Is Carragher Finished? Try Telling Him That!

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ALTHOUGH he lifted his first trophy in 6-years it’s been a far from vintage season for Jamie Carragher, who, for the first time in a decade, has found his position as a first-team regular far from assured. Indeed, for much of the season he’s had to settle for a place on the bench as Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel struck up an impressive partnership – one which many fans foretold and saw as the future defensive pairing for the club.

However one thing still vintage about Carra’s is his ‘fight’ and passion to play – and anyone suggesting it’s time for Jamie to perhaps consider hanging-up those shot-blocking boots will see exactly how much fight he has, as Sky Sports reporter Andy Burton found out to his consequence live on TV.

After suggesting that Carragher was perhaps saying ‘farewell’ whilst basking in the glory of the Cup Final win, because he’s not starting anymore, Liverpool’s number 23 retorted ‘I don’t think so. Who Are You? Are you the manager? You were lucky to keep your job at Sky, weren’t you, after that Wolves stuff’.

The ‘Wolves stuff’ Jamie was inferring to was of course the controversial comments which saw Richard Keys and Andy Gray lose their jobs at Sky, something that Burton himself was a part of. Surprisingly Burton kept his role at Sky, who insist the matter was dealt with internally, after his part in the infamous Sian Massey incident when he commented to Gray ‘Apparently a female lino today, bit of a looker, according to Steve the cameraman. He says she’s all right. Now I don’t know if I shall trust his judgment on that’.

Fresh from being ‘buzzed-off’ during the live interview at Wembley, snivelling Burton even managed to misunderstand Carragher’s put-down by mistakenly thinking he was asking for a role at Sky, responding ‘we’d love to have you’. Oh dear.

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  • Chris Tobin says:

    Carra is a legend and this guy Burton is so disrespectful,I do believe Jamies star is on the wane, but he still has a role to play at our club.

    Good lad Jamie.

  • CB says:

    Truly, an Anfield legend. Where else in the world can you find another Jamie Carragher? One can scour the planet Earth and not come up with another technically-deprived centre back who cannot pass, dribble, head a football to its intended target. Yup, I have to take my briefs off for Jamie Carragher. A master HOOFER unrivaled by his peers and a great goal scorer albeit all the goals scored were against his own team.

    • Chris Tobin says:

      Oh what a short memory you have…..Istanbul….Millennium……Semi-Final Champions League twice against Chelsea…I could go on but your football education would take up the whole of term, Im sure you have other more important lessons to attend??

  • yunus says:

    Yes, Carra is finish , he is too slow and when caught out of position he fouls the opposition player and causes penalties against us , hoofs the ball more often than playing a passing game he must retire if he loves our club , otherwise we moving backwards if he gets selected in games as we will concede a lot of goals and loose a lot of games , in the interest of the club he should try his luck in coaching.

  • Never right-off Jamie. There are a few older players in the Premiership doing a great job and at 32 I think Jamie still has a role to play at Liverpool. And when he does hang up his boots you know he’ll have a role at Anfield, likely in coaching.

  • Cps says:

    Like it or not, he’s going to play a lot in March and April. Coates will get a chance as well. More importantly, goals need to be scored.

  • Souey's 'tache says:

    Wow! Lot of hate for Jamie around here eh? What short memories soem people have. Whilst he has never been great technically he gives EVERYTHING to the cause and his motivation on the pitch is key. Much prefer Jamie standing in for Dagger at the business-end of our season, than inexperienced players who need more time to acclimatize. Our captain in all but name.

  • Chris Tobin says:

    Some very foolish and disrespectful post replies on here,dont throw the baby out with the hot water, still got a huge role to play at our club, on the pitch,and off it.

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