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Should they be starting games more often?

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When the team sheets were released before kickoff on Sunday against Chelsea, I was surprised to see that Kenny Dalglish had opted to start with Maxi and Craig Bellamy as opposed to Stewart Downing and Andy Carroll. But Dalglish knew best and the players he started off with did very well for us in the first half.

Maxi grabbed the first goal for us after brilliant link up play by Bellamy and Suarez. Bellamy was a constant threat with his pace and intelligent play.

After the match, Dalglish revealed why he started with Maxi and Bellamy. Dalglish said:

“It seemed like a good idea at the time. He likes London, Maxi – he likes the temperature here! He’s a really intelligent footballer, as is Craig Bellamy. The two of them really appreciate their profession, they know how to look after themselves. We know what we get from both the lads and you could see how good they are. We had a lot of really good players.”

Do you think that Maxi and Bellamy should be starting more games for us?

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  • jass says:

    Not often but always. This is the best combination. Balmey have footballing brain, speed, tricks and goal scoring abilities beside set pieces. Maxi is vary good player and good finisher his control on the ball and footballing understanding is vary good.

    • teesomethang says:

      we all want to see bellamy and maxi.unfortunately maxi is not british so he gets pushed over often with downing and hendo preferred.but i can bet my last dollar that if it was hendo in bellamy’s position,he wouldnt have made that pass to maxi.he could have tried shooting.if it was downing in maxi’s position,i very well know that he wasnt going to curl it home nicely like maxi did.maxi and bellamy have a football brain.the sooner dalglish realises that the better

  • mike says:

    Yes! But we’ve all been saying that for ages….

  • NJReds Fan says:

    Sub Stevie G for Adam and maybe Carra for Skrtel and that is my choice of starters.

    • ndebenkulu says:

      If you watched that game, you will realise that all our attacks started from simple passing the ball from Agger, Skrtel and Reina. I hardly remember an a ball being aimlessly hoofed forward over and over again which is what Cara does. Skrtel might clumsy at times, but with a little bit of polishing he is gold. So, if it is not broken, do not fix it. Cara is past it, no pace, no goal threat even when we have corner kicks and we should be building ahead. Lets move on.

  • Steve says:

    Carra is getting past it now… rather have Skrtel in with Agger

  • Gelich says:

    It’s about form, and the fact is maxi and bellers are in more form than Carroll and downing.

  • collins says:

    They should always start until the rest prove themselves worthy

    • Dede says:

      That is exactly what i have been screaming until Downing and Carrol show they can fit in we still need those two player especially with their intelligent movement on the pitch.

  • steve p says:

    NJReds fan; why drop Adam? He made both of our goal scoring opportunities. The first by closing down and robbing Mikel and the second with the cross field ball for Johnson to run on to. Adam is starting to look good to me.

    Some people just don’t seem to watch the same game as I do?

    • marbi says:

      True some people dont know what they are talking about. Charlie Adam and Lucas are complementing the defence and through balls.

    • NJReds Fan says:

      You would have a fit Gerard sitting on the bench watching Adam? True, he (Adam) probably had his best game yet this past Sunday but many other games he has looked Championship level at best

  • steve says:

    i want to see this squad:
    Johnson Skrtel Agger Enrique
    Henderson Lucas Adam
    Lavezzi Suarez Bellamy

  • Joeme says:

    Point of Correction!! Dalglish did not Know best, it’s a case of COMMON SENSe bcos Sensible fans like me have been calling for more playing time for Bellamy while some have been callin for Maxi too since it’s been so glaring that d Big Money signings are not good enough bt, Daglish wudn’t listen until our match against Chelsea.
    Actualy I was going to say dat ‘WHAT SORT of rubbish questn do u hav as the title of dis article’ bt remembering Kenny’s addiction for the big money signings,i said ‘MAYBE IT’S worth asking’
    i’ve neva been a Fan of Maxi to be sincere!but his display against Chelsea showd me one thing about Maxi ‘he has GOOD POSITIONING SENSE’ & he’s not a player for 90minutes,his efficiency drops a lot wit time so we can always start him &SUB him later.
    & as for Bellamy,WHAT ARE WE Waiting for! Play him always, he’s as good as Suarez lol.YNWA. Let Carrager go& join the Technical crew,since he likes organizin d back line. I hav neva fancied Skrtel but he was Fantastic along side Agger& as for Johnson, i’ve always Lovd him i can’t remember ever abusin him even when people say he is poor. Don’t evem talk abt Enrique,he’s a good buy.

  • Harvey says:

    KK, Please listen to the fans on this one. We only want what’s best for LFC.

  • Joeme says:

    U don’t wanna go bankrupt mate(Gerardius)!

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