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Comolli: “Strange things could happen” in January


Liverpool Director of Football Strategy Damien Comolli believes that the January transfer window could provide the Reds with a good opportunity to improve their squad. He believes the financial situation of some clubs could force teams to sell players cheaper than they would like:

“My feeling about it is that in this economic recession there are so many clubs that are in trouble abroad, more than in England. These clubs are under enormous pressure to sell. So this January window could be a very different window from what we have seen previously. Players that we would never have thought would be available could be. So that’s why we are working away, thinking that if there is the right opportunity we should do it. Strange things could happen.”

Comolli is rumoured to be in for a number of French based players in the January window.

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This week it is former Liverpool WAG Claudine Keane.

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  • Alex says:

    Hopefully one they will look at is Valencia and Banega,Mata and Pablo Hernandez.

    • Marty says:

      agree with you 100%… think any of the three of them would be excellent additions

      • Epulistic says:

        Yup, agree with u guys. Hopefully there will be at least 01 surprise transfer coup! (like Raul Meireles transfer, a silent one)

  • daboy says:

    Nothing much happens in January normally i dont expect this one to be much different.

  • Red4Life says:

    Just because he is French why associate with French players? I find that frustrating.

    You could argue the same when we had Rafa and he targeted Spanish players with more failures than successes (Alonso, Reina, Torres, Arbeloa (IMO) and not forgetting Garcia being the notable success).

    Look at the bigger picture FFS and not just your homeland.

    • Voland says:

      While I agree that we should look at the broader picture (the 3 Valencia players being a good example), I am surprised at your assessment of Rafa’s recruitment of Spanish players as a failure. Overall, the balance was highly positive, with the five players you mention more than compensating for failures such as Morientes and Josemí. If Rafa’s transfer record has any serious blemishes, it is surely overpaying for non- Spanish transfers like Aquilani and Johnson – both excellent players but overpriced and injury-prone.

  • Jay Wright says:

    I’m not too fussed about buying big in January (especially if Hodgson remains that long) as long as we make some big moves in the summer (starting with a change of manager!)

    Kuyt & Maxi out. Suarez + Nzogbia or Gervinho in.

    • Are you Nuts? says:

      Kuyt and Maxi out? Are you drinking lately? They have been so far the most consistent players and contributed some important goals. I’ve never been a big fan of Kuyt but even i feel your comment is too far fetched. As for Maxi, how can you not like him? He’s tricky, he’s got the touch, he’s got the class and he’s got the finishing ability.

      • Voland says:

        Kyut in my view is one of our most important players, equal to Gerrard in terms of willingness to win and being a big-game player. Maxi, although not at his majestic best, has also shown glimpses of his old genius and is an excellent squad player that offers Liverpool something different. The one player who has failed to convince so far in spite of his undoubted talent is Cole, although I am optimistic that once Hodgson finds his best position in the current team he will also turn it around. I am also not convinced about the price tag on Suarez although I like the player – and N’Zogbia strikes me as a potential second Jermaine Pennant in terms of his mentality (cannot comment on Gervinho).

    • jordan says:

      are you high? kuyt has just as much passion and work rate as gerrard and carragher. do one.

  • max says:

    yeah ,maybe we can grab a new manager by then

  • richard says:

    i just don’t want to see any signings under 10m. if we’re gonna spend, we gotta spend on Grade A meat.

    • Now that's a brilliant mind says:

      Agreed. Spend it on one or two, as long as it’s worthwhile spending rather having 5 to 8 wannabes who will end up nowhere such as Anthony Le Tallec, Antonio Nunez and co.

  • Eric says:

    One striker and onw winger please. Vucinic, Benzema, Remy or Llorente just no Ccole please. Preferably N’Zogbia, Mata or Marin for wingers.

    • David Shamash says:

      I don’t think we need to buy a striker, no one is going to replace torres and who are we going to realisticly buy for under £15 mil who is better than Ngog? I would like to see a class center back and quality winger that all we need. YNWA

    • Voland says:

      Mata or Marin and Benzema, Llorente will be overpriced with Real and Barcelona in the hunt. No problem with spending on promising younger players though – don’t you wish we had gone for Aguero, Pastore or Matías Fernandez?

  • Dennis says:

    We need another centre back: S Taylor of Newcastle, D wheater Of Middlesborough, G Cahill Of Bolton, R Shawcross Of Stoke Or B Hangeland of Fulham.

    A next Right back to compete with G Johnson: Micah Richards Of Manchester City

    A new left back: Taiwo of Marseille Or Cissokho Of Lyon should be brought in.

    Momo Sissoko Of Juventus Or Lassana Diarra Of Real Madrid needs to brought in.

    Matthieu Flamini Of A.C Milan should be brought in also to Replace Poulsen.

    Them 5 players would make the team/squad more solid and harder to break down at home and away.

    Then two out and out wingers on each flank who both offer pace, speed, creativity, skill, youth, energy, excitement, class, quality and good delivery need to brought to club.

    RW Options: A Turan Of Galatassary, J Mata Of Valencia, J Navas Of Seville, A Sanchez Of Udinese or E Hazard Of Lille.

    LW Options: Royston Drenthe Of Real Madrid, Diego Capel Of Seville or Albert Crusat Of Almeira.

    One attacking creative midfielder to compete with Joe Cole: Valbuena Of Marseille should be brought to club.

    One Forward:

    1: Llorente Of Athletico Bilbao, Peter Crouch Of Tottenham Or Kenwyne Jones Of Stoke. A Big Target man who can score goals and win flick ons, is aerial threat, Holds ball up well and brings others into play well.

    Players Out: Should be Krygiakos CB, Aurelio LB, POULSEN DM, Jovanovic LW, M Rordriguez LW/RW, D Kuyt RW/FD.

  • Karim says:

    Jeez, i think looking at it we only need a handful of players
    a left back
    a left winger
    a centre mid
    a striker.

  • Dennis is high says:

    Dennis, you must be high. Manchester City couldn’t even afford to bring that many players in. And how would you fund all those moves? The players you would ship out would bring in 20 million at most. And then, even if there was some way to afford to brring all of those in, we would never be able to get in compliance with the new Financial Fair Play rules. Why don’t you put down the doobie and think before you start spouting such nonsense? This isn’t Football Manager.

  • anakjin says:

    buy suarez and coentrao…. please… fast and fourious

  • anakjin says:

    suarez in 10 million and coentrao in 10 million too.. sell aquilani 13m, jovanovic 3 million, aurelio 2 million,

    bring more talented player to centre deffending ( wilson ) jonjo to recover for gerrard, kelly for johnson, kyut for meireles, maxi for lucas.joe for coentrao, ngog for torres and babel for suarez.

    simple word..

    ……kelly…..skertel…..soto ….

    i like…. 8 attacking player and 8 deffender..

  • anakjin says:

    reina – jones
    kelly – skertel
    cara – wilson
    soto – agger / kocesky

    gerrard – jonjo/pulsen

    johnson – kyut
    meirales – joe
    lucas – maxi
    coentrao – pacheco/elestone

    torres & suarez – ngog & babel

    out – jova – 2.5 mil
    aquilani – 14 mil
    aurelio – 2.5 mil
    nabil – 1.5 mil

    we will love liverpool until die….

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