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Transfers summer 2012 – are FSG giving up on LFC?


A few years ago, before the disastrous sale of Liverpool FC to the Gillett-Hicks horror show, then Chairman David Moores was slated by Liverpool fans for being unable to match the investment of figures like Abramovich at Chelsea. Reel forward to summer 2012 and the picture has not changed much, indeed one could argue that money has dried up completely. Potentially important players – Carroll, Adam, Maxi, Kuyt, Bellamy, Aurelio, Aquilani – have left the club, while only three major players have come in (Borini, Allen, Sahin). Assaidi and Yesil may develop into wonderful players for LFC, but to expect them to immediately slip into the boots of players like Kuyt and Bellamy is far fetched. Moroever, while the move for Allen is proving a masterstroke, Borini has some way to go to provide the missing goal threat of last season, especially with the departures of players who have scored key goals for the club at different times in the past like Kyut, Bellamy, Carroll and Maxi. Last but not least, we have lost our midfield lynchpin, Lucas, to yet another injury.

At the same time, Chelsea has bought some wonderful attacking talent in Hazard, Oscar, Marin and Moses – and may still bring in Andre Schurrle. Arsenal have bought Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla, while admittedly losing Van Persie in attack. Man Utd have bought Van Persie and Kagawa. Tottenham lost Modric and van der Vaart but bought Dembele and Sigurdsson (not to mention the possible additions of goalkeeping wizard Lloris and the impressive Joao Moutinho). Man City have an oversized squad but still strengthened in defensive midfield (Garcia and Rodwell in place of de Jong). Newcastle have not done much business, but they can boast a magnificent duo in attack in Ba and Cisse (and a mean defence to boot).

The club has spent around £25 million net over the summer, however this pales in comparison with the quality brought in by our main rivals. So the question is how is Liverpool going to be able to compete for top-4 positions against main rivals who are buying big or were able to clinch key signings for little money last season? Unless our owners have something in the hat for the 11th hour, the signs are worrying. Perhaps FSG are only looking to sell the club come next season?

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  • jawaid says:

    hope everybody have seen that from before,just why we didnt get a world class manager?because FSG already told them they wont give money n BR have nothing to lose if he isnt successful wiz liverpool,he will just go to another championship team to manage.where are all the promises MR HENRY,our team look like a mid tablr team now
    please dont do that to us

    • Micah says:

      All the blame should go to Kenny and commolli, not the owners. they did pump in a heck alot of money since taking over. we can’t expect sugar daddies to come and cough out millions,we gotta stick to financial frame work.
      The millions that Kenny opted to spend on absolute garbage must have really woken up the owners,i think they are just being shrewd now. 20 mill for downing,i still can’t get over it.
      kenny just ripped off the owners, and im forever gonna hate him for that

      • Bill says:

        KD should be given another season, he hardly had a full strength squard with him last season. He didn’t expect to be without his captain most of the season, Lucas, too. If that’s not enough, that cheap trick from ManU to get rid of Suarez for 8 games (you can almost tell Fergie was worried our KD). Not a word of complaint, still managed to take us to two finals, won one. He gave chance to the youngsters and got his team playing some good passing football. His team played well against all top sides including ManU. People seems to forget that he had no say in terms of money. Those who blame KD for bad buys may eat their words when these players perform well this year… unfortunately, for other teams this time. BR dismantling KD’s team, in particularly, removing Carroll could be unwise. I remember, past managers like GH, RB, KD, they all have a spine in the squard. Naturally, liverpool fans are disappointed, but definitely not all Kenny’s fault. For sure, he got the team playing for each other, and to me, as an old supporter, he brought dignity back to LFC.

  • Truth says:

    What a load of horse$@&? Written by this blahgger

    • Gaz says:


      Totally ridiculous article!

      I’m relieved the club have finally wised up and will not be held to ransom by other clubs demanding extortionate transfer fees.

      Some how from that you have come to the conclusion that FSG want to sell the club?

      please tell me this was intended as a wind up!

  • Elias says:

    Add to that ,the likes of swansea ,qpr,stock,sunderland and everton wont be easy to undergo this season

  • Chris says:

    I wish people who actually knew football wrote about football

  • Jas says:

    Absolute disgrace.yet again the Americans promise the world but more interested in reducing the wage bill and with it the quality of the squad.it seems we can’t even live with our neighbours this season when it comes to transfer fees,surely the biggest slight yet.mid table here we come,and stay!

  • sleeps with angels says:

    Lets just stay calm at least until the next couple
    of hours and see…..then f…in explode if we dont buy a world class forward!

  • colin says:

    All you punks who criticize will see. None of you are true supporters and when the glory returns you have no right to basque in it

  • NJRedsFan says:

    What a load of crap this is. LFC still own Carroll, Maxi and Kuyt left after the way Kenny tossed them aside in favor of his signings. Which leads us to Adam, who I’m doubting any real Reds fan will miss. To most, fair to Adam or not, Adam could not be gone fast enough. Aurelio was constantly injured and never lived up to his potential and Aquilani apparently, despite signing a contract to the contrary, never really desired to play for Liverpool. That leads us, I believe, to Bellamy, the only true loss in your list of losses. How could FSG deny him his request to end his career back home. FSG are awful, aren’t they. As for Borini, he’s had, what, two or three games so far? That’s definitely enough time to judge whether he’ll be a success or a failure…for you.
    As my Scouse friend would sau, what a bunch of bollocks.

