Date: 6th January 2013 at 9:30am
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IT seems that a common consensus among Liverpool fans is that management is spending too much on British players that don’t have the same verve and potential as some of their international counterparts.

With most of the month left for the transfer window, fans and media pundits alike will be anxiously following the rumour mill to see whom their team can land. Long accused of overspending for underachievers, perhaps it is time for Liverpool to take a plunge.

Wesley Sneijder. There are few, if any, bigger names being linked with Liverpool that are actually practical. The more pessimistic of fans may be quick to shoot this move down but take a moment to consider the possibility. Frozen out from Inter Milan and wanting a move, Sneijder would take little convincing. The biggest stumbling block would be negotiating his wages, something that management at Liverpool will have to bite the bullet on if they are serious about becoming contenders. Although these wages may appear steep this player should be able to justify them.

Few players available have the talent and ability of Sneijder to influence the game. An exciting attacking force that is well versed in distributing the ball but also capable of scoring big goals. He could serve as a sort of mentor for Sterling as well as bringing an immediate impact to the squad. Sneijder’s talent is undeniable and he would certainly warrant a start in Brendan Rodgers’ plans. What a perfect way to signal to the rest of the Premier League that Liverpool are to be taken seriously.

Before you start knocking the feasibility of the move, consider this: swapping Nuri Sahin plus cash for Sneijder. Sahin does not seem to feature in the manager’s plans and Inter are reportedly interested in him as disclosed by The Mirror. This swap would certainly bring the transfer fee down, giving more room to meet Sneijder’s wage demands.

Furthermore, a move to Liverpool cannot seem like a demotion. Inter Milan aren’t playing Champions League football this year and it remains unclear as to whether they will qualify next year. Why not move to a new squad where you will get a fresh start and guaranteed playing time?

Liverpool have a chance to pull of something special. They can sign a special talent right from the noses of their rivals that would bring immediate improvement to the squad. There can be no doubting that this move takes guts. Let’s just hope that management at Liverpool have them.

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