Brendan Rodgers: Trouble with the learning curve

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Rodgers shows frustrationWHEN Brendan Rodgers was appointed as the new manager of Liverpool Football Club in June 2012, many Liverpool supporters would find themselves with the dilemma of fully supporting his new regime, whilst on the other hand wanting to be respectful to the outgoing manager Kenny Dalglish.

Something was not quite right about the fast pace at which they were asked to accept this new love, whilst the office chair was still warm from the previous incumbent.

Rodgers would come armed with a briefcase full of his Tiki-taka spread sheets intent on impressing upon his new charges and supporters, this philosophy of pass and move.

Many Liverpool supporters had their own understanding and knowledge of a passing game, having been educated by forefathers schooled in the science, through preceptors like Shankly, Paisley and Dalglish amongst others.

Managing Liverpool would be fraught with a danger all of its own over the previous 20 years; a public whose expectation at times has outweighed a footballing and business reality, where once Liverpool and its owners, the Moore’s family, would be the richest club on the high street, today they would find themselves playing second, third and fourth fiddle to cash rich Russians and Arabs. Liverpool’s fanatical support however has not lowered its expectation nor taken into account this new, more able adversary scrapping for its own object of desire – silverware.

It is not just Brendan Rodgers who would find it difficult to compete in this new footballing market-place, where financial hindrances make it essential that young managers are far more savvy in both the transfer market and the development of the club’s own young talent. Sometimes the decline of a whole institution like Liverpool Football Club can go unnoticed until it has receded to an extent where the fix takes much longer than the decline.

The new finance that has flooded football has meant the rewriting of history and to a certain degree the consequence being the obliteration of history, other than from Liverpool’s own supporters perspective, the club’s own history is in fact used as a stick to beat it with; made to be embarrassed by its rich history, for many of its new foes, fundamentally it has become meaningless.
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So what will be success for Brendan Rodgers? Liverpool supporters will only be placated with winning trophies and as much as Rodgers can be seen to improve the club or its playing staff, where this season he and they have received plaudits, criticism has also followed with accusations of a lack of fight or passion from his troops at times. If he is going to field young inexperienced sides then supporters have to expect the learning process will not be such a palatable dish at times.

The owners decision to relinquish Kenny Dalglish of the reins would also mean the club taking  a massive backwards step in its five year plan. There is no doubt that this has also hindered Rodgers in terms of the type of progress that was going to be seen in one, yet unfinished season, against a backdrop of two visits to Wembley last season under Dalglish. Rodgers would always be up against it whilst fans would unfairly compare that season forgetful that the club had remained without a trophy since 2006, albeit they were qualifying for the Champions League regularly during this time.

It would be naïve for fans of the club to purely look away and allow a huge reverse in its fortunes or standing, ever wary that FSG have a responsibility to the franchise they have acquired, their financial input and reinvestment of the massive financial rewards that a club like Liverpool generate, even through times of very little success on the field. It is not about dipping its fingers into the petty cash tin once in a while, it must be reinvestment and this will be the only way the club can become stable whilst turnover grows year on year like it has. If the owners have confidence in Brendan Rodgers then of course he must be backed financially and the verbal support it has so far during its stewardship been lacking must be added when required.

Has Rodgers made mistakes? For sure he has, for a young manager in his first season at one of the world’s most iconic football clubs have those mistakes taken the club backwards? Tactically at times he has been found wanting with very little in terms of a plan B. The accusation being levelled at him is one; that when we struggle to break teams down there becomes a reliance on continuing on the very tactic that has reaped little success, as arrogantly we stick to plan A, with no adaptation. To be fair to Rodgers lately we have seen a rather different approach, this coinciding with the acquisition of Daniel Sturridge.

The players have no excuse to push on in this final section of the season, there is no pressure as in effect our campaign has run out of steam, we can only assume that the possibility of a top 6 finish will be enough to spur the squad and Rodgers on. The plan for next season has to be in place and whether Rodgers is a success as Liverpool manager cannot be decided at the conclusion of this season, rather in the next two.

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Currently I live in Nottingham & have a little soft spot for the worlds oldest club Nott's County who incidently I had trials with when I was 13, but then we have all had trials have we not!!
I am at my happiest when writing about Liverpool and football in general, I have an opinion which I want people to hear. I will always debate and converse, so dont be shy always get in touch. dont just spectate, participate.
I support both the Justice for the 96 campaign and also Dont buy the Sun, having written articles on both subjects.
Quote from my old school report " Christopher is an eye server " so i suggest you keep looking.


