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THREE Reasons to be uncertain about the “Cannibal of Ajax”?


With the Dutch press suggesting that new Ajax manager Frank De Boer will allow striker Luis Suarez in the January transfer window, I thought it might be interesting to look at the controversial Uruguayan striker in more detail. I have underlined three reasons below that make me uncertain over whether a move for him would be a good idea:

Courting Controversy – Two incidents over the last year have seen Luis Suarez being thrust into the limelight for the wrong reasons. The first came during the World Cup quarter final against Ghana. He handled the ball deliberately on the line in the last minute of extra time and was sent off. He was then seen celebrating when Asamoah Gyan missed the resulting spot kick leading to a penalty shoot-out which Uruguay won. Suarez has ever since been labelled a “cheat” or unsportsmanlike.

The second incident came back in November in a league game against PSV Eindhoven. After an argument between the players, Suarez bit opponent Otman Bakkal on the shoulder. The 23 year old was fined and was given a seven match ban by the Dutch FA. Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf pronounced him to be the “Cannibal of Ajax.”

Goal scoring record – The biggest doubt of course for any striker coming from Holland to the Premier League is whether they have the ability to continue their excellent goal scoring record they had in the Eredivisie. Mateja Kezman and Alfonso Alves are just two names that come to mind, who had excellent goal scoring records in Holland, but failed to impress in the Premier League. Suarez has an excellent goalscoring record for Ajax with 81 league goals in the last three and half years, but will this be replicated in England?

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  • fella says:

    Simple answers, he scored goals in the highest of levels (world cup), he scores all different kinds of goals includig free kicks as he is a lethal finisher. He is quick and strong and technically adept. He would play very bwell in the hole behind Torres in a 4-2-3-1 formation which Torres is most suited to. Sign him Kenny or forever regret it (or buy Augero in the summer!).

  • Adam says:

    The sad thing is that I can’t see us getting Suarez we don’t even know how much if any money is available for king kenny to spend on our under performing squad we will just have to cross our fingers and what ever else we can cross and really hope for the best

  • Alan says:

    Don’t forget DIRK Kuyt’s record in Holland too. Yet Kuyt wasn’t good enough to be a striker in the Prem. He should be offered to Ajax as part of the deal.

    I rate Suarez. I think we should buy him.

  • hitman says:

    its very hard to say LiverpoolFC is sinking…..we must spend more money its urgent……….

    a sad LiverpoolFC fan from INDIA

  • cormoranium says:

    I don’t understand what is the point about the “cheating”? The ultimate goal in this game is to score (a goal) for one team and to stop scoring for another. This guy sacrifice his presence on the pitch by an desperate move – to stop the ball. He knew what the price is, but he attend the goal (for his team and for his country). And this is absolutely strange why people critisize his joy about the penalty? He was the hero. Maybe for you the hero is Maradon with his “hand of the God”, but why to blame Suarez? Sorry…

  • steve says:

    Luis Suarez is a top class player..i dont actually know if we can buy such players but if we could,NESV would be s**te if they didnt buy him..i’ve been reading about 15 million and it is a joke in my opinion..if someone wants to buy him,pay at least 20-25 million.Barcelona and Real Madrid want him and i am not so sure that we can fight off teams like these right now for a signature of a player…we are Liverpool football club,the greatest club in England and one of the best in the world,but the situation right now is bad..Sell Poulsen,Konchesky,Jovanovic,Aquilani,El Zhar,Degen,Insua and we can get 30 million from these CRAPPY players..with the reported 30 million transfer budget we have,buy 3 top class players,meaning 3 players with 20 million each.1)Partner for Torres,2)Left back,3)Defensive midfielder..My dream(but not so unbelievable)Liverpool squad:
    Johnson Carragher Agger Coentrao
    J.Cole Gerrard Maxi
    Suarez Torres

  • Jamal says:

    This is a great player that can help Liverpool. Players we need to get rid of is D.Kuyt,Lucas,Skertel,Soto,Jovanovic,Babel,Koncheskey think of the funds we will get for these players who in my opinion are just squad players and not good enough to make any other EPL team

  • ring says:

    pls go and get him pls

  • cangmah says:

    pls suarez and asleyoung get them

  • Mike says:

    At the World Cup he made the handsball to get his team through to the next round. Anyone would do that in a World Cup. He has scored loads of goals. He’s recent record isn’t that good but he came back to ajax almost straight after the world cup without having any rest.

    But he used to be a diver and now a biter. But at least he is giving evereything for his team. It’s not like hes an ass that ruins team morale.

  • Eric says:

    What is this joke about Suarez cheating against Ghana? Dying minutes of extra time and you see the ball going towards your own goal, are you just going to stand there and do nothing? Suarez handled the ball, got sent off and Ghana subsequently got the penalty. That is fair, Suarez and Uruguay got punished (red card and penalty) but Gyan missed. It was a World Cup quarter final and Suarez saved his team. He should be regarded as a hero, not a cheat.

    Suarez is a quality player who’s proved that not only he can score goals in Holland but also in Europe and the World Cup, where he scored some spectacular goals. He’s worth 20 mil and will be perfect playing in the hole behind Torres. NESV better act quick and get him before Spurs do.

  • samuel charles says:

    For a player of this quality to be made up for sale by his respective club is amazing in jan; it hardly ever happens!!


    there are to many positives about this player, come on its plain and clear to me that Liverpool need another frontman, forgett all this talk of ” we need another frontman to play when torres is not playing” what a load of rubbish, we have only 1 top striker at the club, can we really go on with just one striker at the club, its a bit of a joke now….

    The manager and the board must see that we need more power up top and for me, for many reasons that you should all know about means that paying 18 million or so for this man is just a win win deal that has to be done, it really does!!

    It would lift the club, it would lift torres, and it would again lift the profile of Liverpool to, the shirts would sell and for his age the deal would be huge in terms of what the club would benefit from.

    The next deal that would have to happen, is ashley young, he has Liverpool all over him, fast, still young player with time on his side, proven in this league, has lived up north so would be ok fitting in, winger that can play on both flanks, he is english too, knows some of the lads already too!!this guy works hard, never gets a bad injury and is very athletic, for me if we could get young for around 15 million again would be great business for the club.

    the next player i want even at 30 years of age would be;

    scott parket- enough said, he is better then all our midfield apart form gerro that is! but he hs got it all, runs all day, works hards, attacks too, and is english again and has proven record in this league, we need players who would hit the ground running and with no problem would fit in with jamie gerro johnson, cole, and young,,,




  • Chambers says:

    Don’t get excited NESV have no intention of buying any class player this month.They are using gate money to reduce in effect what they paid for us in the summer. Remember we are not baseball and that is their first concern.I am still not happy with US owners as always their concern is for “home”!!

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