Would you trust Roy with anymore money?

Spending £11.5million on Raul Meireles and getting Joe Cole on a free transfer both seem to be poor pieces of business currently as both players, like the team, are not on their best form. Currently however, both players are playing out of position as Roy is trying to find the best formation to fit in his best players. The less said about Poulsen and Konchesky the better but I would say about the former Fulham left back that his only two games in the Premier League have seen him injured, so a little more time is needed before a full analysis of his merits in the squad can be made.

Another factor that could be taken into account is that Roy has not really had time yet to change the squad to his liking. Two months of a transfer window is not really long enough to suggest to any Liverpool fan that this squad is really what the manager wants. He has said himself he wants to make more signings in January, and would like the time to put his mark on the team.

With the purchases he has made so far however and the terrible start to Liverpool’s campaign, it is very difficult at the moment in seeing a reason to give him more money to squander. If the team’s results do improve in the next couple of months, and his new signings such as Meireles, Cole and Konchesky do begin to perform better, then, and only then, could there by some trust from Liverpool fans that he can be trusted with the cash promised by NESV.

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