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Are We Destined To Lose Out With Sahin, Either Way?

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AGAINST a relatively strong West Brom side midweek, Liverpool’s young-looking side finished the match looking pretty damn special. Everyone on the pitch – bar Downing – stood out and stood up to be counted; each and every one taking their chance to impress. Even Henderson had one of his better games.

For me though, the stand-out performer was Nuri Sahin. Sure, it’s probably easy to say that given that he scored both the Reds’ goals but he would’ve been even without, such was his master-class in the midfield.

Sahin really grew into the game on Wednesday and seemed to take the lead when surrounded by his younger team-mates. Again on Saturday, he was dominant in midfield and made some superb passes. Not only that, but he linked up so well with our two main men, Suarez and Gerrard, that it really gives me hope that we will play (and, score) our way out of this rut yet.

To date, he has played 4 times for Liverpool, scoring 3 goals and having gone and assisted a further 4. For a loan signing, you just don’t expect that kind of return. Even a loan signing from Real Madrid. Of course, you have to take into account that 2 of those came against a changed West Brom side, but this was a slightly weakened West Brom that stuffed us on the opening day and Sahin was surrounding by a veritable kindergarten!

I wrote about Sahin around the time he signed, and I admitted that I knew little about him other than that most of the Reds that had heard of him were immensely positive about his signing and really seemed to feel that we’d pulled off a real coup. Well, just to follow up on those sentiments from 2 months ago: I am now beginning to understand what you were all talking about.
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For me though, the only concern is that we can’t win, regardless of how Sahin performs this season. If he has a storming 9 months, scoring, assisting and passing his way into our hearts, are Real Madrid really going to let us have him for buttons? In fact, if he builds on his recent showings and has a great 2012-13 season, will Real even want to let him leave on a permanent? It’s highly unlikely.

On the other hand, if things don’t work out and he flatters to deceive, then we’ve already lost out and paid his wages for a season for a few goals and not much else. I mean, after what I’ve seen, it’s unlikely that he will; he just looks far too talented to not have a good season but it’s a worry that we’ll get to the end of the season and Madrid will decide that they either want him back or that his great season warrants a hefty price-tag.

But, that is all in the distant future. For now, I guess it’s more sensible to concern ourselves with the ‘right now’ and just enjoy the Turkish maestro’s midfield performances. And who knows, given the way he and Suarez linked up on Saturday, we may just have found that extra ingredient to permanently opening the floodgates.
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  • chunky says:

    Look! We have him for the season so let’s enjoy but I hope we don’t decide that our game is built around him ‘cos he WILL leave at the end of the season – that’s for sure as even if he wants to stay FSG are not going to put up the cash for him!……end of.

    • james says:

      I agree. Enjoy him this season, move on, get over it. Take up tai chi, what ever.
      Next year hope the young players gained from playing with him

  • K says:

    I think you worry way too early and too much. Take it easy.

  • Chips says:

    True, but who knows, he might enjoy the stay in Liverpool that he may even be the one to push for a permanent stay. Lets watch and see. We also need to do enough to keep him if we really want the boy.

    • DaveWestAus says:

      I get really frustrated when hearing people relate to players as ‘BOYS’,( a demeaning expression.)It really annoys me! The player in question is as good as any other man!

  • John says:

    Well, that’s kind of the risk with any high profile loan signing. I can see him either wanting to stay next season or move on from real Madrid because he wasn’t being given the time there either. So I say play him as much as we can, let him attack and link up with Suarez and Gerrard and hopefully we can get a deal done next season because he’s young and still an exciting prospect.


  • Micah says:

    Finally his signing is paying off, I was shouting his name in literally every forum, i even stupidly tried looking for a way of contacting rodger(out of desperation that is:p) just get to get him signed.
    Because i have seen enough of him in the bundesliga and i knew what a gem of a player he was.
    I Really fear though Mourinho might want him back, since alonso is aging and sahin’s going to have a cracking season, but i really hope FSG finds some way of keeping him

  • Patrick says:

    Notin to worry abt

  • David says:

    I agree with the author. There is cause for conoern but my greatest fear is that the pairing of Sahin and Suarez could become so successful that Real Madrid may attract Luis to join them in Spain.

