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Liverpool FC Part Company With Manager Kenny Dalglish

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LIVERPOOL Football Club and Fenway Sports Group (FSG) have announced that Kenny Dalglish has left his post today as Manager after having his contract terminated.

The 61-year-old has paid the price for Liverpool’s poor performances in the Barclays Premier League.

Dalglish’s departure comes after he held face-to-face talks with principal owners John W Henry and Tom Werner in Boston on Monday. He was scheduled to depart on his holidays today but has postponed them and remains on Merseyside.

Rumours have persisted since Liverpool’s downturn in league form during 2012 that FSG would not stand for missing out on Champions League football after funding the heavy spending spree last summer, but rumours intensified once Dalglish returned from Boston; the club finally announcing his departure around 4pm today.

Owner John W Henry was full of praise for the outgoing Dalglish and confirmed the search for a new Manager will begin immediately.

“Kenny will always be more than a championship winning manager, more than a championship winning star player. He is in many ways the heart and soul of the club. He personifies everything that is good about Liverpool Football Club. He has always put the Club and its supporters first. Kenny will always be a part of the family at Anfield. Our job now is to identify and recruit the right person to take this Club forward and build on the strong foundations put in place during the last 18 months.”

Chairman Tom Werner was also similar in praise but it was a decision that needed to be made:

“Kenny came into the Club as Manager at our request at a time when Liverpool Football Club really needed him. He didn’t ask to be Manager; he was asked to assume the role. He did so because he knew the Club needed him. He did more than anyone else to stabilize Liverpool over the past year-and-a-half and to get us once again looking forward. We owe him a great debt of gratitude. However, results in the Premier League have been disappointing and we believe to build on the progress that has already been made, we need to make a change.”

The Chairman continued:

“We are committed to delivering success for our supporters and our ambition remains resolute to return this great Club to the elite of England and Europe, where it belongs.”

The man himself had this to say, confirming his love and loyalty for the Club whilst remaining dignified as ever; his last words were saved for the fans:

“It has been an honour and a privilege to have had the chance to come back to Liverpool Football Club as Manager. I greatly appreciate the work that Steve, Kevin, the players and all of the staff put in during my time and feel proud that we delivered the Club’s first trophy in six years winning the Carling Cup and came close to a second trophy in the FA Cup Final. Of course I am disappointed with results in the league, but I would not have swapped the Carling Cup win for anything as I know how much it meant to our fans and the Club to be back winning trophies.
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“Whilst I am obviously disappointed to be leaving the football club, I can say that the matter has been handled by the owners and all concerned in an honourable, respectful and dignified way and reflects on the quality of the people involved and their continued desire to move the football club forward in the same way as when they arrived here.

“I would like to thank all of the staff at the Club for their effort and loyalty. I said when first approached about coming back as Manager that I would always be of help if I can at any time and that offer remains the same.

“Finally, I want to put on record my heartfelt gratitude to Liverpool’s fans, who have always given me and the Club their unwavering support. Without them neither the Club nor I would have achieved anything.”

Former manager Rafael Benitez and Wigan Athletic boss Roberto Martinez are the strong, early favourites to success Dalglish as Manager.

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  • alfonzo mo says:

    what a disgrace. finally we have been playing good football for the first time in 20 years. agreed results have been terrible in the league, but the majority of the drawn and lost games, if chances created were taken, we would be much further up the league. we all knew (incl kenny) that we needed a goal scorer and a right winger and further bedding down of players for the results to match the attacking pass move exciting football we have been seeing under kenny. owners should be ashamed. lets hope we dont return to the dross from rafa. who now though. big name needed, not martinez please, however rodgers perhaps. rafa no imagine having to watch his brand after kk,s

    • KAYSAYI says:

      alfonso rafa in an over the four middle seasons scored more goals than any other team FACT,! Kenny on the other hand if u count the woodworks (33)as goals,his scoring rate still sits below rafa second worst scoring season. Besides watchng SKY,u only got to watchHIGHLIGHTS!!!!!!

      • alfonzo mo says:

        it seems pretty obvious to me that you dont know what good quality entertaining football is and like most rafa supporters you enjoy football by numbers. the FACT is kenny needed time to build the team, whereby the entertainment would be matched by results. rafa is a defensive rigid puke football merchant. FACT

    • KAYSAYI says:

      meant to say in an average

  • alfonzo mo says:

    it would seem the owners were fearful of a loss of sponsorship wrt suarez. the whole club is now a shell as everyone associated with suarezgate has been sacked while trying to protect suarez. suarez should go before kk. this is what has cost kk his job i fear.

  • alfonzo mo says:

    the results fell away after this and its suarez who we should be angry with. he has compromised the club , and while the owners need backbone, suarez needs to go. hes class but has no class. thanks to him the whole morale of the team ebbed away.

    • KAYSAYI says:

      if one player can cause a bad season,can the gaffer at the helm be depended upon?…….

      • alfonzo mo says:

        it seems to me that you are like the new breed of lfc so called fans who have no patience and dont realise that building a team takes time. you have the same short gain mindset as our yank friends. we will now have to hand out more cash to a manager, who it would seem, if he does not perform up to scratch (as if 4th is a achievement) in his first year will be sacked. if he does get 4th, the long term ambitions of the club will never reach league winning again if 4th is the standard set. our goal should be to win the league within a time frame not 4th in 1st season.

  • F.O says:

    Pls..i do no wanna hear martinez,rodgers for lfc job because d purpose of sackin KD will be useless if one of them comes in;pls save lfc from d mess again. Rafa is more preferable to them all

  • You heard says:

    I heard the manager Klop from Dortmund is a canidate as well. I wouldnt mind that at all. Sad to see kenny go but its all based on results. Its like this in all sports. Manager gets praise for wins, gets sacked for losses. Its the nature of the beast. We cant get rid of Suarez (not yet, if he acts up again then yes), he is too good.

    FSG have their hands full right now. With a new manager they must open their wallets. We need the right targets….

    the season is done…. New fresh one begins NOW


  • babajide says:

    Am so happy to hear the departure of Daglish from being lfc coach.what’s next to do now is for the search of a new coach, who have winning mentality like Benitez. Please Fenway, don’t let’s what happen to the team last two season when Hodgson was in charge re-occur again please if ??? go and accept low level coach like Martinez. We need Benitez! Benitez!! Benitez!!!

  • Did the result matched for Mcity against QPR before the injury time the same for Liverpool the result did not matched with creativity game kenny asked them play sometime ref or linesman contradiction sometime woodwork penalties missing these are not Kenny’s fault they must realise clearly before taking any action

    • Shibashis says:

      Praveen, no offense mate, but do you know the use of punctuations,i.e ‘.’,’,’,’;’ etc? Use them, otherwise you dont make any sense!

  • kumber says:

    good luck kenny your still the king sacked to 12 months to soon. who in their right mind would want rafa back twice he took champions league winning teams to their knees. their are only two men for this job with the premiership experiences for me. martin O’Neill a proven manager that gets his players play for him, no more motivation issues could do wonders for dowling henderson and carroll. give him 20 million he could get us frazer cambell james mc clean and Sessegnon. or if you want a wild card Brendan Rodgers not sure if liverpools players will be able to play his style of football. kenny went to soon!!!!

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