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Carra Speaks Out: Remember Where We Were When Kenny Took Over

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LIVERPOOL legend Jamie Carragher has spoken out about the club’s first full season under Kenny Dalglish.

In an interview printed in The Sunday Telegraph, the Anfield hero addressed a number of issues and urged critics of Dalglish to “remember where we were when Kenny took over”.

The club were on their knees. We’d gone through a difficult period and found ourselves in a poor position in the league.”

“Kenny took over and it wasn’t just that he gave everyone a lift in terms of his presence around the club, but most importantly with performances and results.”

On the subject of the Reds poor league form this year, he admits the disappointment in the camp with the recent run of results, but recognises that the current side is a work in progress , and insists that Kenny Dalglish is the only man to lead the Merseyside club to future success.

“We all recognise we’ve come up short in the league compared to where we’d like to be – because we wanted to be closer to the top four…..(but)We were just starting the process again so you can’t just expect it happen immediately.”

Nearing his 700th appearance in a Reds shirt the centre-back is never one to shirk responsibility, and he feels that Liverpool’s senior players ought to take their share of the blame for this seasons shortcomings too, rather than letting the new signings take the blame.

“As a group of players, we need to improve and it’s not fair just talking about the new ones. It’s not easy learning what it means to play for Liverpool. There’s far more additional expectation and pressure here.”

Although he did admit that some new signings would be necessary in the summer, Carra thinks that this season’s new boys will be all the stronger for having a full campaign at the club under their belts.

“Maybe we need a couple of new players next season to push us on, and we hope the players we bought this season will then go on to another level after a year’s experience playing for the club.”

When asked about the Dalglish’s future as manager, Carragher answered unequivocally:

“He’s the one here who knows what it means to win a league title and what we’ve got to do going forward…There isn’t anyone else here with experience of winning a league title. It’s ridiculous anyone would dismiss his experience and achievements in the game when he’s started getting Liverpool winning trophies again already.”

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  • bini says:

    I don’t know what to say. But Carra can’t talk about the team, b/c he is respinsible for some goals this season.

  • dizo says:

    DAGLISH CARRA HERDERSON ADAM CARROL..has to be out of LFC if they re to move forward again..then REINA should be on the bench…he is the poorest of the top team goalkeepers in EPL for like two or three seasons now..n they should buy as RUSH rightly said…three maquee players..get fernaldo liorentes de jong n kagawa..no mater what is going to take u lfc..we re not good in this position n i fear if we can be were we belong in the nearest future..sadly said…

  • David Tyrer says:

    I can see Jamie’s point here, and things have improved off the pitch, but how can the coaching staff really take any credit for that? That was simply down to the change in ownership. What has happened since then is that, rather than off the pitch, the club is now on it’s knees on the pitch instead. How long can these arguments that things have improved really go on?

    • Chan says:

      You got a point David. 6 loses in 7 games, that is relegation form and Carra is responsible for some of that.

      KD is ok as a temp manager but i had my reservations when FSG give it to him fulltime. Sadly i was proven right.

      KD is way past it and he must be sack.

  • NJRedsFan says:

    You are delusional, “poorest of the top teams keepers for two or three seasons now”. Up until the break the only team with a lower goals against was City.

  • jude says:

    Jamie is part of the present problem.He & Kenny need to step aside now.if Jamie was the owner of LFC, would he trust Kenny with more funds to bring good players to the club in order to achieve top 4 finish.Kenny stabilize the club, good, its time to move forward into the big league where LFC truly belongs, without Kenny

  • Bekim says:

    Thanx for comming out an telling us something we already knew. Thanx for telling us where we r now as well. Guess what mr Carrager we knew that as well. We knew where we were in 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009 but one very bad season under Benitez and u were not very happy. So R Hodgson came along and I think u were quite happy that the club finally got an Englishman in charge. U also told us at that time that Hodgson needs to b given more time tto turn things around.Publicly u wanted us to support him. We were all happy when he went and KD took over. I personally thought is going to b till the end of the season didn’t want him to b long term mngr cos I thought if it doesn’t work out than the fans will turn against him. As well as us u were very happy too especially when he bought the crap players we all know now. I remember u coming out and saying that is good thing that he’s buying British players cos when u all going out together your wife doesn’t have any problem understanding their wife’s. Whereas b4 she would have to think b4 she spoke cos she had problem understanding the foreign ones. Mr Carrager we know as well that at the mo we r 8th in PL and some 11 points behind a team who were in the championship two years ago. So I beg your pardon for thinking and hoping that we could actually b bit higher in the league. But you r right cos with u in the team, KD as a mngr and the crap players he’s bought we’ve no chance at all.

    • Chan says:

      And to think he has hopes of managing LFC one day. Chill all the way down to my spine.

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