    • kiwi-red says:

      Mate if you read what people are saying , its the fact that srikers have gone and none have been replaced.
      Seriously, you think we can compete every weekend with two strikers that both struggle to hit the target consistantly ?
      The back up being a kid ( but he’s a local so that makes up for lack of experience?) if Suarez or Borini get injured ,get sick, have a form drop ???
      Thats all the people want !Another striker option..BR said in his own words ” he’d be stupid to let Carrol go without another striker sorted ” well….he did say it and now look who the fool is ????

  • Danie says:

    Surely dishing out 35+ million for Falcoa should almost guarantee CL football, the guy is the best CF in Europe currently (aside from the perenial World Footballers of the Year, Messi & Ronaldo)

    Please get him straight after the final whistle of the Super Cup!

  • LFC_Fan says:

    Actually FSG don’t have the spoiled money like the Arabs or Russians. They had decent depth of wallet & did spend good money in their first 2 transfer windows (net off over 60mn). The problem was, they sacked an incompetent Manager & replaced him with an even poorer one, whom they had to sack 16 months later.

    I think, for compensation of Woy, then Dalglish with their deputies & Swansea (For BR) has cost at least 20mn additional to FSG. Then they had to take a pay around 50mn for an imaginary Stadium design. Moreover, these football (sorry soccer) ignorant Yanks got a harsh lesson from the cunning EPL owners, football agents & the incompetent KD in their early days in club soccer.

    I do believe, FSG has money, not in the ranks of the Sheiks or the corrupt Russian Billionaires, but good enough to take LFC in CL. They just are more conscious & careful with their spending. I think, what they have done is the correct way – not over committing when everybody is trying to cash on Liverpool’s desperation. I believe, in January, they ‘ll finance 1 or 2 quality player to improve the squad further.

    Once we are in CL, with the fan base & media rights LFC can easily finance 1 or 2 marque player every year.

    • ynwl says:

      when we are in the CL! you have it all sorted! we cudnt beat hearts over 2 games, dont count the og, we are strongish in the midfield, not bad at eh back but up front we are poo, luis will score over 15 this year but look how ez chelsea defended against him in the FA Cup final, we will be about a midtable finish again this year, i think ill cancel my season ticket cos will save me the grief!!!! Yanks Will Never Learn!!!! YNWL

  • the truth says:


  • YOUNGR3D!!! says:

    Dempsey bid rejected, benayoun finished and not a CF, sturridge is on the bench for chelsea against madrid tonight so he is not comming. Brendan better have a surprise striker signed by 11 or kiss CL football next season goodbye liverpool fans. Thinking leandro damiao or huntelaar no.9 either would do. If not :'(

  • SteveP says:

    I have been saying this from the moment FSG hired a complete amateur as our new manager…

    Fact of the matter is…. Our squad is now worse than last season?

    WTF is Rodgers doing let Carroll anyway, regardless of the fact we have not a suitable replacement? This guy is a championship manager who is not fit to manage a club like Liverpool.

    Sick and tired of Idiots mismanaging our club.

  • Bill says:

    I have heard it all now. FSG saved our arses after parry, Mores and the Hickletts virtually bankrupted the club. They paid out £300M when they could have waited a couple of days and bought a club relegated at least one division and with no players, literally for pennies. They don’t have the big money of Chelski and Chity and have to balance the books. They screwed up badly by taking advice from an Americanised German know -it-all who suggested a failed Frenchman as Director of football. They then appointed Hodgson on the advice of the Crooked English media. What a disaster that was. who suggested Rodgers is still a mystery but we have to back him and FSG at least until the end of the season. And hope that DIC come back in for a take over. Parry and Mores should also donate at least half their ill gotten gains back to the club they supposedly love.

  • Samflow says:

    The scenario i hope for: come January, prince alwaleed al saud buys LFC from FSG.

  • Ken says:

    I have supported this great club for almost 40 years and have great memories… However I have to now accept we are in decline… No longer are we the team that every kid yearns to play for… No longer are we the force to be reckoned with… The top 3 teams are Man City/Chelsea/Man U/ The competition for 4th will be with Arsenal/Spurs/Newcastle and then we if we do well finish ahead of Everton/Sunderland….. My Heart sinks…

  • Gaz says:

    With such over sensationalised rubbish that is written in this article I thought I was reading the scum or another daily rag

  • frank says:

    Enough of this “bull.. and let us get on with the show.

  • Lamedolsky says:

    Fsg u beta get us money 2 sign players nw bt d deadline close,even d players will nt b happy dat they are nt wellcoming any players in. Try 2 sign nw

  • Commodor says:

    I think what LFC need now is support from real fans

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