Date: 15th November 2012 at 5:30pm
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IN recent weeks I have found myself in a number of discussions concerning our American owners FSG, with the vast majority of these ending in a good old Mexican stand-off! No retreat no surrender!

If you have read any of my stuff previously you will have concluded that besides being incredibly handsome, witty and cool, I am willing to stand by my opinion and argue it out, which lead to a comment being made that I would argue the colour of faeces (this wasn’t the exact word used), to which I suggested drinking blue Wkd and see what happens – but that is another story from my haze filled Uni days (that were obviously filled with hard graft and study if you are reading Mum).

Throughout these discussions I presented a counter question of ‘If not FSG, then who?’. This is something that I want to expand on here and present 3 different proposals with 3 different hats on (love a wardrobe change). Here we go….

Show me the money honey…

Besides being a quite excellent 80’s cereal advert pun, the title suggests that the answer to all evils is money. Of course it is. What isn’t made better by having money figuratively poured in?

In terms of football, the ‘Sugar Daddy’ investment has seen Chelsea and Manchester City turned on their head. Each of these clubs have their own history, their own story, but let’s face it; they are not Liverpool Football Club! We must be a ‘Sugar Daddy’ wet dream: a long and glittering history, a passionate fanbase, a world-renowned atmosphere and given our current plight, the opportunity to act as saviour. Gone are the toxic debts of the cowboys, so financially the club is healthier than a couple of years ago, with men easier to deal with and less repugnant than those previously, so bring it on.

We are Liverpool Football Club, we deserve the best. We are a club that comprised the ‘best midfield in the world’ without mega bucks and attract world class stars such as Suarez without Champions League football to offer, imagine if we had oil money! A super rich owner would effectively have a Football Manger choice of who they wanted: ‘Suarez is good, but hey let’s play him up top with Messi’.

We already have the lure of Liverpool Football Club, but combine it with the dollar signs and what can stop us? Thank you FSG for stepping in and snatching our club from the poisonous fingers of your fellow yanks, but we are Liverpool Football Club, we don’t build for the future we make it. I’m sure you can sell for a nice profit, but I want the cream of world football here now not potential that may be good in the coming years.

Gamble Gamble Gamble….

Deal the cards, Spin the roulette, let the horses go! It was Robert Kennedy who said ‘Only those who dare to fail can ever achieve greatly’ and a certain T S Eliot who stated ‘Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go’ (a little class to proceedings, no?). Let’s face it, in our time of need there was only FSG to come bidding and they aren’t going to sell anytime soon. But they need to realise that we are Liverpool Football Club.

Our history is littered with sparkly cups, dominance and glory; we shouldn’t be sat around waiting for players and managers to come good. They should learn their trade elsewhere and then come to us to achieve greatness. I get that FSG are no Mansour or Abramovich but that shouldn’t matter. We are continually told that our marketing potential is huge, that we are a global brand – well let’s exploit that. We have the Leeds, Portsmouth’s and Malaga’s of this world to use as a template of what not to do – we need to speculate to accumulate.

Before January let’s bring in Guardiola and give him a warchest that would make Long John Silver blush. If we have the right manager and the right players the loans we take to pay for them will be taken care of with winnings! Look at United, billions in debt but give RVP £250k a week and a £25m fee paid. Look at Real with the Beckham’s of this world and then the Ronaldo’s!

If it doesn’t work, well we are Liverpool Football Club, like Real and Barca we won’t go bust as we are too bigger name, too bigger a history for that to happen. It’s about time for the Liverbird to rise again.

Steady as she goes….

These last few years have been interesting to say the least. The club has been dragged through the Crown Court, threatened with liquidation and displayed far too many public spats at managerial and boardroom level. The fact that the club remains competitive is credit to all involved.

The challenge now is how to move forward and rebuild. A quote from Roman times for you: ‘Reason and clam judgement, the qualities specially belonging to a leader ‘ (do these quotes make me seem impressive, or a wally? I’m going for the latter).

Calmness is needed from the manager and the owners, we are riding through the storm and clear skies are in view – do we really want to plunge the club into insecurity once more? The old adage of Rome wasn’t built in a day is applicable here, after what we have seen these last 2 or 3 years we can’t suddenly expect immediate success.

The reality is the club needs to stabilise and move forwards. Stability is synonymous with success, our greatest period in history was off the back of stability, a winning recipe was created by Shankly and improved upon by those who followed. Although I hate to say it, United have stability and that has brought success, as have Arsenal albeit theirs is more relative.

What we need right now is patience and the owners to have faith in the man they appointed and back fully. The club is great because of our history, so we need to look at what made us great and use that as our blueprint going forward. Our club has soul, history and character, is any of that worth sacrificing for immediate success?

What do I think? Who wouldn’t love a Sugar Daddy, but is the danger of the club losing its soul a risk worth taking? Almost a philosophical question that one! I know a lot of City fans, and generally found them an utterly lovely bunch with a wonderful self-deprecating humour, but the influx of ‘plastics’ is changing that perception.

Am I a fan of gambling with the clubs future? No I am not. Look at Rangers if anyone thinks we are too big to go bust. My personal preference is to build sensibly and self-fund.

Is this FSG? In parts yes, and in other parts no, at the moment. We will know more of their true intentions come February. They have to show faith in the man they chose and they appointed and in our current state they may well need to dip into their own pockets in the short term. But hey I will still flutter my eyelids at passing oil barons!

Let me know what you think is the way forward, or if you have an argument different from those I have raised I would love to hear it on here on @timdibs on twitter.


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