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Talented midfielders being lined-up for Reds next season

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Markovic SerbiaACCORDING to the BBC over the last few days, Liverpool FC are being heavily linked with a number of players – the most interesting being Hatem Ben Arfa, Christian Eriksen and the talented Lazar Markovic.

At 19 years old the youngster from Serbia already has 12 first team goals and is now a fully fledged international.

Rodgers has been quoted by many as saying he wants two players for each position as well as some youngsters in who can come through the development squad.

Other players still being linked with the Reds are Stefan de Vrij and also Kevin Strootman who The Times are certain Rodgers also wants this summer.

With players like Martin Skrtel, Jon Flanagan, Andy Carroll, Jay Spearing and Jonjo Shelvey possibly shown the door this summer Rodgers will be hoping to raise a transfer budget of at least £40m in order to mirror reports that FSG are willing to only invest an additional £20m to fund what looks like another makeover for the first team.

Whilst transfers will be important, Rodgers also has options from the academy now pushing for a first team place.

Joao Teixeira has also started training with the first team at Melwood. Teixeira who’s hailed by many as one of the world’s top youth prospects has impressed since his return back from surgery upon his move to Liverpool.

Michael Ngoo, currently at loan at Hearts has become a Tynecastle favourite with 3 goals coming in his short spell at the club. Reports from Tynecastle suggest that whilst Ngoo isn’t prolific in front of goal, he causes major issues for defences with his movement and physical presence, creating chances for the Jambos.

With numerous names being linked from now until the end of the season, the only certainty we know right now is that this summer looks to be a busy one at LFC.
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Lifelong LFC fan from Edinburgh, now living in Wales. I fell in love with Liverpool seeing the amazing team of the late 80's. My favorite player is a strong tie between Sammi Hyypia & Xabi Alonso with Dietmar Hamman coming a close third. Senior marketer by day, father and husband by night. A passion for booze, boats and all things good in life. My proudest achievement is somehow convincing my wife to marry me and creating my beautiful daughter.


  • Wesker says:

    its all speculative nonsense , barely worth reporting on . Rodgers might not even be in the job .

    • LFC4LIFE565 says:

      He will be in charge, FSG back him,players back him,anfield back him, he has a vision ot just takes time to put into place

      • Sean says:

        Nonsense. The fans don’t back him .the players are sick of him

        He is losing the club money …so FSG won’t give him much longer

        Get the Muppet out

        • amechi says:

          you are the only one that i have heard such from. he is a young manager that manages resources well. FSG will not sack him because they need someone like him for the rebuilding that is going on.

        • stevieG says:

          rodgers is not rebuilding – he is making us worse.
          He has failed. It’s time for a decent manager to come in and fix rodgers mess

      • Luger says:

        There is no evidence that FSG back him, FSG have already sacked 2 managers quickly. No CL football money might give them itchy fingers again.

    • RoytheRed says:

      You’re only saying that to cheer me up!

  • Enemakwu says:

    Flanaga and Jojo Shelvey are fututure players liv dem and let Reina go na, whatz wrong 4 God sake Rodgers?

  • Dennis says:

    We should be speculating on what manager to get not players

  • Danoe says:

    Sahin, Assaidi, Borini and Allen. That’s 4 cockups out of 6 signings. Need I say more. Give him mooney for more and we’ll be in deep mess.

  • Luke says:

    Rodgers can NOT be trusted with more money . New respected manager with good connections is needed

    • daboy says:

      Rebuilding and in case u dont know what that is its building a side from the bottom up they are young players they are going in the right direction.
      Unless of course u want Liverpool to be only good enough to fight for 5th and fourth every season then be patient.

      • redrum says:

        More silly talk. The averages age of the team is higher than last season.

        Where are the young players ? All dropped

        Last year we had a better team. So it’s not rebuilding he is doing

        • daboy says:

          Well Sturridge Coutinho Sterling Wisdom Henderson Shelvey Borini Kelly Ibe who was a sub on the weekend are not old or real experienced.
          That stat is crap only and the regulars are a year older and no the average age of the playing side is still younger.
          You could load the side with kids that would be a huge mistake wouldnt it get an IQ.

        • redrum says:

          Are you totally stupid ?

          Only coutinho who is 20 played on Saturday. Sturridge is hardly young

          Kop on kid .

