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TEN Facts about John W Henry and NESV


Here are ten facts about prospective Liverpool owners John W. Henry and his holding company New England Sports Ventures.

1. Born in Quincy, Illinois in 1949, John W Henry failed to graduate from university before developing his business acumen trading corn and soybean futures. During this process, he developed his own data driven system which predicted market trends, which removed human and emotional factors from the dangerous business of hedge fund trading. He subsequently used the system when he set up his own company John W. Henry and Co. in 1981.

2. From his risky hedge fund trading, Henry became a multi-millionaire, and he was worth $840m before the credit crunch hit in 2007. Some of his companies have had financial difficulties since.

3. Henry has had a passion for sport throughout his career in finance and has owned a number of minor league baseball teams. He also briefly owned the Florida Martins.

4. After selling the Florida Martins in 2002, he attempted to buy the Boston Red Sox with a group of sixteen other investors in the holding company New England Sports Ventures (NESV). They bought the franchise for $700million in 2002 with the aim of turning around the team after a chaotic few years under the previous ownership.

5. Henry is the principle owner of NESV but he has help from other investors including Tom Werner, Les Otten, Larry Lucchino and the New York Times Company.

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  • timmy says:

    may be @ last dis is a good news we dont kno bcos american @ d helm again,wake up n acess dis bid u d SPIRIT OF BILL SHANKKLY,i call upon u d SPIRIT OF ANN OF ANFIELD to weigh dis offer.YNWA

  • momo sissoko says:

    I’m so disaappointed by this deal.Hearing broughton speaks about the new owners is like a bisrepetita of parry’s confidence in gillet n hicks.
    Quote of that dayin 2007: “This is great for Liverpool, our supporters and the shareholders – it is the beginning of a new era for the club”We know that George and Tom want a long-term relationship with Liverpool and that they also understand the importance of investing in our success both on and off the field.

    “They have made clear their intention to move as quickly as practicable on the financing and construction of our proposed new stadium at Stanley Park and also to support investment in the playing squad.”
    .”They understand the importance of investing on and off the field,” Mr Parry, who will stay on as chief executive, said at a media conference at Anfield.
    “These are hard-nosed businessmen,” says Harry Philp, an analyst at Hermes Sports Partners, which advises clubs and businesses on football finance issues.
    Mr Parry said the addition of Mr Hicks to the Gillett team had “changed the complexion” of the US bid.
    US commentators have said that Gillett, who owns the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens, and Hicks, owner of the NHL’s Dallas Stars and the Texas Rangers, are not slow to provide funding for their Stateside sports teams.

    More praise about our current yanks hicks n gillet at that time on this link below:

    Another sad sad day for LFC.Why no mention at all about the other bid n why was it refused. Having another yanks taking over lfc is like another nightmare scenario!

  • David says:

    I hope he will bring the success for The Reds again.

  • Akash says:

    Akash here!!!
    ……Liverpool must play with 3 striker………
    ………..4-3-3 Attacking Formation………….
    (dont play the STUPID formation 4-2-3-1 with lonely striker)

    Sale this players to get some money and mainthings to give our younger to get changes to play to senior team:
    1) Itandje (unused player)
    2) Degen (only can go forwatd,not defend)
    3) Insua (slow)
    4) Krygiakos (old)
    5) Poulsen (next stupid lucas)
    6) Maxi (he has no idea when he get ball)
    7) Lucas (not good player)
    8) El Zhar ( rafa spoiled him)
    9) Ngog (not the youngster for top team)

    Good Young Players To Give Changes:
    1) Peter Gulacsi
    2) Stephen Darby
    3) Jack Robinson
    4) Martin Kelly
    5) Danny Wilson
    6) Daniel Ayala
    7) Chris Mavinga
    8) Jay Spearing
    9) Nathan Eccleston
    10) Daniel Pacheco
    11) David Amoo

    12) Christopher Butchmann (very good german younger,17, but rafa sold him)

    May be we can get next Owen, Fowler,
    McManaman, Carragher or Gerrard from this young players IF THEY GET CHANGES TO PLAY.

    And please use young player in reserve league to grow them well and to learn something.Not to use the senior player.Its wasting!

    Or PLEASE let me to be NEXT liverpool Manager!
    I’ll do the best to the club without wasting a lot of money to buy stupis players.

    Anybody Any comment plsss about my news!!!

