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At least there was one POSITIVE from last night


So Kenny’s first two games in charge could hardly be called a success. But as Liverpool fans we’re renowned for giving managers time… All jokes aside, the first two games have been a mixed bag. Thankfully, there have been more positives than negatives.

People may look at the result last night and ask ‘where are the positives?’ and they’d be right; last night’s result was totally unacceptable. Whether the manager is Kenny Dalglish or Roy Hodgson, losing to Blackpool should not be a consideration. However, given how far we’ve fallen in the last 6 months the performance last night was a big improvement. We actually gave Blackpool a game; we had a played a fairly expansive game and a couple of lapses (that you have to forgive, given that the defence has spent most games this season on a knife-edge) aside, the defence looked more of a unit.

They have been playing a more cohesive game and are passing the ball out from the back, as opposed to the ‘hoof and hope’ game that we’d become accustomed to. And for the second game in a row we can bemoan a dodgy penalty decision that, had it gone our way, might well have changed the outcome of the game completely. The other dodgy penalty call obviously coming in that FA Cup defeat on Sunday, in which, minus our Captain for most of the game and a goal down for over 90 minutes we battled away and came close on several occasions to getting an equalizer. Make no mistake, after a couple of months of improvement and rebuilt confidence under Kenny, United will not be a scary prospect. They’re not half the team they were even a couple of years ago and Liverpool easily have the players to match them.

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  • smarts says:

    Get Taiwo, Juan Mata, Suarez,Turan, then we will be fine!

  • Decky says:

    If Kenny is going to keep the formation taht we used last night, then 2 proper pacy wingers and someone like charlie adams(he was almost Alonso like last night) a solid left back and we’ll be making great progress. I reckon Clarke will sort the defence out too he just needs time.

  • Eric says:

    Neither Konchesky or Poulsen should be anywhere near the starting XI. Glen Johnson should be playing on the right wing with Martin Kelly filling in at right back. We need at least one pacy player in the team and that means either Babel or Jovanovich should be starting on the left. Meireles and Lucas to continue in the middle with Gerrard behind Torres. During Gerrard’s absence, Joe Cole should be played behind Torres.

    • Paul says:

      Those would be my choices too. And of course go back to our playing style over the last 6 seasons, possesion football, pressing high up the pitch 4-2-3-1

    • Han says:

      Totally agree with you. So far no one dares to use Glen as right winger. let’s hope King Kenny can change it. just look at at Bales at spurs.

  • stan howard says:

    eric, with what we have you are spot on, only thing missing is suso who is the best i have ever seen at just 17, he should be in the first team set up RIGHT NOW !

  • mo daKs says:

    We need to get 2 pacy wingers and a new solid ball playing centre half. A LB who has pace. And get mascherano back!! We need him more than barca do. Him and meireiles would be perfect in CM. Taiwo, suarez, hazard, sanchez (udinese), micah richards, oXlade chamberlain, conor wickham and gary cahill just sign 3 players out of the above list and well be fine!!

  • ring says:

    pls buy suarez and contrao

  • JackAnty says:

    Another positive that needs to be looked at is that Torres really seemed to care last night for the first time in a long time. He was chasing down balls and really giving it a go.

    • Matt Castellian says:

      Agree – and no sulks either. Please Kenny get someone to support Torres up front.

  • Jay Wright says:

    another positive is that Kuyt seems to be edging ever closer to his rightful position on the bench! That day can’t come soon enough imo (although that’s assuming another equally inappropriate player like Maxi or Meireles doesn’t just fit into his position there again…)

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