  • gbole says:

    He needs so start acting like the inexperienced manager he truly is..he has this dumb ego that makes him act like he is already a liverpool great and can do what he likes.we have been playing this 4-2-4 formation that has made us look vunerable for a while and he still sticks with it.we made saints look so gud it was incredible.it could have been 5-0 the first half and we were lucky to be one behind and he still didn’t change our setup.he always look clueless anytime we are loosing.that’s what happens when you hire someone learning on the job

  • liam says:

    Surely it’s time for all Liverpool fans to wake up to the fact that Rodgers is not a good manager and never will be.

    Worst season in 50 years, with all chances of success obliterated in February is a embarrasment to LFC

    From his woeful summer signings , his tactical ineptness , his blather and utter bullsh!t excuses , his embarrassing love for the terrible Joe Allen, and his inability to play players in their proper positions , or to get results.
    ….it’s simply an embarrassing mess

    Out if his depth is the phrase ive seen most to describe Rodgers tenure , and it is true.

    More mediocrity (or worse) awaits if this guy is given more time

    It only took Reading 5 months to see this guy is useless …why is it taking FSG so long ?

  • liverbaby says:

    Another article making excuses for BR. He has not being fielding inexperienced teams , not since long b4 xmas – so that is one excuse u can stop using.

    BR has been unbelievably lucky with injuries too with none if his important players missing.
    He has had time . 50 million plus. And what ? The season over before march.

    Lets quit with the excuses and try to find a way out of this mess , preferably without BR

    • mosey246 says:

      I laugh at everyone saying that BR has been lucky with injuries.He has managed the team well and has got each individual players on unique training schedules to keep them fit.

      • Bosco says:

        ….. so ? players dont injured in matches anymore ?

        prhaps rodgers could be a physio , he might be good at that

  • Damo says:

    ‘the Moore’s family’? You can’t even spell that!

  • Abraham says:

    Rodgers has NOT made mistakes, he IS A mistake. Even Suarez is not sure of his so called philosophy as he said they are HOPING it bear fruits next term. However, he mentioned that the TEAM of LFC is world class. That should tell us something.

    • charlie says:

      Suarez has said nothing but positive things about the style of play and the manager – you are just twisting his words to suit your own blinkered views.

  • jimrailton says:

    This season has been disappointing but we must give Brendan Rogers another season.

    • Dave says:

      Why ? Fancy more mid table embarrassment next season and some of our better players league ?

      Not smart

      • Dave says:

        Better players leaving I meant

      • charlie says:

        If we change manager I bet any amount of money that you will be saying exactly the same thing about the new manager at this point next season. And it will continue until you learn how to support your team, instead of slagging the manager off and blaming him at every opportunity for a decline that has been evident since Rafa Benitez finished 7th behind Everton and inexplicably forced Alonso out of the club.

        • Dave says:

          Don’t be totally stupid. You really don’t understand football . Try getting out and watching some matches instead if being an internet warrior

  • Daragh says:

    This “learning curve” is too steep for Rodgers. Maybe if he had learned his trade for 10 or 20 years – he might be able to handle a giant club like Liverpool , but he didn’t.

    The errors he is making are basic – and he is making the same ones again and again – he is not learning

    He doesnt get Liverpool , and Liverpool is too big for him. Whether Rodgers will ever be a good manager is debatable – but he certainly isn’t one now. Envelope time Mr Henry

  • Luger says:

    Rodgers has a small club mentality. It’s quite simple really.

    • charlie says:

      can you define a small club mentality? or is it just a term you picked out of the tabloids which you have used here to attempt to indicate a modicum of footballing knowledge?

  • mosey246 says:

    I feel you are all to quick to judge,just my opinion
    We cant have the chelsea mentality we need stability
    just watch how we progress.

    • Dave says:

      Yeah right . We are not progressing now and never will with a second rate manager

      • charlie says:

        spoken like a true second-rate fan.

        • Dave says:

          Spoken like a delusional idiot who believes this no hoper who gas achieved and won nothing will turn Liverpool around.

          Lol. Still believe in Santa ??

          You need a education pal

  • Victor says:

    all ur satements are just irritating. if u know Rodgers is not a good coach why not go and handel the liverpool team. You guys will praise him when he wins matches but when he looses one you turn ur backs against him. Its not fair

  • mosey246 says:

    Chelsea fans in disguise.

    • liverbaby says:

      Are you a Chelsea fan ?

