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Two wingers linked with Reds switch – who would you choose?

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LFC target Balázs DzudzsákUNLESS one has been living in a closet for the past few months Liverpool FC fans are aware of the attempt made at signing former Red Thomas Ince. Although the two sides were linked heavily throughout the January transfer window a deal never came to fruition. A move for the Blackpool player still remains in the fold for the summer. But until recent revelations in the media, a move for another exciting winger was kept relatively quiet.

Balázs Dzsudzsák of Dinamo Moscow reportedly came close to becoming a Liverpool player in the recent transfer window.

The Russian club was approached by Liverpool in order to hash out a loan move for the Hungarian winger. As recent media publications are stating the move fell through because Dinamo wasn’t interested in anything less than a full purchase for their player.

If you were like me you were keen to search the web for information on this player once you realized you had him confused for a certain pair of Central European players plying their trade for Borussia Dortmund. Once the confusion was cleared up you began to wonder about the future of your beloved Liverpool Football Club.

Both Ince and Dzsudzsák are listed as wingers, a position Liverpool seems to be adding a surplus to depending on who you consider an able performer at this spot for LFC. So fellow fans it’s time to play armchair manager. Who would you rather see the Reds sign in the summer, assuming only one can be chosen?

Each player has his own advantages. Ince is already familiar with Liverpool and with the English style of play. Plus he is younger and has more days ahead of him, something management at Anfield is keen on. Dzsudzsák is considerably older, five years in fact, but with that age comes a certain experience, an experience that could be crucial in an increasingly youthful Liverpool squad.
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Price and potential is certain to play the determining factor when the transfer window opens back up in the summer. Not sure what sort of fee Dzsudzsák will command but it would have to be similar to that of Ince in order for FSG to consider making the purchase. The good news is that there is plenty of football to be played in the meantime and scouts and coaches can figure out who best serves the future of Liverpool.

Two purchases in the January window was perhaps, less than some fans had hoped for but given the way players have stepped up as of late it seems like it may have been the right move.

That being said, there can be no doubting that this summer should bring plenty of new faces to the training ground of Melwood as long as Rodgers does enough to prove himself to the owners.

Who these faces should be is up for debate and as fans we would be shorting ourselves if we didn’t dream about the possibilities.
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  • red says:

    Under FSG, LFC now even struggling to buy mediocre players. Both consider as “not LFC quality”

    • sudhir says:

      Stop whining and get behind the team. Mondays defeat at anfield was bad but give brendan rogers a break. If utd were patient with ferguson wen he first took over, why can’t liverpool be patient?

      • TaintlessRed says:

        Fergie started managing in 74 and got the Man U job in 86, having managed 12 years. He had won Scottish titles, a European trophy and managed in a World Cup before he joined Man U. He’d also worked closely with the legendary Jock Stein. Rodgers has 1 year in the Premier League finishing 11th. I think fans have a right to be critical after such an abject performance when the manager lauds the players sayivg he “can’t fault them.”

      • stevieG says:

        Because Rodgers is NOT ferguson ! Rodgers is an inexperienced clown totally out of his depth

  • Elias says:

    Liverpool need *power in the mid , i still dont understand why they missed on sissokho, we are playing so soft that why we loose but only win possession,we need to play dirty football and win eg man-u, city and chelsea.

  • Dave says:

    who cares really ? Lets get a new manager in the summer who will go for a better class of player

  • Clyde says:

    Both Ince and Dzsudzsák look very mediocre which makes them perfect for LFC, the mausoleum for overrated, over-the-hill, mediocre footballers.

  • Sidebarry says:

    Both of them is’nt the quality player that we need

  • Fisseha mamo says:

    We already have average players and promising youngsters but another Suarezes and experience once that can create a difference to a game!!!!!! unless buying average and inexperience players will bring nothing to LFC!!!

  • stevieG says:

    Its impossible to get excited about ANY Rodgers target as nearly all his buys are rubbish . So , lets get a proper manager soon

  • Dan says:

    Same people saying sturridge was crap blah blah no clue! Ince will be quality already showing signs don’t forget his age he’s better than sterling ince sturridge Suarez pace flair and goals

    • TaintlessRed says:

      I think Tom would be a good buy at the right price but he’ll find it a lot more difficult in a top leagues at a club that is struggling but demands much better. The team won’t play for him as they do at Blackpool. Sterling though us the better player, remember Raheem is 3 years younger.

    • stevieG says:

      Same people who said Allen and Borini were great blah blah blah

      You have NO clue

  • mamus says:

    Let’s give BR more time his a very great coach despite the defeat we had on monday we the fans should be patient and I bet you all we will come good next season than what we have seen in BR we should all trust

    • Freddie says:

      We have seen NOTHING in Rodgers to suggest he will come good , absolutely NOTHING .

      No reason whatsoever to trust him , i mean has he won leagues ? or cups before ? or done anything ? NO – he has been a horrible failure at Liverpool . Wake up please

  • c u okorie says:

    dont buy any of them.

  • Gary says:

    I wouldn’t trust Rodgers with any more money , so far 1 decent signing out of 7

  • Red says:

    Aslong as he is not one of the oerprised and overated british player,ANYONE!.

  • AI says:

    reina 12
    skrtel 15
    enrique 8
    henderson 12
    downing 12
    carroll 16
    shelvey 4
    borini 8
    allen 8

    total 95

    ter stegen 12
    howedes 15
    wanyama 15
    eriksen 25
    fischer 15
    jovetic 30
    de chelie 10

    total 122

    ———–ter stegen————-
    jonson–howedes—agger–de chelie

  • King Kenny II says:

    Hopefully Rodgers will be gone soon , and we wont have to worry about Liverpool signing yet more average mediocre players

  • Snake Plissken says:

    Rodgers thinks he’s Arsene ‘we don’t sign superstars we make them’ Wenger. Utterly deluded out of his depth idiot.

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