      • barry says:

        duh…under rodgers we are fighting for 7th or 8 .only a dreamer can think we are goin in right direction

        • daboy says:

          What did u expect top spot with a young squad like that theres no sheikhs here paying the sort of money City did and it still took them years.Sturridge isnt old and has not played a lot of games either fool.

  • Zanz Kedah says:

    LFC must invest and keep invest for support clubs development.FSG and John Henry…please do not too stingy and scare to break the bank.B.Rodgers is still new manger to LFC.With only one season to fix up problem,it is look like very impossible that he can going to a magic for changing every thing at LFC.We all need to support hehind him because rught he is doing right job.He transform and improve new system of playing for LFC very well and much better.Now very important is the owner must provide good budget for going fishing a target players.Please trust him…If still no big budget,please sell out expensive and deadwood players as Downing,Henderson,Andy Carroll and Fabio Borini to make some profit to buy in new players.

  • redrum says:

    We must approach mourinho and try to convince him to come .

    • daboy says:

      Dreaming it will never happen.

    • Luger says:

      I understand what you’re saying but i think he’s got a major grudge against LFC and hes now quite far up Fergies backside.

      • Paulholl says:

        Haha wat a clown u are . Take a step back from chamoionship manager and actually look at the squad he inherited you tool. Give the man a chance if you watched the games you can actually see wat he is trying to do and the way he wants to play. We are playing better football than last year and with a few more additions we will only get better next season its goin to take tine we aint got much money . Mourinho wake up nob ed haahaa

        • Luger says:

          You clearly don’t watch the games, you could drive a bus through BR’s defence. And what has that got to do with Mourinho being up Fergies backside? Are you a social misfit?

        • Tommo says:

          Your the nob head. Rodger is a clown and you are not a Liverpool fan if u want us to keep that fool

        • Paulholl says:

          1. Red rum said we must approach mourihno , thats were I got that from, 2. Nob ed how many of them defenders did rodgers bring in 3. What is the reason why you wont give this manager a chance even though he is on course for finishin in a higher position than dalglish did 4.how can you demand instant success with a team like we have

        • Paulholl says:

          And a proper fan gets behind the team and the manager not a cyber warrior who sits behind his keyboard writing
          absolute nonsens obviously ure a * who has never played the game at a decent level *

        • liverbaby says:

          Paul your talking rubbish .I don’t want to debate with you because if you can’t see the reality by now , you don’t have the savvy to ever understand

        • Paulholl says:

          You don’t want to debate because ure wrong. Were did dalglish finish by the way

  • David Tobin says:

    Yes lets concentrate on new boss , and let him get his own players in

  • kaz says:

    Watching Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers is like watching a car crash in slow motion

  • Sean says:

    No top 4 . Embarrassing performance in the cups .it’s a no Brainer. Rodgers must go

    • Paulholl says:

      Just a question were did you expect us to finish this year in the managers first season and with the players hes got

      • Tommo says:

        Any idiot would have done better with the class players we have. Anybody.

        • Paulholl says:

          Class players? Maybe on championship manager lol Dalglish didnt do better hodgeson didnt do better now dont know bout you but I go every game home and away I understand football I played at a good level and anyone can see that we arnt a greatside and its going to take alot of work to get us back to were we should be . Get a grip wont happen over night

        • liverbaby says:

          Get a grip yourself Paul. Rodgers has a worse win ratio than dalglish or Hodgson. It was on a previous comments page and I checked it out .its true.

          Rodgers has a worse league win ratio than any other Liverpool manager in 59 years.

          Rodgers is a joke of a manager.
          Get over it

        • Paulholl says:

          We will see pathetic so called fans

        • fotheringham says:

          oh look , paulholl – another pathetic whinger , making lightweight excuses and trying to tell other fans how to support .

          disgraceful . Liverpool fans used to be better

      • Luger says:

        Paulholl you try and lecture us on how to support and yet you call our players ‘championship’ players, you hypocritical scally! Does that apply to Suarez, Gerrard etc? Get a grip.

  • Dean says:

    There must be a lot of Mancs or Evertonians on here . Who else would want LFC to keep their most useless manager ever?

    They are laughing at us thus season with this fool some call a manager , laughing !

