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Loan Watch – Insua Growing Impatient, Amoo Update


To say it has been an unproductive couple of weeks for Liverpool’s loaned out players would be an understatement. In our fortnightly look at players out on loan you would expect that there would be a lot to catch up on but many of our players have really been struggling for game time.

David Amoo – It was exciting to hear that the pacey right winger was to be sent out on loan to Championship side Hull after an unproductive time at League One side MK Dons. The 19 year old said after his move:

“I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to play in Hull’s Championship campaign. I can’t wait to get started and will strive to make a big contribution to help the team achieve their targets.”

Since however he has only been used as a substitute once again, coming on as a 55th minute substitute against Nottingham Forest in a 1-0 on his debut, which was coincidentally Forest’s first home league defeat in a year and half. Last night, he was again used as a substitute, coming on in the second half in Hull’s 1-0 defeat to Burnley. Hull now lie 9th, seven points off the Championship playoff places.

Nathan Eccleston – The young striker had a very good start to his loan spell with Charlton Athletic after scoring two goals in his first 6 matches. He invariably played as a winger for the Addicks and enjoyed a good new manager bounce under Chris Powell. The London club have now not won in six league matches and Eccleston has only been used as a late substitute in the last two matches in the 1-1 home draw against Tranmere and the 2-0 away defeat to MK Dons last night. Charlton now find themselves 9th, ten points outside the playoff places but with three games in hand.

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  • Bill says:

    Just get Insua back, we are desperate for good defenders. He played well for Rafa but brain dead Hodgson was so desperate to bring in his illegitimate son Koncheski he got rid of Insua on loan, and what a great move that was (NOT).

    • john says:

      insua is crap we have johnson and kelly fullbakcs and jack ronbinson is younger aand better i would sell insua never mind loan him out

  • Simon says:

    Yes I’d like to see Insua given a proper chance too. He’s still a young lad and already has international experience with Argentina. He’s certainly a lot better than Konchesky was.

  • stan howard says:

    insua is a poor full back, we have two 16 year olds who are ten times better than him NOW – jack robinson and a lad an australian lad named smith

  • stan howard says:

    brad smith is faster, more attacking and a better defender than insua right now and he’s our second choice youth left back. FACT

  • Toeknee says:

    Insua should never have gone out on loan. He is a young , slightly inexperienced Attacking Left Back.

    What did we end up with, Konchesky(ageing and nowhere near as good) and Aurelio( Very good, but constantly injured and also getting on)
    we should have persevered with the young and up and coming Insua.

  • robbie says:

    do some of u guys even watch liverpool matches, insua was a pure liability at left back & at fault for so many goals last season, theres a reason he doesnt make the gala team & its cause hes s***e!!!

  • Kenny says:

    Anyone who thinks Insua is a good defender should look back at his disgraceful attempts at defending when playing for Liverpool. He is so bad that he can’t even hack it in Turkey.

  • Jim says:

    Juve are 10m points off the Champions League places? I thought they were doing bad but that’s something else!

  • Andy says:

    So the Insua debate starts again. This needs to be sorted out, personally I can only see him leaving but to suggest a 16 year kid is better than a player who’s played for Argentina is silly Stan Howard. Brad Smith may become better but there isn’t a chance he is right now, you are comparing kids up against Brad with EPL stars against Insua which is no comparision. It’s also notable Kenny “play Mavinga at left back” is joining the Insua bashing. How many games has he played for Liverpool? You call for kids to be given a go and yet when they have a bad patch you write them off, that’s great that is. So if Mavinga plays and, as I fear he may, bombs will you shout for him then?

  • elnino77 says:

    on insua i believe an argentine player like him should have produced something by now for people to talk about but his proformences have not been great ,maybe kenny will see something in him i dont know but ,theres a lot of deadwood floating around and its costing the club money !its time to start offloading and bring some more talent in so we can challenge for the title again

  • Kenny says:

    Insua has had his chance and failed, Liverpool should cut their losses in the summer. What is the problem with giving Mavinga a chance next season at leftback? Wilson has had undue criticism for his performance at West Ham. Mavinga deserves his chance, it is as simple as that.

