Date: 4th January 2013 at 5:30pm
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A 3-0 win over QPR on 30th December was very welcome indeed. As much for the first half performance as anything, but it was the 3 points that were all-important.

For me, it was the devastating showing from our main man, Luis Suarez, which put the bottom side to the sword but it was always partly inspired by the name – and legend – of our great football club.

I’ve complained for many years that far too many sides across Europe wilt and die before they’ve even walked out onto the same pitch as Manchester United, such is their reputation. But LFC’s reputation still goes before them too, and I think that that was partly to thank for the way QPR just didn’t get started on Sunday afternoon.

The ‘This Is Anfield’ sign was put there for a very specific reason: to intimidate the opposition. It was all part of the psychology of Bill Shankly’s Liverpool FC and has been there ever since.

I noticed that QPR have had a similar sign installed at Loftus Road (although, I really do hope it was a joke) but I can’t see that inspiring fear into any visiting teams any time soon.

To infuse a sign like that with any sort of meaning or warning, you need to have a history and that is exactly what our club has: over 100 years of rich history. The last 20 or so have been rough at times but the amount of press coverage and the weight our name still carries across the world shows that we still matter a great deal to millions of people.

And this is why this attitude that I’ve seen beginning to creep in from some fans that ‘we’re just a small club/mid-table side now’ is really grating. We are not and never will be a small club. We’re up in the top 5 with Barca, Real, United (though it pains me to say) and Juve. There are few bigger in the world of sport that Liverpool FC and for us to accept anything less is to do a great disservice to the great players and managers that have gone before the club over the years.

So the next time you hear somebody say this on a phone-in show, or on a mail page of F365, give them a short reply and remind them: LFC is not and never will be a small club, or a mid-table side. The next time we get a poor result against lame opposition, keep in mind that it is not an acceptable outcome and when somebody tries to downplay your expectations, remind yourself who it is that you’re supporting and why you love the club so much – this is Liverpool and we only accept the best.

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