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Accepting reality will move LFC in right direction

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LFC KopONCE again I’m going to open the door here for people to have a right go at my loyalties for the club, and perhaps even my standards set as a Liverpool fan.

If that was going to bother me though, I wouldn’t be writing this so this one’s for the more pragmatic supporters who are well aware that we aren’t what we used to be as a club and as team.

Those all conquering sides of Shankly and Paisley are a thing of the past.

Back then Manchester United used to be jealous of us for being the first team from the north-west to clean up more or less everyone in our path. The shoe’s on the other foot now and has been for the last twenty odd years.

The last piece I wrote here got a fairly scathing reaction from certain people who perhaps don’t realise that football works in a much more complicated way than simply a manager who waves a magic wand – never mind, we all have our opinions.

But, watching an interview with Michael Owen a couple of days ago, shone a bit of light on the differences between the way Liverpool and Man United have managed their players, particularly youngsters behind the scenes.

That’s the most important part – behind the scenes. I’m sure every manager gets his players fired up in the dressing room before a game, or at least tries to do so anyway.

At United though, (and it’s not just on Michael Owen’s word that I’m saying this but other former Red Devils have said the same things more or less) there’s been a pragmatism about handling youngsters – giving them time and nurturing them.

At Liverpool it seems like if you’re a youngster but destined to be a top player from what you’ve shown so far, you’ll be thrust straight in to the limelight.

Brendan Rodgers has come out earlier and admitted that Raheem Sterling’s performances have dropped because he’s burnt out from being played more or less in every game at the beginning of this season.

Owen had the same thing. He’d played an awful lot of games already before he was even 20 – his words not mine.

At the same time, Ryan Giggs ended up playing a lot less during those tender years. The likes of him were eased in to the setup. Same with David Beckham and Paul Scholes.
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At Liverpool we seem to have a sort of desperation about us, ignoring the bigger picture and always trying to grab whatever we can to automatically take us back to the ‘good old days’.

Believe you me, that’d be the bees’ knees if it really did work like that, but it doesn’t.

Right now there are massive amounts of opinions flying about that Brendan Rodgers is the worst mistake Liverpool have made since letting Xabi Alonso go.

The same people probably think Kenny Dalglish should still have been in charge, because he got us to two cup finals. Firstly, a cup run doesn’t show improvement in a team. It’s just a day when the players either turn up or they don’t.

Last season we did, this season not so much.

Secondly, Dalglish was incredibly arrogant managerially and wouldn’t make any changes even when the game was blatantly calling out for one. Has everyone forgotten his tendency to only make a change in the last 10 minutes of the game, while we’re trailing by a goal or stuck in a 1-1 rut?

We need to accept reality. We aren’t what we used to be and the only way we can return to the good days is if we have consistency and then bring the right players in.

They won’t always set the stage on fire immediately on arrival but with time and with the right mentoring, they will.

Remember Lucas Leiva when he first came along? He was as ordinary as a pea. Now he gets injured and we have our head in our hands. It took a few years for it to get to that didn’t it?

I’m even going to go out on a limb here and say possibly get Owen involved in a role like that. He wants to mentor youngsters and he’s got experience at being one coming through the Melwood ranks.

We need to accept the reality that we are mediocre right now while acknowledging at the same time that we don’t want to remain so.

There’s a difference between doing that and thinking ‘we’re Liverpool and we should be winning everything. If it doesn’t happen, sack everyone.’

Currently the team is mid-table and middle everything under Rodgers.

But just because Rodgers remains calm after every game doesn’t mean he’s satisfied with draws and things like that.

Give him some time and at least allow him to set up a platform where the players are familiar with each other and really start gelling as a team.

That was never going to happen in his first season, which by the way, still isn’t over.
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  • Harvey says:

    I think most of these so called LFC fans will b happy supporting Chelsea. Truckloadsa money, change managers whenever their balls are itching, plays in the CL too. Hey they’re perfect for each other…..and for LFC less fake fans yay…it’s a win win situation..

    • Geoff says:

      I think foolish kids like you would be better supporting Everton. You seem happy with rubbish

      Liverpool doesnt need silly kids like you lowering its standards

  • Harvey says:

    Oh..he’s not the solution? Did i ever say he was the end all and be all of Liverpool’s future. I said ‘Let’s have a little patience’. I think you have a crystal ball too looking into the distant future where it’s written ‘Brendaaaa no good, no champions league, will neva be solution….BEWAREEEEEE!’haha u self righteous *!!