  • Bill says:

    There are a few rumours that if LFC can get into the CL then that will activate the option to buy on him at the end of the season for 16.5 Mill euros, if they dont make it into the top 4 we simply wouldnt be able to afford him & he will just go back to be then sold on to another club elsewhere

    Dont think Mourinho at Real Madrid can see him fitting into his starting eleven hence playing him at LB in his last few games

  • emml says:

    sure sahin wud love to stay if given the chance to prove his worth……..competition at madrid is high and i bet he wud stay at anfield n prove that he was the hit man at dortmund n will b the hitman at liverpool…….YNWA

  • Elmo McElroy says:

    Sahin has a good opportunity to impress with us this season, also Real just signed Modric from Spurs so opportunities are limited at Madrid even more. He even hinted when he signed on loan that if he had a good season for us then he might consider staying. He’s class and is exactly the sort of signing that Liverpool should be making. Also Xabi Alonso gave Sahin a glowing report about Liverpool so that might persuade him that his future for the time being is here. Here’s hoping.

  • peter says:

    But we alway say we can’t george a play with just two games but I know with suarez beside him we going to see a wonderfull conbination and becos he will enjoy liverpool he will like to say

  • Chris says:

    Looked out of place against arsenal in his 1st game and has been brilliant since, he looks to have a strong bond with suarez from the way they were celebrating so lets just hopes he loves us come the end of the season, were in top 4 and he wants to stay, then we’ll have nothing to worry about!! For a team that has won 1 league game all season it was amazing to see the swagger in the players, there was that arrogance and confidence in everything they were doing which reminded me of the year under benitez when we finished 2nd and the midfield trio of sahin allen and gerrard looked particularly amazing!! Lets hope we can go on a big winning streak!!

  • Callaghan says:

    lol cause for concern? You misunderstand BR’s & FSG’s mentality… when the system is fully implemented top to bottom if Sahin or whoever leaves there is always a replacement ready. That is why the academy and first team will play identical systems. It is why the top clubs seem to have a constant stream of players coming through and selling their top players rarely affects them too much. Saying Sahin can play his way into your heart is soft to say the least… you’re trapped in the 1980s

    • Faisal says:

      Well responded Calla a good analysis of where BR/FSG want to be.. A revolution is happening and I reckon it will happen fast, long season ahead with the Jan transfers still to look forward.. 1 striker and either a def/keeper to ruffle the feathers at the back.. conceding far too many and does not fit with the system.

      • Callaghan says:

        I believe the system is far more difficult to implement in defence than attack. That’s why it is probably right to manage expectations and I think consistency is unlikely until after the window if at all this season.

        Also, I think if BR was starting with a blank sheet, he wouldn’t choose Skrtel or Agger no matter how high anyone rates them. I’m sure he only kept them because it would be too much change, too soon. It could be after this season and next that we see a first eleven that match his ideals.

  • Shmezbollah says:

    I don’t think that Sahin leaving would be an issue. We have Lucas and when he comes back Allen will get more freedom. Shelvey can also score and also Suso’s natural position is where Sahin is playing.

  • Devilxx says:


  • YNWA says:

    I don’t know if you remember but the reason Arsenal pulled out was because the were not happy with the 14million buyout clause but Liverpool were happy with it and this means that anytime within his loan period we can pay 14 and the Bid will be binding no matter what Jose M thinks and in the end its all up to Sahin if wants to stay at liverpool or not.

    • San Francisco Red says:

      Is that right, 14 mill?

      Where did you get that info from?

      If Sahin stays and does well at LFC, he will get more love and admiration than he would at Real Madrid.

      Why? Cause we have all been waiting for our savior to lead us out of the EPL desert.

  • yunus says:

    Fantastic result overjoyed with our 1st win in EPL , however it comes with concerns from our defenders, I said it and i wil say it again we have to find a another GK ,Reina is is no longer what he used to be and he will costs us points , BR must not select team on sentiments and past glory , give Jones a chance and buy a GK in January,

  • OJH says:

    Players like to Play…. Regardless of the club… while his value is going up he will want to stay if there is success and a chance of playing.. he can forget a first team place for at least another 2 seasons at madrid with jose leaving…

  • Karim says:

    Sahin is class and is proving that with every game. We have loaned a really good player. I cant imagine Real letting him go for peanuts but perhaps there is something in the loan contract that can be negotiated.

    I hope he stays, I think he is quality and with Lucas and Allen / Gerrard that is some midfield foursome.

    The future is bright and The future is RED

  • royce says:

    If Madrid decides to let him go as they have many options in the midfield i do believe Liverpool will come up with the cash.
    The reason being the expensive failures will have curtailed spending his success here will make it worthwhile to FSG.
    This will be funded by selling Henderson and Downing and Cole maybe finding greener pastures.

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