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Transfers summer 2012 – are FSG giving up on LFC?


A few years ago, before the disastrous sale of Liverpool FC to the Gillett-Hicks horror show, then Chairman David Moores was slated by Liverpool fans for being unable to match the investment of figures like Abramovich at Chelsea. Reel forward to summer 2012 and the picture has not changed much, indeed one could argue that money has dried up completely. Potentially important players – Carroll, Adam, Maxi, Kuyt, Bellamy, Aurelio, Aquilani – have left the club, while only three major players have come in (Borini, Allen, Sahin). Assaidi and Yesil may develop into wonderful players for LFC, but to expect them to immediately slip into the boots of players like Kuyt and Bellamy is far fetched. Moroever, while the move for Allen is proving a masterstroke, Borini has some way to go to provide the missing goal threat of last season, especially with the departures of players who have scored key goals for the club at different times in the past like Kyut, Bellamy, Carroll and Maxi. Last but not least, we have lost our midfield lynchpin, Lucas, to yet another injury.

At the same time, Chelsea has bought some wonderful attacking talent in Hazard, Oscar, Marin and Moses – and may still bring in Andre Schurrle. Arsenal have bought Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla, while admittedly losing Van Persie in attack. Man Utd have bought Van Persie and Kagawa. Tottenham lost Modric and van der Vaart but bought Dembele and Sigurdsson (not to mention the possible additions of goalkeeping wizard Lloris and the impressive Joao Moutinho). Man City have an oversized squad but still strengthened in defensive midfield (Garcia and Rodwell in place of de Jong). Newcastle have not done much business, but they can boast a magnificent duo in attack in Ba and Cisse (and a mean defence to boot).

The club has spent around £25 million net over the summer, however this pales in comparison with the quality brought in by our main rivals. So the question is how is Liverpool going to be able to compete for top-4 positions against main rivals who are buying big or were able to clinch key signings for little money last season? Unless our owners have something in the hat for the 11th hour, the signs are worrying. Perhaps FSG are only looking to sell the club come next season?

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  • ynwl says:

    YNWL Yank Never Will Learn!!!! here we go again and again!!!

  • gamecat says:

    I’m just stunned … Kyut, Bellamy & Carroll off and out the door , Borini in. The strikforce was utterly under powered before the summer, where are the club now ?
    I know a lot has been wasted in the past and I understand not wanting to pay over the odds but I just can’t see how BR can do anything with the current situation. Borini may develop into a great signing but he’s not started on fire. Morgan deffo needs more time. Suarez is just not scoring frequently enough ….. The optimism of the ManC game evaporates on seeing the final post-deadline squad. Mid table and early Cup exits on the cards. I’m usually positive but just can’t see any way to forge a decent season 🙁

    • Mick says:

      Look passed this season then. Has anyone really said with conviction we are going to make top four? Win the league? So why pay out crippling wages on under performing – over aged players when at the end of the season in reality we aren’t going to challenge for much and these players are only going to get older and fatter and leave anyway. The owners must think its better to make a clean cut this squad has be rotting for sometime and I myself am happy to see the back of it. Look further ahead than this season and you might be able to see younger, brighter talents signing in replacement, think 2 to
      3 years not game to game.

  • Sash says:


  • sleeps with angels says:

    Am F…in exploding!!!!! these American zionist clowns are just the same as the previous pair of p***** just trying to make money of our world brand LFC and are taking the loyal fans for F…in
    mugs!time to take action before its to late,that Henry fella made 300 million personal profit a few
    weeks back but not one f…in dollar went into our
    club! yanks out!

  • Vakpa says:

    Assaidi / Sterling – Suarez / Borini – Downing / Henderson

    Sahin / Suso – Lucas / Allen – Gerrard / Shelvey

    Enrique / Robinson / Wilson – Johnson / Kelly / Flanagan

    Agger / Coates – Skrtel / Carragher

    Reina / Doni / Jones / Gulacsi

    Pretty good team.

    • Callaghan says:

      Agreed! 😉

    • Mick says:

      Agreed as well…..if anyone else wants to tell the owners how to run a club why not put a bid in? I love hearing “The owners know sod all… If I were the owner I’d do this that and the other….” it’s not as simple as just going out and buying Messi, Neymar, Iniesta and Xavi there’s these things in the real world called finances, wages, negotiations, tactical changes ie changing the management structure of a club from the ground up. It takes time so get over the fact we didn’t sign that player you had your heart set out on, it happens every season so stop reading the papers on who we might be signing and you won’t get duped into thinking we are bringing in every Tom, Dick and Harry…. And that way you won’t be disappointed and think of the money you’ll save on papers! Who did FSG pi ky swear they were gonna sign? Right… No one.

    • super Molo says:

      Pretty good team …..to break in top ten of the league table.

    • bob says:


    • Voland says:

      The team is not bad, however is it strong enough for Liverpool to make the CL places? The FSG regime must be deemed a failure if they are unable to support their new manager to reach that goal. Despite the opening defeat at WBA, Rodgers has made a good impression so far and there is cause for hope.

      However, the failure to buy an acknowledged goalscorer is very worrying, as neither Suarez nor Borini have so far shown that they can score a sufficient number of goals in the EPL for Liverpool to compete successfully against Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Newcastle and Tottenham.

