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His signing could certainly lift the troops tomorrow


With the weekend fast approaching and 3 games come and gone, Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish should be starting to get some sort of a feel for what his set of players are capable of. But with 2 defeats (a cup exit being one) and a draw in the derby, a win is an absolute must on Saturday afternoon. Wolves will present the sort of threat that the Liverpool of the past 6 months will not be wanting to face but it is teams like Wolves that we are going to need to start beating to climb the table; it is clubs like this that we are going to need to be nudging aside in order to get out of what we all know is – while being a fair position, given how bad we’ve been this season – not a true reflection of what the current crop of players are capable of.

It’s not all bad news though, as there are rumblings of a potentially season-changing transfer in the offing for the Reds, with Luis Suarez’s agent in talks with JW Henry’s representatives. There is even the chance that, by the time you’re reading this, he will have already signed (if you believe certain dailies). If not today, there is still a chance that we will have him by Saturday. He may not play; he may not be on the bench but having not one but two £20 million strikers for a change will be an enormous boost to squad confidence. Adding Suarez to the starting line-up will immediately change how we play, as he is primarily a striker but can operate as a support striker too, so immediately that throws up the possibility of Steven Gerrard being free to roam instead of being needed to support Torres. Perhaps he could even move out onto the right, giving us some much needed width and maybe save the club a few more million. Either way, signing a top Uruguayan striker can only be a good thing for the future, especially when it comes to convincing the likes of Pepe Reina and Torres to stay in the summer.

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New signings aside, there have been noticeable improvements in the performances over the last few games. Some may say that it’s clutching at straws to say so but having watched the performances since August, any Liverpool fan can see the major improvement: we actually look like a team again. All the main parts of the team are starting to work together again. The transformation is by no means complete but it’s much more promising than it had been and we will need to build on this come Saturday.

It’s been a slow week as a Red’s fan though and we’ve had nothing of real substance to get our teeth into, in terms of games or transfers. We’ve only had speculation and rumours to live by but should the strongest rumour prove to be true and we add a top striker to our squad the future should look more promising for us all.

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This week it is Liverpool fan Caroline Wozniacki!


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  • Simon says:

    The longer the Suarez saga drags on the less I belive we will get him. Maybe the whole thing is just a smokescreen for us actually being about to sign another player….. I can’t believe the whole thing being so public otherwise.

  • Just hurry up, sign him and move on to the next. We need 3 maybe 4. Ideally – money no object – Fabio Coentreo for Left Back
    Luis Suarez for support striker
    Romelu Lukaku for Torres cover giving us 4 top forwards in Torres, Lukaku, Ngog and Suarez all under 27 yrs old.
    And finally either Ashley Young or another winger we must have a good chance of turning the season round and ensuring Kenny stays with good results.

  • Sorry says:

    Hope we sign him…. Can’t w8 to c him in Reds colour.

  • Eric says:

    This saga is reminding me of two years ago when we tried to sign Gareth Barry and the two cases are largely similar. The difference is that I’m relieved we didn’t sign Barry but right now I’m desperate for Luis Suarez to join us.

  • smarts says:

    Hope we get him, lets get Taiwo or Contero for the defence, Benega, Mata, Young or Adams for the Mid and we will be great! Have a great weekend all! YNWA!

  • samuel charles says:

    think its just disgusting how long this is dragged on, not that this is the fault of the owners totally, but for me we are just very poor at doing deals.

    Look at spurs again another good player in and without any fuss and there in a way better position than us in the league, and we fail to even add and its nearly just 9 days left!

    I cant help have this feeling of disgust towards henry and the other talking owners who at present haven’t backed that up by actions!!

    The suarez deal is now a joke, its been like this for nearly over a week!, yes a week of on off, on off, talk talk talk, thats all we hear… villa, have pulled their finger out and signed 2 players for the total of £25 million, there not world class but there going to help the club with the position that they find themself in!

    for me its same old liverpool and to be fair, the position we are in and with most if not all the planet can see we need new players, we are still awaiting, its a disgrace,,,,,

    and yet all we here is, its hard to do business in jan, rubbish, just get on with nesv,,,,

    when your going to act then you might gain my trust but until then my idea is that your no better than the last con man,,,

    invest or leave?

  • wicky ndururu.kenya says:

    how much will turan cost us?how many goals has suarez scored this season ?we might miss all our targets & end up with flopes the last day.

  • l-48 says:

    no this can’t be a lie suarez is packing nd coming to d fold lets just hope di season turns good.

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