      Ask ANY chelsea , Manc or Everton fan – should Liverpool keep Rodgers ? EVERY ONE of them will say – yeeeesssss keep him .

      Everyone who hates Liverpool want Rodgers as our boss

      • redrum says:

        Yes .read the liverpool echo forums. The evertonians are praying we don’t sack him.
        They are enjoying laughing at us too much

  • mosey246 says:

    Ha sure ok sack him get someone else few months later sack him get someone else then sack them too,no progress also starting over again and again give BR time he is a good manager,only here that there is negativity towards him .

    • liverbaby says:

      He is a sh!t manager .only a dope can’t see that .

      Did you want Hodgson given more time ???

    • charlie says:

      well said Mosey 246. Only a complete fool cannot see the progress made this season. Muppets expect a new manager to come in and turn a mid table team – yes that is what we are – into title contenders in one season, what are you all? 5 years old? you clearly have not watched any of the games, just seen the results and made your minds up.

      You’re the same pathetic ‘fans’ that slated Lucas for a season before he came good.

      Why don’t you all sod off and support Chelsea, then your dream of a new manager every 3 months will come true, a proper club like Liverpool does not need fans like you lot.

      • Dave says:

        Your the pathetic ‘fan’ . I’m 42 years old and a regular to anfield

        Pathetic fools like u are dragging Liverpools standards down

        Go Sod off and support Everton if mid table rubbish is ok with you

        Grow up kid

        • daboy says:

          You are a worse fan obviously slating someone for having an opinion which is in most fans eyes right do u go to games with your eyes shut and fingers in your ears.

  • mosey246 says:

    No dont like his style of play You`ll never walk alone eh 9 months and get him out sure we should give Mourinho a bell see how long he would last,save this blog and look back next year.

    • redrum says:

      The muppet should gave been sacked after 3 months. Total failure in every way

      • GAZ says:

        Should never have got the job. He is useless

      • charlie says:

        ‘Total failure in every way’

        – a bit like your ability to construct a sentence then, ah well, we’re not all blessed with intelligence. I’m sure you’re special in another way…

        • Dave says:

          You certainly gave no intelligence . Come back when you mature a bit instead if being so childish

  • Olsen says:

    Rogers out please

  • fotheringham says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised with Rodgers huge ego , that he would have people trolling these sites defending him. Cos surely there aren’t any realpeople who actually fall for this bull

    • mosey246 says:

      Real maturity there Br spies ….come on.Is this not a forum that we can discuss our team.Why all the bitching and slabbering on here.Go on lfctv and see what most fans think.Its opposite of opinion on here.

      • Ian says:

        Lfc tv . They won’t let u on if your critical of FSG or Rodgers . Surely u can understand that.

        Try going out and talking to people if your from Liverpool. Read the Liverpool echo comments. Listen to five live phone ins. But DONT judge it on LFCtv it’s biased nonsense

        • mosey246 says:

          Ok but can nobody see progress on team building.This
          task is not going to happen overnight unless we have
          a sugardaddy and we know the problems that causes

        • simon says:

          I don’t see any problems with sugardaddys . City and Chelsea fans are having the time of their lives while we are having our worst

          What could possibly be wrong with having sugardaddys ?your being silly

  • simon says:

    Out of his depth. Second division manager at best.

    • mosey246 says:

      I wouldnt want the chaos that chelsea have different
      managers every few months would do my head in.And city ..the money they have and so far behind the scum could you imagine the frustration of being one of there fans expecting so much with your riches and
      lagging so behind in all comps.At least with us we are doing it the right way building a team not mercenaries we just need patience.

      • simon says:

        Chaos ? Champions league winners . Challenging for titles every year. Your having a laugh. It’s not chaos it’s exciting.

        We aren’t doing it the right way .we are going nowhere with a clueless manager.wake up to relaity .

        Your feeling to city n Chelsea is simply jealousy. If we were in city’s position we wouldn’t give a feck where the money was from .we would be enjoying champions league night’s and cheering on class players

        If you genuinely felt that way u shouldn’t be supporting a big club at all

        • mosey246 says:

          Challenging for what title,just the other week a chelsea fan I know called his own team a joke,chopping and changing managers and appointing Benitez he was not impressed with and also was worried they get avram grant back as who would want
          to ruin there reputation with them and get sacked.man city …a team of money grabbers who couldnt care less about the club which will all end in tears with players on high wages which no one will take on.Just imagine if we were in there position and trailing the scum by that amount of points.I for one would be calling for manager to be sacked.What is BR meant to do we havent a magic

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