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Shop Shut For Liverpool FC, Says Rodgers

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Rodgers training LFCLIVERPOOL FC manager Brendan Rodgers has admitted he doesn’t expect the club to make any further signings before the winter transfer window closes tonight.

The club completed the early signing of Daniel Sturridge for £12 million earlier in the month, and added the surprising, yet exciting capture of Brazilian starlet Coutinho, for £8.5 million yesterday.

Now Rodgers has gone on record to state he expects the Reds chequebook to be closed until the transfer window reopens in the summer.

“I can’t see any more coming in,” he said. “We got Sturridge in early on and obviously young Coutinho will be a terrific signing for us.

“He’ll add that excitement and offensive threat at the top end of the field. But it’s unlikely we’ll get any more.”

However, another transfer target said to be a priority for the Reds this January, was former youth team player Tom Ince, who is currently at Blackpool. With the Championship side initially playing hardball over the winger’s transfer fee (in which the Reds themselves would be entitled to 35% of), it now looks as though Liverpool will wait until the summer before attempting to renegotiate any deal.

“I think it will be difficult now. We could still do the deal but it looks like one that is a bit too complicated at this stage,” stated Rodgers, speaking on the Ince saga.

“It’s about affordability as well. If Tom stays at Blackpool it doesn’t mean he won’t join Liverpool at a later stage.”

Ince left Liverpool in August 2011 and has since gone on to become one of the Championship’s star attractions. Speaking on the BBC’s Football Focus, his father Paul (a former Liverpool captain) stated first-team football is his son’s main priority.

So, are you happy with the business LFC have completed during this transfer window? Or do you believe there are still vital areas of the pitch that should have been strengthened this month, with names like Mohammed Diame and Jack Butland also linked, to improve the squad?
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  • tommy says:

    yes welldone to our club for not giving in to that chairman at cockleshell bay (blackpool), ince can run his contract down and walk over to liverpool , no rush ,

  • Kyle E. says:

    Not happy at all .After the mess FSG left us in the summer . I was expecting 2 or 3 top top players . What did we get ? Sturridge is ok but i cant see him being a star , a good squad player yes . And coutinho , ive heard Liverpool payed way too much for him and it is doubtful if he will cope with english football

    So once again , i think FSG let us down

    • Abdorito says:


      Rest assured that LFC has done a great business in Coutinho. I closely follow Seria A since the early 1990s (when I was a teen), and let me tell you that the guy is a pearl. His speed and trickery is amazing (Pato’s style) and he is good at free kicks. If he improves his physicality (to have a chance agains BPL’s thugs like Stoke), he will be no match.

      • stevieG says:

        Inter were very very keen to sell him

        • Chan says:

          Yes, u r rite Stevie, if he is such a gem, why Inter so so eager to get rid of him?

        • Michael Blair says:

          Actually Inter were’nt very keen of selling Coutinho has we thought very hard to sign him. Anyway, if Utd have gone for Coutinho, Fergie would have been praise for signing a top bargain player.

        • bob says:

          wrong michael , inter were actively trying to sell coutinho , not keep him _ he didnt want to leave

  • redrum says:

    Think Sturridge is great signing , im worried about Coutinho though , not sure if he is that good
    We really needed a strong midfielder to help Lucas and in case Lucas got injured . Allen is so awful he should never play for us again . So Diame or Alonso should have been attempted

  • andy b says:

    Just reading the two MORONIC quotes above makes me chuckle,, you two obviously know nothing about football or budgeting or LFC policy!

    • Dave says:

      only one moronic quote here , and thats yours . Your the one who doesnt understand football

      And their policy is dumb ! Thats why we r in such a mess

  • SHELLY says:

    I could not believe it when Liverpool sold Ince in the first place.Now they have to pay 6 or 7 times as much to get him back. I think its just poor vision of the board. It such a pity that we let go of some talent and replace them with average players. Rogers got his work cut our to get Liverpool to on top where they belong. We cant just focus on getting young players get some two top experience players. One in Midfield like Alonso and a top defender

    • TaintlessRed says:

      There was no choice with Ince. His dad wouldn’t let him sign a new contract, that would have made him the highest paid of the academy, as he wanted to be guaranteed part of 1st team. Kenny obviously couldn’t guarantee that so he left. He’s on a short term deal at Blackpool so we’ll just play the waiting game.