  • tinydino says:

    akash…Aquilani is on loan to Juve and wont be coming back anymore…

    Insua is already sold to Galatasaray..

    Krygiakos is not young, but he almost scored a double against Blackpool…he’s old, but i think he’s probably the best in the air since Sammi Hyppia and given we paid 1.5mil for him and he’s not complaining…why not?

    Poulsen had just a few games..at least give him a chance to prove himself..at least Robbie Keane was given like 6-months

    Meireles not living up to his expectation so far..the 2 games i saw him play he was rather poor but report suggest he was played out of position..

    we dont need 3 strikers..we need width…natural quality width…and we need a holding midfield that can take control of our midfield..

    i think roy is correct to play gerrard in a deeper role and surge forward occasionally. we simply need another Alonso/Mashc alongside him -> Milan is a good player i feel…

    let Kuyt stay on the right..Cole playing just behind Torres.

    Roy need to make up his mind on defense. to me, it shud be Carra & Agger in the middle. Skrtel is not up to it…

  • Abdulaziz says:

    im completly with Akash what he siad

    till Aquilani complete his loan we can use him dont dont dont sale him his better then Poulsen

    give babel chance befor sale him he is better than ngog

    and plz plz roy we need new tactics moves players with more striker until now i didnt see one goal comes with tactics

  • dj says:








  • M.YNWA says:

    Let’s be practical, we have only 4-5 players at best, who can be a regular 1st team member of any top international side, of whom, the best one is over burdened, over expected & injured. No matter, what format we play, we need 2 good wingers & full backs (defensively good), at least 1 quick centre back, a power dynamo for holding midfield, a second striker & most importantly, an attacking, aggressive & young manager. Also, backup for almost every spot, since we hardly have a proper team. Take out Nando, STeveG & Jose, we r hardly a better team than the likes of Stoke, Blackpool, Fulham or Birmingham. Even Suderland, Newcastle, Bolton or Everton (sorry) r probably better than us as a team.

    Moreover, Roy is a very good manager for mid table team; squzing every last point to a season tally around 50. I seriously doubt if he can handle few £20mn+ star in his team. He is just not the man, at this age for challenging the owners (who ever) a fair exchange of £100mn transfer expence; u understand what I am trying to say?

    I know H&G r most hated persons probably in uk now, but to b fair to them, they were also hard done by the economic down fall & massive Tranfer mistakes by Rafa (he was the 2nd highest spender of his time in uk). Atleast H&G r better than the Glazers, (just wait till Fergi & few of his old guns retires in a season or two), they spend over £140 mn of own money, where has F Perez’s money gone? PHick’sper&G personal financial condition is too bad now & what they r trying is to salvage out whatever last penny they can from a wrong investment. LBO can only be successful, if the “asset” has a steady & growing revenue stream. For that, they should have first gone for a 70,000+ stadium & appoint a good director of football (someone like King Kenny or Alan Hansen) to assist & optimize Rafa’s expenditures). They went for an unknown & extremely risky business without proper boardroom executives. Those of whom are excited about the NESV takeover, please hold ur rush, these r Yank business men, considering Sports institutes as assets. Just look how many clubs/franchise they have traded & it’s absolute business, no emotional attachment. Moreover, LFC is a soccer club, not a baseball franchise, I doubt, how many of the NESV directors have seen a full match of LFC previously? They have come & mark my word, only because, they found the posibility of purchasing an asset at far lower value due to technicalities & can cash a profit by reselling few years later. If some how, H&G can delay the sale For few months, any compititive counter offer comes or a possible 9 point deduction leads us to religation, devaluing the club & earnings, I bet my home, these Yanks ‘ll beat Usain Bolt, running away from Anfield.

    I still can never forgive Moores for bringing in the Yank liars for personal higher benifit over DIC, who that time had
    enough money & are true supporters of LFC. Even NESV is successful to takeover, we ‘ll have new owners, may be before the next World Cup

  • oaikhena ehis says:

    I am praying to God that liverpool should win the case against hicks and george .because will are just falling now. we dont want what happen to leeds united to happen to us.after the hearing of the case i think there should be a meeting between the new owners,fans,players and the coach to discuss the way forward for the team.because the position liverpool are right now in the table is an embarrassment for the team and the fans.A Situation that have led to ours fans not been able to talk in public.i believe that liverpool will come up.YNWA

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