    Enough is enough. Sack the clown now before he buys more Joe Allens in the summer

  • Jon Husband says:

    I am happy with Rodgers and I don’t care if anyone thinks I am nuts for thinking this way.
    I am sure when Bill Shankly first started at Liverpool there were people in the early days who thought he was not up to much either.
    I am not comparing Rodgers to Shankly because that is unfair but every great manager was given time.
    Will Rodgers be a great manager? Still up for debate but sacking him now does not answer that question.
    Liverpool used to give managers 5 yrs to get it right. NOW YOU ARE LUCKY TO GET 1 YEAR. We need to suck it up…it has not been a great season and I never expected it to be a great season either. All the teams above us are the teams I expected to be above us at the start of the season. When you are building a house do you criticise the builder before he has finished or do you allow him the time to build the house?? Like I said I dont know if Rodgers is the right man or not but I am willing to give him time to find out whether he cuts the mustard…. I suggest we all do the same. Why? Because that is the Liverpool way!

    • Tommo says:

      No Jon . We didn’t question shanks . He improved things immediately and got results immediately.
      And yes Jon you are mad

      I suppose you wanted Hodgson given time too ???

    • Keith says:

      The ‘liverpool way’ is a thing of the past since the greedy yanks got their hands on our club.

    • Luger says:

      When Shankly started the club was a mess, they had to carry buckets of water to the ground. BR has had 50m to spend, you cannot compare the two or you are just not very bright.

  • karmen says:

    I would like to see suso playing regular football

  • RoytheRed says:

    Rodgers failed to cure our soft centre, he’s had two transfer winows to address this and has’nt. If he had bought in some steel in the centre mid, we’d be in the mix for CL next year, maybe still have a trip tp Wembly too. The blokes a nob! FSG will love him though as they both have the same ambition… MEDIOCRITY.

  • lfc123 says:

    In rodgers I trust u idiots saying get him out don’t u realise its only he’s first season did u expect top place or summet every manager needs time and he has made progress bringing two quality sigings so far and summer will be better

  • Craig says:

    I think you lot should be aiming your critisism toward king kenny, as we are still feeling the backlash of his spending. 20 mil for downing, 20 for henderson and the big 35 for carrol. Rogers has paid less and got better quality, sturridge is better than carroll and coutinio is better than henderson and downing. Borini has been unlucky with injurys and is still young. We have given the kids a chace and will still finish higher than last season. joe allen has been off of late but he will get there soon. We are playing better football and very few teams have dominated us, even when we lost. You need to understand that the days of high wages and big risks are over. BR will have us playing great football if given time, was you really expecting cl footy this season?
    We are a work in progress but finally we have a style and a plan of how to play and compete commercially. All the teams above us have spent big or been tight knit for years. We can’t keep sacking managers after 10 minutes,things take time.

    • liverbaby says:

      “work in progress” is just another way of pleading for my time. It’s nonsense

      Allen 15m lol, Borini 11m lol. Assaidi 3m + sahin loan 3m . Rodgers is doing a fine job of wasting our money on his own

      We have to sack Rodgers or he will waste more money and more of our time
      ….people like you are ffunny. You think if you give someone time they will

      • liverbaby says:

        automatically bring success . If it was that easy everyone would be doing it.

        You have to have the right man .not some championship level guy who has won nothing and got sacked by Reading because he wasn’t good enough

        This is real life – not a computer game

    • fotheringham says:

      ridiculously hopeful and naive pal . to think joe allen will ‘get there’ is just fantasy . all your doing is making nonsense excuses

      Liverpool FC is not about excuses , its about success

      no more excuses, its embarrassing

    • Paulholl says:

      Finally craig some sense im sure some of these nobs come on ere just for argument sad really

    • David Tobin says:

      what a load of delusional bull craig .You dont seem to understand football

    • Luger says:

      How can u blame Kenny when most of our first team are made up of Benitez signings? Reina, Agger, Skrtel, Johnson and Lucas were all Benitez signings, half the team. Of course you dont blame Rafa? Think first before you write such drivel.

