Date: 10th January 2013 at 10:00pm
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RECENTLY Liverpool have been linked in some quarters with moves for David Villa or Wesley Sneijder; two players regarded as world class by most fans.

Undoubtedly they would make Liverpool’s starting eleven better. Attempting to purchase either player would show a remarkable sign of intent from FSG, that they’re serious about getting the team back to the big-time immediately.

Both have achieved glory in the past and know how to win.

David Villa is one of the most clinical finishers in world football and Sneijder is a creative, attaching midfielder who would arguably walk into any side in the world.

Are FSG insane for not snapping up these outstanding players ASAP? They would dramatically improve chances of a top four finish and they would provide a spring board to improve the squad further. Other quality additions are more likely to join when they see Suarez, Gerrard, Villa and Sneijder awaiting them in the Liverpool starting line-up.

They would provide excellent role models for the young players at Liverpool who are still learning and would benefit from a few experience players showing them the way. Would not trying to sign them amount to an acceptance of Liverpool being a mid-table team with mid-table ambitions and transfers?

Currently, they haven’t been snapped up because they are expensive. Villa at 31years of age would cost £16 million and require the best part of £200k in wages a week. Sneijder at 28 years of age is available for approximately £9 million and require wages of £200k a week. That’s £25 million in transfer fees and £20.8 million a year in wages. That’s £45.8 million for the first year alone. If they sign three year contracts they will most likely have no real transfer value at the end and will have cost £87.4 million in transfers and wages over the three years.

Both players are close to or over 30 and as far as the usual trajectory of a footballers’ career goes they may have plateaued and are at their peak, or past their peak with age and injury. Indeed David Villa has recently returned from a lengthy absence due to injury.

In the past Liverpool have brought in unfinished articles but ones full of promise and solid reputations and it’s just not worked. We all remember the likes of Harry Kewell, Fernando Morientes, Robbie Keane and El Hadji Diouf. Each transfer window Liverpool fans were full of hope more than expectation and these players were signed but failed to live up to the reputations the garnered with previous employers. Who is to say Villa and Sneijder will not do the same?

At such a huge financial outlay the stakes are just too high in my own opinion. Being successful for Liverpool is difficult and for every Torres or Suarez there are more than a few Morientes’ and Voronin’s.

The current policy seems to be taking on players yet to achieve but full of promise. Buying from smaller clubs and giving young, hungry players a platform to be the next Villa or Sneijder. £87.4 million (extra) spent wisely over the next three years of transfer windows would allow a few failures and could still leave enough who prove successful. That’s almost £30 million a year for transfers and wages.

John Henry made it clear in his statement at the end of the summer that short-term expensive fixes were not the way he wanted us to go. Looks like he’s learned from the errors of old – or are we just making new errors. Have Liverpool become a mid-table team with mid-table ambitions and transfers? We’ve tried to buy success by buying players who have been successful elsewhere but time and time again it’s failed so I’m fully behind FSG trying this ‘new’ way.

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