Date: 18th October 2010 at 3:00pm
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So now that the dreaded duo of Tom Hicks and George Gillett have packed their bags and skipped town, is it time for us to have a party? I for one, refuse to really believe that all our troubles are gone with the departure of these two clowns. There is no guarantee that John W Henry will be able to splash the cash to make Liverpool a force again and his refusal to answer any questions regarding a new stadium was a little worrying.

However, while it may sound as if I am raining on the parade, I am not. After the three year ordeal under Hicks and Gillett, anything could prove to be an improvement and there are aspects of this deal with NESV that I am genuinely excited about.

In last week’s column, (The Curse of Jim Magilton), I drew parallels between the histories of the Boston Red Sox and our own beloved, Liverpool Football Club. When Henry and his posse took over the Red Sox, they were quite the ramshackle bunch and had become the laughing stock of Major League Baseball. Their great rivals, the New York Yankees had become the most successful team in the game, earning our angst in the meantime by signing a marketing deal with our ‘friends’ from up the East Lancs Road. Within two years of his arrival at Fenway Park, Henry was feted the length and breadth of New England as the Red Sox swept all before them to claim a first World Series in 85 years.

Henry decided that despite the dilapidated look of the historic Fenway Park, the Red Sox did not need to move to a new stadium and so he oversaw a redevelopment of the famous old stadium which coincided with an upsurge in the fortunes of the side. Can you imagine if Henry was able to increase the capacity of Anfield to a 60,000+ stadium and thus keeping us at our spiritual home for the foreseeable future. American people are famous for the world over for their bluster and big talk. However, they are an imaginative race and it is probably no harm to think big. NESV will employ some of the world’s leading architects to take a good look at Anfield in an attempt to re-develop which would come at a fraction of the cost of a complete rebuild on a new site. Unlike a lot of clubs in the Premier League that have built new stadia, there is a magical bond between Liverpool supporters and their stadium, with the Kop being the glue that binds us all together.

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