  • Mike Arms says:

    Insua did struggle last season but only because he was forced to play every single game because we had no other viable option. Ideally he would have gradually been introduced, like Kenny started to do with Shelvey.
    The other loan signings haven’t really had a chance in the 1st team so it’s difficult to rate their development.

    • sib says:

      Well said Mike. Asking a young lad to play 30+ games in a season was far too much, and it is not surprising he started to struggle in the end. Insua is excellent going forward, although like Glen Johnson lacks a little height and positional sense at times. I could see Insua and Johnson being excellent wing backs, in a 5-3-2.

      • wavertree red says:

        Both sib an mike are spot on. Insua at one time or another was just as promising as any full back coming through the ranks at the moment. I would certainly take him back as cover… providing he is willing to fight for a place and maybe lose a couple of pounds.

  • Neil says:

    Face it guys none of the loaners are good enough for the squad, all the kids who have came through teams over the years who have TALENT of premier league quality get playing at the age of 16, do i have to name them? just look at the arsenal team, wilshere, ramsey, denilson, fabregas, walcott, they all play at a very young age if they have the talent, i dont know what all the hype is about our youth squad i have seen no one special from it

  • Kenny says:

    Insua struggled last season quite simply because he is and never will be good enough to play leftback and not because he had to play supposedly a lot of games.

  • anakjin says:

    sometime insua have a very good movement at winger.. so its better to get him back and give him change to lern with taiwo.. he so quit but sometime he make crazy crosser.

    • anteater says:

      As we speak Taiwo plays for Olympique de Marseille so there is absolutely no point in your statement, unless you want to sell Insua to Marseille.

  • sam says:

    Stan – well said mate.

    Liverpools problem has not been quantity of players it all been about QUALITY IN THE RIGHT AREAS!.

    For me the following players have got to go;

    insua, plessies, darby, poulsen, konchesky, jovanovic, aquilani, brad jones gk, ngog, el zhar, degen.

    they all just are always injuried and or are just not up to what we want on the technical side or with the their attitude.

    its clear we need a left back or even 2, we must have 2 quality players for each role in the team next year, there is no good having aurelio, he is just great and has a great attitude but he just is not up to it, his body breaks down to much and for me its not good to relie on him as one of the left backs.

    for me id like to see; coentrao brought in as he can do both, play as a wide man and wng back – left back also, then a deal like enrique or tawio of a free, taiwo ( while not as good as aly cissohko) would be a good second squad option.

    if money is not a problem and while thsi may be a tad over the top, – id go for.

    aly cissohko and fabio coentrao.

    wingers which is clear we need would be;

    sanchez and young

    center half would be either; cahill or hummel

    striker either lavezzi or aguero.

    we have to spend and any liverpool that is going to be happy with 2-3 average players brought in on the cheap then we are done for, its that clear and the team, club and nesv must see that until we bring in real footballers then we can forgett top 4

  • lee says:

    i walk faster than Insua run .He is a waste of space .So are Warnock …

  • Kenny says:

    Those fans who say Insua struggled only as last season went on are wrong, he showed his defensive limitations all through that season right from the start. One of his many inept performances was in the 3-1 defeat at Portsmouth. He was one of the main reasons why the club lost 11 games in the Premier League last season and 19 overall. He was inept again away to Lyon in the 1-1 draw in the Champions League. Whether as a fullback or wingback he is not good enough to play for Liverpool and it is time to sell him.

  • john c says:

    Insua too young?! Look if you want to win things you got to realise these type of players have been tried and are not good enough.Any good team can only carry one donkey and we have that, Dirk Kuyt!!!!! Ngog ,Cole etc will have to go. All been tried and not good enough. You got to keep bringing in players of the quality of Suarez ,now. Lets see if the Yanks have the stones to do that. Lets face it they were out very little after the sale of Torres and Babel

    • Aaron says:

      If you mean the owners were out ‘very little’ then your wrong as they spent 57.5 millions pounds, I wouldnt call that little

  • mop ed says:

    Insua isn’t good enough. Contract will expire at the end of the season.
    Surely Barcelona will sign him up.

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