  • Neil Matthews says:

    Wow….just WOW! the stupidity of some of the so called fans on here is truly astounding. every single person here calling for rodgers to be sacked should be ashamed of yourselves, you sound like plastic petty chelsea fans. you disrespect liverpool football club by claiming to “support” them. even more-so than you disrespect rodgers who infact is dooing a VERY good job with what he had available to him. any true football fan can see the progress we have made on the pitch we have DOMINATED 90% of our games and im not talking possession im talking we have played the likes of city man u and chelsea off the park and been screwed by decisions or individual errors costing us those victories. as for the owners. they cleared 80 million pounds worth of stadium debt and increased the clubs revenue streams coming in by 400% last year alone, and you are gonna cry about them? plastic, petty, pathetic, wastes of skin the lot of you. why dont you mugs all just go and find your nearest chelsea or city supporters club and join that because you sure as hell are NOT Liverpool f.c. fans or supporters.
    liverpool fans will never walk alone
    you mugs can jog the f**k on by yourselves

    • fotheringham says:

      you should be ashamed of yourself .

      all u have done is cry excuses like a whinging little baby

      you are NOT a Liverpool FC fan , if u were you would want whats best for LFC and anyone with half a brain can see its not Brenda

      Jog on back to supporting the bluenoses you bitter tw@t

      • Paulholl says:

        Very angry foth haha you sure your not a bitter . People are entitled to their opinion you are behaving like a five year thinkin its only your opinion that counts cyber warrior

        • fotheringham says:

          you were the one slagging others opinions , so was this fool neil . thats why i slagged him

          everyone is entitled to their opinions , so dont insult them for it.

          u called someone a clown , and others pathetic

          practice what you preach

    • fotheringham says:

      waaaaahhh waaaaahhh waaaaahhh
      have you seen the amount of childish excuses you spouted out ?
      are u 7 years old ?

    • Craig says:

      Well said mate. Does my head in when all these doom and gloom fans come on here and moan. Or liverpool kop reading into every little statement and stiring up the pot. I will support this club regardless through thick and thin. If big players don’t buy into the hard work that its going to take, then maybe they should move on and take all these moaners with them

    • Luger says:

      Neil, you have escaped from the asylum. Congratulations!

    • Paulholl says:

      Spot on neil proper fan son

    • David Tobin says:

      Wow Neil . Delusional and demented ! lol

      get back on them tablets lad . Quick !

  • Big Will says:

    LOL Sounds as if there are two different generations arguing in here. This just goes to prove how todays kids all expect instant gradification. The newage style otherwice known as behaving like spoiled brats. That is ok you might think as we`ve seen this kind of behviour from a few of our rivals as of lately. But is like it was back in school. If your dad is filty rich you can act lika a spoiled brat, because you know you can always buy sucess. If you on the other hand are working class, then you should know that success can only be obtained trough hard work over time.

    There has been more than one legendary managers troughout history that did`nt win anything in their first few seasons. Expecting someone to come to a club as L`pool 2012 (a club thats down and out with a broken back) and do it is “belive in santa” kinda stuff. It finally looks like we have started the long walk back to the top by doing the right moves. Buy them young and talented and guide them in to brilliance.This takes time and I expect at least 3 seasons before we can hope to be a top european contender. That is if we get things right. There is only two ways to success in this modern world: A huge dose of money or a huge dose of realism!

    • Dean says:

      Nobody expects instant success. Nobody

      But a club of Liverpools stature should have a decent manager. Not some Reading reject who doesn’t have a clue

      I have no pproblem having patience WHEN we get a proper manager – not this fool who wastes 15m on the weakest midfielder in premier league history

    • Dean says:

      One more thing…
      It’s the fools that support Rodgers who “believe in Santa”

      They actually believe this no mark who has achieved nothing of note , who has no experience managing at the highest level , who has nothing in his resume to suggest he could be a good manager….they believe he will miraculously turn Liverpool into a great force again

      I’ve seen people on the forums say
      – We will be great next year
      – We will dominate Europe for years to come
      – we will win the league under Rodgers
      – People have compared him to shanks

      Lol . Which set of supporters are the dreamers ? And which are the realists ?

      Think about it a bit more before you make silly judgements

  • stevieG says:

    I think u will find its the older heads like me that see Rodgers unfit to be Liverpool manager

    The younger kids being naive and gullible seem to ‘believe’ in a miracle

    All the ones I’ve talked to that want Rodgers out are older anyway.

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