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Loan Watch – Update on Aqua, Mavinga & Insua


Alberto Aquilani – Aqua didn’t feature in Juventus’s capitulation away to Parma due to a thigh injury. The 1-0 defeat has heaped more pressure on Luigi Del Neri to resign as manager. Meanwhile Aquilani’s agent, Franco Zavaglia has stated today that Juve will not meet the agreed €16million option written into the loan agreement to make the move to Turin permanent:

“We’re waiting to see how things evolve. Juventus didn’t take up their option to sign him, but I’m still confident because I think that Liverpool are ready to do a deal. I believe an agreement will be found eventually.”

It means the Reds now have the option of bringing the player back to Liverpool, unless they agree a fee with Juve or perhaps another club who will meet the Reds demands.

Chris Mavinga – The French full back hasn’t featured for Racing Genk very regularly this season, but he began to start matches during Genk’s playoff series for the league title. He started the Belgian club’s last 5 games including their last one against Standard Liege, in a 1-1 draw, which clinched the league title. Mavinga made a controversial tackle on Mehdi Carcela, kicking him in the head whilst trying to kick the ball. Carcela’s still in hospital and Mavinga only got a yellow card. The footage is below:

[youtube rLBENpn_u0g&feature=player_embedded]

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  • Eric says:

    Mavinga does not deserve the abuse given to him by some fans. He was clearly going for the ball and no way did he ever thought of kicking the guy in the head. But hopefully after his loan spell with Genk he’ll come back stronger next season and force himself into the first team. He’s a talented young left back and just like Flanagan, Robinson and Kelly, he should be given a chance in the first team.

    • Alex says:

      I can’t say I’d be disappointed if we saw Aqua back at Anfield. He can offer another dreative option in midfield which with the absence of Gerranrd and Meireles v Spurs, we lacked.

      For me, Insua is a better player than Mavigna, and he’s lost some weight and got a bit of pTurkey, and his performances have been good. I’d like to see him given another chance, and I don’t want to see Robinson relied upon as back up and have people turn on him when he makes mistakes along his learning curve under pressure like they did with Insua.

      As for Mavigna, I wouldn’t lose any sleep if he didn’t return, along with the other loanees and players who aren’t good enough, like Konchesky, El Zhar, Ayal (who has apparently been told he has no future at the club), Darby, Degen, Poulsen etc.

    • Shaunymo says:

      Agree with you Eric, however I do feel with a couple of add ons we can loan Robinson and Flanno to Championship sides until Chrsitmas. Add Pacheco, Ince, Coady and Wisdom to that list. Wilson should be playing ahead of these kids. Remeber he cost about 3-5million and is very talented! Sell Agger and push Kelly into the CB role to eventually fill in for Carra. Move Johnson back to RWB and Sell Aqua. Don’t bring him back. If they want that type of player then sign a prem-proven CM in Charlie Adam (I don’t think we need him though, with Lucas, Gerrard, Meireles, Spearing in the fold)

  • Dev says:

    Insua deserves to be back after loan spell,he is young and can be useful in our squad.
    Furthermore getting Aqua back would add depth in our MD.

  • karsten kaspersen says:

    Referees H. Webb and M. Atkinson are both god refs. And also 100 % anti-Liverpool!
    They have been hurting LFC tremendously for a very long time by interpreting the rules harshly against LFC, which is unlawful according to the rules of fairness!

    Yesterday (15 May 2011) Webb did this in the 0-2 defeat to Spurs:

    9 minute: goal – possible freekick to LFC?
    26 min. : P. Crouch acting, gets a freekick – destroyng a LFC pressure
    28min. : LFC contra L Suarez kicked from behind but no freekick no yellow card
    29 min. : Rose clearly commits penalty against Kuyt – not given
    45 min. : P. Crouch commits freekick against L. Leiva – results in a chance for Spurs


    46 min. : S. Pienaar should have been booked for a freekick against D. Kuyt
    47 min. : P. Crouch commits freekick but not given – results in a chance to Spurs
    54 min. : SCANDAL: Flanagans lawful shoulder tackle gives Spurs a penalty – outside of box!
    77 min. : Danish commentator: ” Webb has had many fifty-fifty decisions against Liverpool”
    83 min. : D. Kuyt`s acting gets LFC wrong freekick, danish commentator:”you could say LFC
    has had such a freekick in coming”

  • Jay Wright says:

    Mavinga looks a lot bigger than I thought! If the options were only to buy an expensive fullback (a la Baines, Cissoko etc) and make do with what we’ve got on the wings, or to buy a top quality winger and just try to make do with what we’ve got at the back + Insua & Mavinga, then I’d definitely go with the second option…

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