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TOP Ten Footballers Showing Raw Emotion


In the wake of Clarence Seedorf seen shedding tears on the pitch of White Hart Lane after AC Milan had been knocked out of the Champions League by Tottenham Hotspur, he is not alone in players that have been left in floods of tears on the pitch. After all, football is an emotional game, that’s why we love it and that’s why the players love playing it (well most of them).

It was quite refreshing to see Seedorf still emotionally involved in the game, especially as the Dutchman has won the Champions League on FOUR occasions and with THREE different clubs, which is quite an achievement. There is a video circling the web of Seedorf walking off the pitch after the full time whistle last Wednesday night when a reporter shoves a microphone in his face but the 34 year old broke down and walked off towards the tunnel in tears.

With the influx in money and profit to be made in football over the last two decades, players often get criticised for not caring after all they still get there big pay checks, win or lose but it I genuinely felt sorry for Clarence who played his heart out on the pitch against Tottenham but ended up on the losing side.

It’s not uncommon and there’s been a few famous incidents of players sobbing so I created a top 10 for your pleasure (or sadness)…..


The article was written by Matt G-Freebody for FootballFancast.com. Make sure to check out the latest news, blogs and podcasts at FFC – ed.

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