of Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley and Kenny Dalglish have ensured that none of us ever walk alone.

Well today, gentlemen, you walk alone. I do not hate you, I pity you. You tried everything in your power, and yet could not survive. You walk away in shame, and owing money that you can no longer borrow from Liverpool Football Club.

Whatever fate awaits you, I do not care. Your fate will be to look at yourselves in the mirror every morning and know that you are destitute of wallet, character and dignity.

We promised you a fight, and we delivered. You offered us success, and delivered debts and tears. What you did, however, was galvanise the supporters of this great club in a way, maybe, that even they had never been before.

For that, alone, I thank you.

Yours Sincerely

Rohan Kallicharan

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  • Rafa says:

    well said

  • Matthew says:

    You don’t hate them but I do. Hate is a strong word, yet in this case saying that I passionately hate Tom O. Hicks is an understatement.

  • well it leave me with tears this morning when i get to the website only reading on the website that the greedy americans have left to texas file in a suit to stop the completion of the taking over of the club,but hicks and gillett should know that what they to our dear club that HEAVEN and EARTH will not forgive them throughout their life time,also the spirit of (SHANKY)will never let them unpurnish.thank.

  • John Moores says:

    Don’t listen to them,Tom, George. You did alright by me, thank you very much.

  • omg says:

    Joh moores you are the most ridiculous, possibly mentally challenged thicko that i have ever heard of. What a load of absolute bull@#!*, I ask you what went through your mind before you posted this comment? You disgrace liverpool football club, and you don’t deserve to support lfc

  • stevel says:

    well said omg cant believe a true liverpool supporter could even say thanks to a pair of idiots ,who have done nothing for liverpool except to put our great club where it is today.hopefully by now our british justice system has for once and all got rid of hicks and gillett.and we an once again be where we rightfully belong.well said rohan couldnt have put what youve said any better.every word is true.

  • LFCDIEARD says:


  • Lars says:

    Let’s leave those two guys (G&H) alone now. They didn’t deliver on their promises, they were manoeuvred out of the club, lost a lot of money and respect in the public opinion. They did a few decent things, and I believe they went into the club with “semi-honest” intentions. They have lost it all. Now let them be..
    ..let us shift focus back to football again. I am guessing on a narrow and good win tomorrow.

  • Phil Eel says:

    Do I hate them ? No. Did they improve the club commercially ? Yes. Would they have made us gone bust ? Probably. Am I glad to see the back of them ?? YEEEEEEEESSSSSS

  • did anyone watch the game against wigan? we was lucky but also unlucky haha. thing is we need to make some fast changes or we may face losing our best players. which we dont want happening. YNWA

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