Date: 29th January 2013 at 5:30pm
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IN the modern age of manager chopping and changing, silly people have silly thoughts – nothing new there then!

Rafa’s Chelsea lost to Laudrup’s Swansea, Rodgers’ Liverpool have lost to Laudrup’s Swansea. Therefore, Laudrup must be better than Rafa and Rodgers! So far, Rodgers’ Liverpool aren’t as good as Rafa’s (before the owners really took him and the finances to the cleaners)…so should that mean we want Laudrup?

Swansea lost three quality players, Gylfi Sigurosson, Scott Sinclair and Joe Allen and are still better this season!

Swansea bought well, especially Michu and De Guzman, and as a result are better overall in the final third and maybe that’s all that separates the Swansea of Rodgers compared to that of Laudrup. Maybe better players earn the right and allow their teams to circulate the ball better up field and give you that cutting edge in the final third. Tactics will only do so much.

The best tactics with the worst players verses the worst tactics with the best players I think will lead to the better players wining. If the world’s most special manager, Mr Mourinho, managed me I’d still be useless, slow and aimless. Tactics and man-motivation will only do so much. Better players make a difference, hence the reasoning behind the behaviour clubs exhibit in the frenzy which is the January transfer window.

People talk of Roberto Martinez sowing the seeds at Swansea. That allowed Brendan Rodgers to take them to two successive promotions. The way sections of the media make it sound, you’d think a blind donkey would have succeeded thanks to what Roberto Martnez left behind. Yet when it comes to the Swansea of today…well that’s all down to Laudrup! How does that work?

Media bias against Liverpool is amazing, Brendan Rodgers cannot do any right, Swansea were good thanks to Roberto Martinez and are good thanks to Laurup. If Liverpool finally start to show consistency and do well then I bet praise be someone other than Brendan Rodgers – may be Hodgson sowed the seeds? The media like him!

Rodgers: Stop defending Swansea employees

Rodgers again leapt to the defence of a Swansea employee, this time a ball boy. The boy was an idiot. Rodgers had made light of the most disgusting delaying tactics ever seen in football as a 17 year old ball ‘boy’, who is the son of a Swansea director, lay on the ball stopping a player from getting it (the opposite of a ball boy’s job; you’re supposed to give it back and give it quickly!) The player tried to kick the ball out from under the idiot boy. Rodgers, who is on first name terms with the idiot, chose to defend him. I wish Rodgers would not be so keen to show loyalty to his old club.

This comes on the back of the incident when Rodgers defended Ashley Williams. Ashley had written in his book of his hate for Suarez and how he’d like to punch him. This is not to how a Liverpool manager should be behaving. Show loyalty to Liverpool FC and the interests of LFC, thank you very much.

Forren: Trial and improvement

In my view, Forren turned down a trial at Liverpool for a safe bet; he lacks imagination, he lacks ambition, maybe he will be happier as a big fish in the small pond that is Southampton. If Forren felt a simple trial was an insult to his international pedigree then he shouldn’t have accepted the invite, and if you do accept, come, do the business and get a contract to show your true value. Change minds and win hearts. A trial is a chance and that’s all anyone deserves.

Liverpool have signed lemons and wasted money before, wasted careers of players too. A trial is a good idea and is the fairest thing for everyone, the player needs to be sure he’s happy and the club need to be sure too.

Southampton don’t have any really special players, a history of success or a clearly defined future – they can’t even boast stability (or decency in my opinion, in relation to Adkins). Forren referred to them as a big Premier League club (been listening to Sturidge have we Forren?) Seriously? Who are the small ones? Name 3….I’ve a feeling at the end of the season statistically, Southampton shall have a case for inclusion (into the Championship).

If Forren had a shred of self-belief and ambition he’d have come to Anfield and said, ‘I’m better then Skrtel and Agger, I’ll show you what I can do and take a starting place in defence!’ But he didn’t, he hasn’t and he took a place in an un-established Premier League team to get experience and hope for a big move to a top team in the future.

If he went to Liverpool and failed there may have been less chance in the future. At Southampton he can make his low profile errors and learn the league, a safe bet. On the other hand a relegation dog-fight might not be the best place to learn and grow as a player. Forren, you have to be a revelation or you may wish you’d have gone to that trial, time will tell.

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