Date: 23rd November 2012 at 4:00pm
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– Brendan Rodgers.

When I saw this headline in one of the morning papers I had to pinch myself. That had to be a mistake; a misunderstanding or something else, but not true! But unfortunately it was.

In May King Kenny was sacked due to a not good enough league position, despite winning the League Cup, getting to the FA Cup final, having third best defence in the league and playing some of the best attacking football in the league.

It was hard to take, but at least it showed ambition to move forward up the league.

Surely if you replace a manager you want his successor to improve on his results, not the contrary!

The problem with Rodgers, in my opinion, is that he’s a small team manager not suited to a big club like Liverpool. He doesn’t seem to understand that praising some non-existing ‘domination’ in a three-nil loss, ‘courage’ of a backpass to an opponent, or constant complaining about referees is nonsense at the top level.

A total of three wins against three relegation favourites in the first dozen of games, the same amount of clean sheets, total dependence on one player in attack and a bottom-half place with third of the season gone. And worst of all, the ambition is 8th place. Is there anyone who can help Rodgers with packing?

I know that sacking a manager is always a major shock for the club, but I think that it’s not too late to save the season yet. Rodgers did his best to offload good players and replace them with Swansea calibre types, but LFC is big enough to correct this mistake.

King Kenny spent £35 million (net) to have a big squad that gave him lots of depth and delivered the first trophy in seven years. The football was there, a cup was in the trophy room, but league results weren’t.

Rodgers spent £25 million (net), showed the door to cup-winning players and failed to replace them, constantly complaining about how young and small his squad is, never mind it was Rodgers who made it this way. Poor results, lack of ambition, and constant moaning. The great club is losing its ‘greatness’ and I don’t know why the decision hasn’t been made yet.

I would show the Ulsterman the door, then the club has to ensure the right decision is made; no more experiments with Championship level coaches, please. Give the job to a man who knows the club inside out, won major trophies with it, played under one of the two greatest LFC players ever and has been vice-captain to the other. Jamie Carragher won’t let the greatest club in the world lose its greatness. It’s his flesh and blood.

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