  • Harvey says:

    And do they know that the soul, the strength, the heart of this club is summed up in a beautiful song called “YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE” and do they know what it means for crying out loud? It didn’t say “YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE IF YOU’RE WINNING BUT YOU’RE ALONE IF YOU LOSE THIS WEEKEND!!
    “. God!….Grow a pair, biaches! LFC needs men….. not boys who throw tantrums when things don’t go their way!!!
    It’s so called fans like you who are making the players nervous and underperform!! Y….N….W…A….

  • Mark Henry says:

    Average manager, should’ve stayed @ Swansea. Brendan Rogers out ASAP please!, I can’t feel this man’s pretty football, because It’s ok to play the nice passing game & be totally average and have one the most disheartening seasons I have ever seen as a lifelong fan. FSG please do the right thing & run this madman out of town.

    • Geoff says:

      Spot on lad

    • Craig says:

      You do know that we finished 8th last season right?

      If you count winning the milk cup as a good season, then it is you who has lowered your standards.

      Geoff i await your well structured argument. Or i will accept your usual mong outburst, try not to spill your cornys on your daily mail you mug

  • Harvey says:

    Why don’t the whole lot of you ‘fans’ wear a dress, sit in a corner and sulk, while the rest of us real LFC fans try to actually support the club?

    • Matt .dublin says:

      Supporting a fool that has made us a laughing stock ? . No . You are not a real fan

  • Matt .dublin says:

    Are the Muppets who want Rodgers to stay actually Liverpool fans ???

    All my Man U and Chelsea mates ALL want us to keep Rodgers ?
    Why ?
    Because they want us ti be rubbish
    They are laughing at us this season.

    Why would any liverpool fan want us to keep such a poor manager .it doesn’t make sense

    They must be Mancs in disguise . They are certainly not real Liverpool fans

    • fotheringham says:

      Rodgers has one or two fanboys on every site defending everything he does , no matter how indefensible it is

      At this stage I wouldn’t b surprised if they were paid to do it

      Rodgers is a modern man. He knows the power of the internet. He is that egotistical I think he is doing it

  • TaintlessRed says:

    Abhijan, Owen is an incredibly selfish individual and shouldn’t be let anywhere near our youngsters. He may make a good agent as he’d always be trying to maximise his commission and always encouraging young players to be selfish and go where the money is. He’d be awful for us. I’ve never forgotten the joy he gave us as a footballer, but neither can I forgive the type of person he’s become. After he’s been insulting the club on so many occasions how can you call for him to be involved?

    • Abhijan Barua says:

      All I’m saying ‘TaintlessRed’ is that he’s seen how things are being done over at Man Utd regarding player development and some of that insight could work to our benefit.

      I don’t understand why I should be angry at him for leaving back in 2004 anyway? He left for Real Madrid, then went to Newcastle and that’s where his downfall began – injury after injury after injury.

      By the time he signed for Manchester United on a free transfer, hardly anyone wanted him.

      I don’t think many would’ve done things differently when no one wants you and suddently someone the pedigree of Alex Fergusson rings you up with an offer.

      I hate Fergie with a pasion by the way, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a great manager.

      Something he’s done there has obviously been right. If this man can help bring even 20 percent of that at Anfield, I can’t see it as a bad thing.

  • Mark Henry says:

    Excuse me!, everybody supports the club, it doesn’t mean we have to support the wanna-be manager. BR has no ambition, the original yes man.

  • kirbyking says:

    Brendan Rodgers is the worst mistake liverpool have made since appointing Souey . He is nowhere near good enough for a club like liverpool .

    Very poor biased article , and i agree with taintless about Owen . Your obviously not very ‘in touch ‘ with what it means to be a liverpool fan

  • Olsen says:

    Agreed . BR out. Anceloti or whoever in

    • Craig says:

      Olsen, you are everything thats wrong with some lfc fans. “anceloti or whoever in” what sort of a statement is that? Shows that you haven’t even took the time to think who would be best for us.
      You just have an opinion with no solutions.

  • redrum says:

    Yes Rodgers out. As clueless a manager as I’ve ever seen

  • David Tobin says:

    Owen shouldn’t be allowed back in for a cup of tea .disgrace that u even suggest it

  • Mark Henry says:

    Since Rafa left it has it’s has been totally downhill, everyone who has been appointed as Lfc manager has been living in premiership cloud cuckoo land. Hogson was proper sh*, Kenny was behind the Times, respect due, because he’s a legend, and BR is not the man to take this club forward, can’t understand how or what kind of Bulls he told the owner’s, and as to why they appointed a novice. Brendan Rogers out, & find a real coach or manager.

  • Liam says:

    Lots of excuses from the pathetic Rodgers support group. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are mostly the same person using different names

  • terry says:

    The ONLY reality that LFC and its fans should accept is that Rodgers is a poor , out of his depth manager who deserves the sack

  • Niall says:

    Sack him . He is useless .We wont achieve anything under rodgers

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