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The Best Away Fans, The Best Player: The Zoo Survey Is In


Zoo magazine did a survey this week ascertaining the views of Premier League football fans. Among the more interesting things that came out of the survey was that 54% of the 1000 people polled preferred football to sex, 75% felt that it was more disappointing to see players cheat on the pitch than on their partners, and that 82% would prefer their club to win the league than England to win Euro 2012. In regards to Liverpool fans, the poll was pretty favourable.

When asked who were the best away supporters in the Premier League, 28% of the participants felt that Liverpool fans were the best:

Despite all the chants and stick Reds fans get at away grounds, there is obviously some mutual respect between Reds and other fans.

In addition to this when asked which player was the best in the Premier League, 21% went for Steven Gerrard with Cesc Fabregas in second place on 14%:

Despite the Reds captain’s inconsistent form over the last 18 months however, Premier League supporters still obviously rate him very highly. The Reds are not so highly rated when asked about which is the best away ground to visit but we still come in a respectable third on 19% behind Old Trafford (22%) and the Emirates (27%)

In contrast to being praised as the best away supporters however, it is clear that many Man U and Everton supporters were involved in the poll too as when asked who was their most hated club, Liverpool came third on 13%, closely behind Chelsea on 16% but way less hated than Man U who took up 35% of the votes.

Lastly, when asked who they would least likely want to go for a pint with, 14% went for Steven Gerrard and 4% went for Andy Carroll, probably because of their previous misdemeanours in pub situations. Unsurprisingly though, former Red El-Hadji Diouf came out on top with 30% of the vote.

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