Date: 22nd January 2013 at 4:00pm
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AS you do with a £12 million player, Daniel Sturridge attracted a lot of attention on his Anfield debut on Saturday against Norwich City.

For a signing much debated, for better or worse, it was an important chance to show his skills in front of the home crowd, and “Super Dan” delivered yet again.

After two in two games previously, Sturridge has now, interestingly enough, scored more goals for Liverpool in the last 3 games than Jelavic has in the last 15 for Everton. 3 goals in 3 is a very impressive return. It was such an important thing for him to get off to a good start. As I have mentioned, he does have his detractors but he will only serve to win them over if he continues to do what he was bought to do – score goals.

I was very pleased to see him notch his first home goal in front of the Kop, but it was the nature of the goal that pleased me the most. It was a scruffy tap in. It was the sort of goal we haven’t been scoring for the last two years, when we have played good football and created plenty of chances only to miss them.

Already you can see that Sturridge is going to be in the right place at the right time to score goals from rebounds and good balls across the six yard box. I watched his positioning very closely on Saturday.

There were a number of occasions where Mark Bunn came for crosses and made a couple of very good takes. On every occasion, Daniel Sturridge was waiting to pounce. He has already shown his penchant for reading the bounce of the ball, as was evident at Old Trafford last weekend.

To his credit, Sturridge’s all round game was excellent, full stop. You can tell he isn’t fully fit just yet (though he is another 68 minutes closer to being so) but his work rate was spot on and already his partnership with Luis Suarez is beginning to burgeon. They have an understanding. Just how much so we’ll establish in the coming weeks as they play together more, but their interplay all game was encouraging.

The ultimate payoff of their work together was Suarez’s superb goal. The step over from Sturridge was inspired and then the rest was always going to happen, it’s Luis Suarez. I will be keeping an interested eye on the Uruguayan in the coming weeks. I have long held a theory that he has felt the pressure of being the only established goalscorer at the club. He has performed admirably this season as our only true goalscorer but I think we will see him improve even further with someone else to share the goals out with.

Sturridge has made an impressive start and I hope to see more of the scruffy sorts of goal over the coming weeks and months. After a strong start, he now has the majority of fans behind him and 3 goals in 3 games is a very encouraging return so far. A lot of credit needs to go to him for making such a strong start and for clearly enjoying playing for the club so much. Keep scoring goals mate, and we’ll love you. Even if you do that weird arm-thing dance.

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