  • simon says:

    Disappointing January . Allen needs replacing , and we still only have 2 strikers ( Borini is sh*t so not counting him ) – dont need more youth

    After the summer of discontent – FSG havent delivered again

    • Abdorito says:

      I don’t agree that a Man City investment style is suitable for LFC. We have a young manager who is still learning (but already better than most, like Mancini to be honest) and brought in when we are transitioning from previous mayhem. We have to develop new Gerard, Carra and find a new Reina. That isn’t only about skills, but leadership as well and it takes time.

      I don’t back Allen or Borini, but I think they deserve more time to prove themselves. Allen will surely get better, look at Lucas and Hendo for example.

      • Tommo says:

        Nonsense , not many players improve like Lucas did . Allen is simply not good enough , and Rodgers is proving inept in every way and he is actually taking us backwards

      • simon says:

        More time for Allen ? isnt 30 rubbish games enough ??? Come on he shouldn’t have got 5 games
        He wont improve , whats he going to do ? get a body transplant ?

  • stevieG says:

    I thought we would get some top players , not just a chelsi reserve and a kid with potential . We need some midfield strength , cant hope to compete with Allen playing

  • John w says:

    LFC have had the worst start to an EPL ever, we are now what 7th and 7 points off forth when we’ve had only one striker for half the season !

    Stop bitching and get behind your team !

    I’ll hold my hand up and say I was one of those supporters that held my hands up and cheered when King Kenny was put in charge ! FSG were throwing money round like no one else, buying all the players KK wanted, endless budget so it seemed. Where did it get us ?

    You can’t always but instant success like Chelsea have, like Man city have ! You don’t alway have the luck/ability to go a goal down, play rubbish and still win 4-1 like united !

    Building a team can take a while and we should ease off BR and FSG and trust them in what they are doing !

    We are steadily climbing the league in the right direction and that’s what counts…

    • Tommo says:

      Less points than last season , out of both cups ,Wake up and grab a slice of reality , Rodgers is making us worse
      And if you bothered to check your facts – Rodgers has now spent more money NET than Kenny did , and we are way worse off

    • harry86 says:

      Another idiot pleading patience and making excuses . Just like the real John W. another yank who knows damn all about soccer

      • harry86 says:

        … or maybe its the real John W … if it is , feck off Mr Henry , go back to the US and sell up so maybe LFC might have a future , you useless dope !

  • Tommo says:

    Diame is knocking around for just 3.5m but i bet u we wont get him , because that would mean no room for Rodgers little pet

  • Dan says:

    disappointed again ! we need more ,a lot more

  • Jonas says:

    Coutinho looks good but i fear he wont be strong enough for PL , Sturridge looks quite decent , but i hoped for a better standard of player . The likes of Llorente , Samba , Holtby ,De Jong or of course Sneijder would all have been great signings , but as usual FSG put profit before Liverpool

  • Matt says:

    I’m happy with the signings and I’m very excited about Phillipes potential a very exciting young prospect. Sturridge will good for us and I can’t wait until he fully gels with Saurez up front.
    I thought we needed experience tho and getting Wesley would’ve great for us and for that I’m a little disappointed.

  • fotheringham says:

    Gerrard said we are 3 top players away from being good team . He said we needed experienced players . Rodgers said we needed experienced players .

    Did we get experienced players ? No . Therefore FSG are following their own silly strategy not doing whats best for LFC

    fsg have let us down again

  • Mr Ed says:

    Not happy at all . I think our 2 new signings are ok but not the kind of class Liverpool FC needs and deserves . Poor show by Rodgers & FSG

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