Date: 29th March 2013 at 6:10pm
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LFC concedeMUCH has been said and written about Liverpool FC’s defence this season.

Understandably so, as we have looked vulnerable all the way, particularly from crosses/set pieces and when losing possession.

The latter shouldn’t come as a big surprise though; most teams look vulnerable when giving away the ball on their way forward. Especially teams who set up their attacks like Liverpool do, with split centre-backs and fullbacks high up the pitch.

It takes courage and concentration to play this way, and when the players aren’t fully comfortable with it or sloppy mistakes occur, it can get ugly because of the space that needs to be covered to make up for it.

We see it with other teams who build their attacks in a similar way. The likes of Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund and Barcelona are also punished from time to time because of making similar mistakes to what Liverpool do. We are not the only ones to piss in our own glass now and then…(I have no idea if that even makes sense, but you know what I mean).

So, what do we do to iron out the wrinkles and cut down on the mistakes? Is it a case of not having the right players to play like we do, or is it all about practice makes perfect? What can we expect in terms of players in and players out this summer; what will our defence look like in terms of personnel when 2013/14 kicks off?

These are questions I guess we all ask ourselves on a fairly regular basis, and if you are anything like me you usually get different answers every time. Some days Coates and Skrtel are both leaving, other days one of them is staying. Some days Kelly and Wisdom are sufficient backup, other days I don’t know what to do with them. Are they fullbacks or centre-backs?

The only thing we know for certain (if anything at all is a given at top level football) is that we have got four out of five at the back more or less sorted. Reina, Johnson and Agger will probably be here next season, and I also think Enrique has done enough to convince Rodgers that shopping for a starting left-back should be low on his list of priorities – meaning there is a significant Carragher-shaped void needing to be filled. NOT by Ashley Wiliams, by the way. That would be a huge mistake for me. But I digress…

I will not start naming names. Not here, not now. That can wait until post-season depression kicks in. Except NOT Ashley Williams.

But I would be interested to know what Brendan Rodgers thinks about the composition of his defence next season,  both in terms of the types of players he wants and the sheer number of bodies. Personally I think the most important transfer this summer will be to get that commanding presence who can match the likes of Kenwyne Jones, Romelu Lukaku, Jan Vertonghen, Vincent Kompany etc. But he needs to be able to play as well, and also cover a bit of ground when needed. We basically need a mobile version of Sami Hyypiä.

And that’s just to complete the first choice defence. What about the backup? The mentioned Kelly and Wisdom probably hold the key to how the defensive part of the squad will look when the next campaign kicks off. Do we think they are both up for it?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section; whether it’s about Ashley Williams or not, it’s all good. Or you can find me on Twitter @ChristerEikrem and abuse me for stealing your precious time…

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