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Hernandez v Suarez – The Debate


Suarez… Hernandez? That’s what Liverpool and Manchester United fans have been arguing as both are taking the Barclays Premier League by storm. Although Hernandez has had more time to settle in England, having being bought for only £9millon from Guadalajara in the summer, Suarez has taken like the proverbial duck to life in England’s top flight since his £23million move from Ajax in January. Both arrived with fearsome goal scoring records and good showings at the 2010 FIFA World Cup – Suarez in particular after his 49-goal season, but impressively Hernandez at just 21 had notched 26 goals in 64 for Guadalajara and had already established himself as integral to the Mexico setup. So who is ‘better’?

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez (22) in his debut season for Manchester United will add the Premier League title and possibly a Champions League title to his trophy cabinet and it seems inevitable that they will be the first of many honours he will win with United. After a slow-ish start to the season, Hernandez’s endeavour, hard-work and knack of grabbing vital goals has now seen him become a key part of the Manchester United setup. Recently starting in important games such as against Chelsea where he scored within 1 minute shows he has overtaken Berbatov in Ferguson’s starting XI.

But how do his stats rack up? Hernandez in the league has scored 13 in 26 games, with 12 appearances coming as a sub. His strike rate of 1 in 2 is impressive and his shots/goals ratio tots up at 2.8 goals for every 10 shots… not too bad – particularly when you compare this to Suarez who has found the net only once every 10 shots. Like United legend Ole Solskjaer he’s a goal-poacher. He relies of the quality of service given to him and his natural ability to be in the right place at the right time to bag his fare share of goals. however Hernandez is not just a out and out poacher, he plays with a footballing intelligence that surpasses his years; his movement off the ball opens up spaces for others to score, Vidic’s goal against Chelsea highlights this as Hernandez drew away two defenders opening up the space for Vidic to tuck the ball away.

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  • Pedro says:

    Suarez for me. He’s more versatile. I think it’s 4 goals and 6 assists in 11 games. That’s 10 goals in thich he has directly been involved in. Hernandez, like Torres, relies on service. If United’s midfield is having a bad day, Hernandez will also have a bad day. Suarez more often than not creates his own goals. They’re different type of players to be honest. Suarez is the creative destroyer while Hernandez is a clinical finisher.

  • john says:

    Personal I prefer Suarez to Hernandez because he brings more on the table rather than being a pure finisher. This is not a slight on Hernandez because even though I am a liverpool surporter I have to admit I am a Hernandez fan and the only United player I respect more is Giggs.
    It would have been a fantastic prospect to have Hernandez and Suarez in the same team. These two would be the deadliest assassins in the history of the Premieship. Suarez a superb create who is also very good scorer while Hernancez is a frightening clinical finisher. Hernandez’s first season while not bringing as many goals as Torres in his first season given he was not an starter earlier on is almost on par.
    The key though is to see if he doesnt get found out like Torres in subsequent seasons. I do think Hernandez is a bit different in that he doesnt mostly rely on pure speed but rather more reliant on speed of thought and quick acceleration when needed as well as positioning himself in the right places.
    Suarez on the other hand dribbles his way to the right positions to assist or score and is extremely versatile because he backtracks not only to collect the ball but to win back possession. He works hard and does it very technically. He is a hybrid of the work ethic of Kuyt and technical finesse of Kaka in his pomp.

  • Sam Wanjere says:

    Must commend John and Pedro for their mature words. Nothing more to add.

  • For God sake there r many technical knowledge of Suarez different of Hernandez Suarez is someone with creativity to score n to make scoring Hernandez score evry time free remaining infront of the post several time offside n of bad opponent defense

  • Suarez is a Creator Hernandez is only a free scorer

  • Red Indian says:

    i hate goal poachers who are only gud for tap-ins but to be fair to hernandez, he is much more than just a poacher…his movement is very gud, his finishing in one-on-one situations is clinical and for a little guy, his heading is suprisingly gud…
    i wud’ve loved it if we had signed him, he wud work very well with suarez as they wud complement each other…
    but if i had to choose, it wud be suarez as he is also a creator as well as a scorer..

  • Suarez everytime. I’d rather cut out the middle man that tap in specialists like hernandez feed off and instead have a player that can create a goal himself like Suarez.

  • joe says:

    off topic : buy edison cavani. rotate formation. 442 suarez + cavani and 4231 carroll.

  • Danny says:

    Completely different players. Hernandez can play for 90 minutes and not be involved in the play but then score where as Suarez is involved all the time running at defenders and creating chances. Personally id rather have suarez and there isnt a striker in the league playing as well as him now :p

  • Lfc4Life says:

    What kind off pointless debate is this ???

    One has the ability to take on 3/4 players at a time.. the other doesn’t !
    One has the ability to provide pinpoint crosses from both sides of the field…the other doesnt!!
    One just has to have the ball at his feet

    Now for things in common:

    They both score goals!

    Martinez is a good player and will score a hatful, but compare him with Suarez?? Lol must surely be a joke!

    And look out next week folks when we’ll be comparing messi to Darren bent 😀

  • Daniel says:

    This is a stupid comparison they are different types of forward player and on paper they would combine well playing together.

    It would be more realistic to compare Javier with Bent and Suarez with Rooney.

    I will still go for Hernandez because he was cheaper and will outscore Suarez every season.

    I’ll put money on this.

  • Blade says:

    First of all,they are different players, with different skills.
    But i’ll go with Hernández, he’s just 22. He is playing his first season in Europe and he is doing fantastic.
    At the beginning of the season, Hernández came from the bench to replace Berbatov. Beacuse he scored everytime he has a chance, no matter how time he had to score.

  • Matt says:

    yeah they are different players, hernandez is a finisher, while suarez is more of a creator, suarez would be great on the wing…i would prefer hernandez i think, he has scored some crucial goals and helped manutd win the title. and he is a genuine hard working and loyal player. the type of player who wont leave unless the club sells him.

  • It’s a difficult comparison really as both players are completely different. Having said that you’d have to take Hernandez. He’s the player who put out and kept out the Premier League’s leading goal scores Dimitar Berbatov. That’s no mean feat.

    He’s a natural born goal scorer who’ll get on the end of move after move and score vital goals. It’s also his movement that provides space for his team mates to drift into. He may not get many assist but he’s a team player never the less.

    It’s no surprise that United went from a title contender to the Premier League winner and Champions League finalist when they started starting Javier…..

    As for Suarez. super talent and in time could be a club legend.

  • Bomber25 says:

    Suarez is the better of the two by far. No contest there.

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