      I hope Rodgers proves to be such an exceptional manager to find solutions to Liverpool’s goalscoring problems, otherwise I can see us desperately looking for cover in the striking position come January.

  • Si says:

    I think the real sign of where we are as a club now is that we have started to loan players in, LFC don’t bring it loan players we might loan them out but never in.

    I was never a fan of the idea of bringing in Dempsey, bur by about 8:30 tonight I was praying for us to sign him. Suarez & Borini wont score 20 goals between them let alone each and what do we do if one gets injured or suspended. Morgan looked well out of his depth last night and that was against Hearts, I would hate to see us have to play him against Chelsea or the Mancs.

    • Olanator says:

      Don’t be arrogant.
      Real Madrid just loaned Essien. Real are a far bigger club than Liverpool at the moment, let’s be honest.
      We need to keep calm. No knee jerk reactions will help the club now.

  • Callaghan says:

    lol End the nightmare now, please, I can’t take it a moment longer lol

    Honestly… some of the comments here are hilarious. Faithless, knee-jerk, idiots

  • sleeps with angels says:

    Callaghan who made you the expert mate?
    if fans feel pissed off with these American clowns
    how does it make us idiots? i think anybody who posts here does so because they really love lfc
    and cares about the way the club is being run into
    the ground by these zionist p*****!and where does
    the faithless bit come into it? you go back to your pint or joint and when you wake up in the morning you might feel a bit embarrased calling
    fellow reds “idiots”

    • Mick says:

      You go back to smoking or main-lining you say Zionist like its some word you heard on the history channel and couldn’t wait to use it. Do you know what it means? How does it relate to the transfer window? What ate you talking about? Do you know what you’re talking about? Do you know what day it is today? The Prine Minister? Hello….helllloo?

  • David says:

    If the last 2 fools knew what they were doing Liverpool wouldn’t need to sign anyone… Signing Carroll for 35mil is Dalglish’s legacy. He took the best team in history and couldn’t manage them, then came back and almost bankrupts us…

    You have to hope Rodgers can repair what Dalglish has done – because its as bad as Souness!

    • SteveP says:

      Signing Carroll for £35m is not Dalglish’s legacy. It was Comolli who was responsible for identifying suitable players and negotiating transfers…. and that is a fact

      I don’t know how old you are but let me assure you that Dalglish’s legacy is our greatest ever player, and the manager that last won us the title and you need to learn a bit of respect my friend, because you haven’t got a clue

  • Jack The Lad says:

    I think we did need a striker and Rodgers made a blunder this evening by saying he expected one or two players in before the deadline shut. However, because he has impressed me so far I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and continued full support. (which of course he’ll never really give a s**t about anyway.) Disappointing none the less.

  • Ali says:

    It’s all Kenny fault he wasted so much money and killed the team. The American prove to all they got no money once they got this coach he’s untested so they just welling to take chances. We are f*** big time. Why let carrol go he’s better than the new player we got broni , guys we falling down Look. At the names other teams got. Feel sorry for s g. Andluis s

  • NJRedsFan says:

    I have to imagine that Fulham were requiring a premium from LFC that Spurs didn’t have to pay because they had their panties in a wad over the LFC website incident. Last I saw LFC had offered 5 and Spurs got him for 6, LFC would have got the difference in increased shirt sales in the States alone.

  • bob says:

    as a pool fan since the early 90s ive had ups and downs , but this summer truly is the lowest . to see virtually no money spent . top players being signed by our rivals and we are not even competing for them . average clubs way outspending us and we wont even cough up 1 or 2 extra million for a player BR wants .

    even the kits this year are horrible , my kid doesnt want any , and i wouldn’t wear one so have to wait till next season .

    despite the lack of hope , i will always support pool but until the yanks get out , we will never have a chance of being great

  • Kev Conway says:

    I said this weeks ago. Cowboys swapped for more cowboys. They have put there hand in there pocket for no one. Most of our targets went to other clubs. They sold and moved on assets to pave the way for new players never actually investing there own funds. Am a born bread red. But they have frustrated me with the business or lack of business.

  • brizzy says:

    The only thng that is wrng with lfc is that we all know we hav problems when it comes to scoring goals we could hav looked 4 a forward like Dempsey who totenham purchased 4 only 6m that was loss to us cause with the likes of suarez supplying him, scoring would nt hav been difficult 4 him.

  • mike says:

    Liverpool is doomed.

  • Ebri says:

    Refusing to bring in a striker who can produce goals is one mistake lfc never want to do away wit. Well, as a supporter i will always pray and hope for the best for my club. YNWA

  • bob says:

    yanks out please

  • Zinco says:

    Brendan rogers must be tearing his hair out. He’s been wasting no time implementing his vision. Then guess what the ‘ ooh I’m soo angry , xxxxxxx let him down . Liverpool fc and rogers career are not some puppet show. I’m staggered and can’t beleive the USA stupidity . They’ve lost my support as owners till they prove otherwise . Love the playing staff and rogers the owners can hear that I won’t be buying any more merchandise I’m saving my pennies too. How much !!!!! ???? !!!!!

  • Mark says:

    Will the owners take note the fans are unhappy what would one world class striker have cost you the shirt sales the hype you are clearly losing the plot if this continues. Any top 4 team needs at least 2 good 10 goal a season front men any child can see that. I am sorry but my faith in FSG is being eroded and I think its time the fans let them know this.

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